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Christ The King Parish St. Luke’s Room June 19, 2014 – 7:00 PM.

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1 Christ The King Parish St. Luke’s Room June 19, 2014 – 7:00 PM

2 I. Invocation II. Call to Order III. New Matters ◦ New Applicant - Fred "Ricky" Tongco, Peter Cauton, Alexis Buadry ◦ Guidelines of Deceased EMHC, ◦ Proper Decorum of EMHC Outside the Church ◦ June 22 Solemnity Of Body Of Christ (4pm- Main Church IV. Treasurer’s Report V. Birthday Celebrants / Anniversaries for June 2014 VI. Acknowledgement ( Today General Assembly’s food co – sponsors) VII. ANF Time VIII. On Going Formation Sanctification in Daily Work ““Mary as A Model of Laity” – FATHER GELO PARLAN

3  Application of Kuya Fred "Ricky" Tongco


5 My testimony and story would have to begin when our crises also began. Prior to 2011, I was what I may deem a “recovering” Catholic. Oh yes we were religious in attending Sunday mass but I can profess that that was how far our faith was. It was only when our business underwent financial crisis – thereby affecting my family’s well-being – that we found ourselves looking for answers, and wanting of meaning & purpose. I remember having just finished my Novena to the Divine Mercy & asking our Good Lord what His plans were for my family, and most especially for me. I cannot explain the sudden 180-degree turn my faith-life encountered immediately after that petition, but suffice to say that I have fully found the Lord again after that, never to turn back. This acknowledgement that He has always been waiting for me despite my lukewarm heart (for practically all my past life) is testimony to His great love & tender mercies. This “rehabilitated” faith has spilled over to my family. I find myself constantly directing my wife & kids (as young as they are) into giving each day of their lives to our Lord, thanking Him for His blessings, trusting Him with each day’s trials. Our crisis is far from over, but we have found an immense strength & trust that we acknowledge only Christ can provide. Today, daily family life includes so much prayer & professing thanks to our Lord. Daily rosaries are a part of my wife’s & my prayer life. Wednesday visits to Our Lady of Perpetual Help’s Shrine with my kids in tow are a must. Looking for ways to be constantly charitable has been instilled. We have this newfound outlook in life that every day is already a blessing from the Lord, regardless of the circumstances. We find ourselves thanking Him for every provision He bestows. No matter how much we lost, we know – not just think – that Christ’s purpose is working for the good of my family. Finally, I take this opportunity of membership in the Ministry of Holy Communion as a calling from Christ – it can’t be any other way. He has paved the way for me to be able to serve Him the way He wants me to. This way, every service, every mass, every offering of the Holy Eucharist to each faithful, is an offering to the Lord. To honor Him this way solidifies my relationship with the God I serve. RICKY TONGCO April 28, 2014



8  Application of Kuya Peter Cauton

9 Kuya Peter Cauton

10 Kuya Peter Cuaton


12 I. What do we do whenever a minister is called back by the Father? 1. offer a mass and be present during the wake, 2. send a wreath (estP2,500) using EMHC funds 3. mass card ( P200) 4. give a standard abuloy for deceased EMHC, say P 3,000 from the emhc funds..... the secretary will inform by email and txt all members of mass and venue.... ANF will hold vigils for deseased ADORER Suggest we send flowers from our group, sponsor at least one mass where there are testimonial by close emhc friends after and a delegation during the burial. Under the Chain of Command Theory, the request must be brought to the knowledge of the EMHC leaders.

13 I. What do we do whenever a minister is called back by the Father? a) Sponsor 1 mass during the wake b) Send flowers from EMHC Unless we know that the family is in dire financial need, which I feel is rare, then we can give some "abuloy". Otherwise, I think some may take this the wrong way. Also, no need for a mass card if we will offer a live mass in one of the days of the wake already. However, we may want to request for the Parish office to include the special intention in all masses for the month. ANFvigil/mass & funds from contribution

14 I. What do we do whenever a minister is called back by the Father? Whenever a member of the Adoracion Nocturna passes away, it is enough that the other members hold a mass and a Vigil for the deceased adorer at the wake with the permission of the family. It is important, however, that before the vigil is started, it is announced to the family/people/guests present at the wake that the vigil will be held and some quiet and solemnity be observed, unlike what happened at the wake of Tony Guanzon when the noise of the guests drowned the prayers of the vigil. Also other non-adorer EMHCs should be invited to participate in the vigil. The question of whether or not a vigil should be held for deceased EMHCs who are non-adorers, however, should be addressed. This can be taken up in the Adoraction Nocturna meeting and eventually in the EMHC general assembly meeting to determine what the popular opinion is. It might encourage non-adorer EMHCs to join the Adoracion Nocturna regular monthly vigils if they know that they will benefit from this.

15 I. What do we do at the death anniversary? Considering that the number will increase over the years,tracking anniversaries will be an administrative nightmare; my suggestion is to have a plaque somewhere in the church where we engrave the name of EMHC members that passed away through the years; we can just designate a emhc day once a year where we have a mass and ceremony in their honor. First Anniversary only. Maybe we can just remember death anniversaries for the month in our GA and pray for them there. Lets schedule EMHC mass every year for all death anniversaries

16 Proper Decorum of EMHC Outside the Church (Open Discussion) Responsibilites & Commitments of EMHC To serve in parish of CTK at least once during weekends & once during weekdays To attend GA every third thurs of the month 7pm CTK St Luke's room To attend yearly renewal for EMHC at diocese of cubao To attend commissioning of EMHC yearly before being allowed to serve To give communion to the sick if the need arises. To give time for deepening of spirituality of oneself towards God To have confession regularly To behave worthy of an EHMC

17 The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Solemnity of Corpus Christi ) June 22 nd, 4 PM – Main Church  Originated in France in the mid-thirteenth century  Focus on two manifestations of the Body of Christ ◦ The Holy Eucharist ◦ The Church. The primary purpose of this feast is to focus our attention on the Eucharist and the Real Presence of Christ in it. The Secondary focus of this feast is upon the Body of Christ as it is present in the Church

18 March 2014

19 Treasurer's Report Cash as of May 22, 2014 P 99,552.85 Annual fees Ed Bartolata, Eric Ruiz, Tom Rossel, Jose Locsin, Fancis Singian and Jojo Aldeguer Mon Sison, Peter Banico, David Ong, Jay Sison, Jingy Lanzona April & May Bday Celebrants 6,000.00 2,000.00 8,000.00 Love Offering1900.00 1,900.00 Expenses Food Expenses …………………………….……. Janitors' tip ……………………………………….. Cupcakes ………………………………………... Fr Peter Coching Honorarium) …... 9,000.00 200.00 300.00 2,000.00 (11,500.00) Net Cash (On hand & In Bank) 101,925.85 Cash On Hand for Contingency Expenses 6,244.00 Cash in Bank May 22, 2014 P 95,708.85 Food Expenses were equally shared by 7 people which included Ric Zalamea who earlier contributed P2,000.--as reflected in the March 20, 2014 report. So, total collection for food of P6,000.-- + P2,000.-- from Ric Zalamea equals a total of P8,000.--.For the total food expenses of P9,000.-- the net cash out from treasury therefore in effect was only P1,000.--

20 Treasurer's Report - Paid 2014 Annual Dues Albert CuadranteHenry TañedoPancho Legarda Alex Quiroz (5K)Jay SisonPaul Famador Alex QuizonJingy LanzonaPepe Pilar Arden MagtotoJimmy HernandezPeter Banico Ben FamadorJoey CruzRaymond Lazo Ben PuruggananJojo AldeguerReggie Nolido Bert SantosJose LocsinRic Librea Boy AngelesJun ChipecoRic Zalamea Cen HernandoJun TejadaRobert Concepcion Chester TaezaLeo NitorredaRobert Locsin David OngLouie ReyesRoland Roque Ed BartolataManny CortezRomy Espinosa Eli SantosManny De LeonRonnie Nolasco Eric RuizMars QuesadaRuben Morales Felix CruzMel NovalesRudy Tecson Felix ReyesMon SisonTito Henson Francis SingianMon CuateroTom Rosel Francis Yu (2K)Mondy MondonedoVictor Claraval


22 Attendance May Services Including Weekday Service,, Corinthians, St. Ignatius, White Plains, Acropolis NamesSlotMay ABANDO, Louie Sun 5PM 5 AFABLE, Dominic Sun 8PM 16 ALAMPAY, Jing Sat.7:30PM 4 ALDEGUER, Jojo Village 4 ANGELES, Leonardo Sun 10:30AM & 6:30PM 35 BALMEO, Leonides Sun 12NN 4 BANICO, Peter Sun 6:30PM 11 BARTOLATA, Edgar Sun 6:30PM 3 CACAS, Romeo Sun10:30A M 22 CHIPECO, Jun Sun 8PM 0 NamesSlotMay CLARAVAL, Victor Sun 6AM 4 CONCEPCION, Buddy Sat 6PM 11 CORTEZ, Manny Sun 9AM 8 CRUZ, Felix Sun 9AM 11 CRUZ, Joey Sun 8PM 4 CUADRANTE, Albert Sun 10:30AM 7 CUARTERO, Ramon Sat 7:30PM 4 DE GUZMAN, Reynaldo Sat 7:30PM 3 DE LEON, Manny Sun 10:30AM 6

23 NamesSlotMay ESPINOSA, Romy Sun 6:30PM 12 FAMADOR, Ben Sun 7:30AM 10 FAMADOR, Paul Sat 6PM 4 HENSON, Antonio Sun 12NN 5 HERNANDEZ, Jimmy Sun 12NN 3 HERNANDO, Cen Sun 12NN 15 LANZONA, Miguel Sun 12NN 2 LAUDICO, Louie Sun 12NN 7 LAZO, Raymond Sat 6PM Village 17 NamesSlotMay LEGARDA, Francisco Sun 8PM 0 LIBREA, Ricardo Sat 6PM 0 LOCSIN, Jose Sun 6AM 0 LOCSIN, Robert Sun 6AM & 5PM 37 MAGTOTO, Arden Sun.7:30AM 1 MANANSALA, Ernesto Sat 7:30PM 3 MIRO, Noel Sat 7:30PM 8 MONDONEDO, Abelardo Sun 10:30AM 5 MORALES, Ruben Sun 10:30AM 16 Attendance May Services Including Weekday Service,, Corinthians, St. Ignatius, White Plains, Acropolis

24 NamesSlotMay NITORREDA, Leocadio Sun 7:30AM 3 NOLASCO, Ronnie Sun 6:30PM 8 NOLIDO, Reginald Sun 8PM 4 NOVALES, Mamerto Sun 10:30AM 3 ONG, David Sun 8PM 12 PADRINAO, Louie Sun 5PM 3 PASCUAL, Alfredo Sun 12NN 0 PILAR, Jose Sun 8PM 4 POLANCOS, Reggie Sun 7:30AM 4 PURUGGANAN, Ben Sun 6AM 6 NamesSlotMay QUESADA, Mars Sun 5PM 7 QUIROZ, Alex Sun 12NN 4 QUIZON, Alex Sun 10:30AM 20 REYES, Felix Sun 12NN 0 REYES, Luis Sat.7:30PM 16 ROQUE, Roland Sun 9AM 9 ROSSEL, Tom Sun 7:30AM 3 RUIZ, Eric Sun 9AM 7 SALVADOR, Barry Sun 6AM 6 SAN JUAN, Bobby Village 2 Attendance May Services Including Weekday Service,, Corinthians, St. Ignatius, White Plains, Acropolis

25 NamesSlotMay SANTOS, Bert Sun. 7:30AM 3 SANTOS, Eli Village 4 SINGIAN, Francis Sun. 7:30AM 4 SISON, JAY Sun. 8PM 15 SISON, Ramon Jr. Sun. 9AM 7 SOLIMAN, Augusto Sun. 7:30AM& 12NN 11 TAEZA, Chester Sun. 6:30PM 1 TAGLE, Alan Sun. 6AM 3 TAMOR, Joel Sun. 5PM 4 NamesSlotMay TAÑEDO, Henry Sat 6PM & Sun 5PM 16 TECSON, Rodolfo Sun 9AM 13 TEJADA, Iñigo Sun 8PM 8 TING, Jorge Sat 6PM 24 TUAZON, Rene Sun 8PM 3 UY, Paul Sun 7:30AM & 5PM 8 YU, Francis Village 6 YU, Stephen Sun 5PM 0 ZALAMEA, Enrique Sat 6PM 16 Attendance May Services Including Weekday Service,, Corinthians, St. Ignatius, White Plains, Acropolis

26 Names # OF SERVICE 1. LOCSIN, Robert37 2.2. ANGELES, Boy35 3. TING, Jorge24 4. CACAS, Romeo22 5. QUIZON, Alex20 6. LAZO, Raymond17 Attendance May Services The Topnotchers Names# OF SERVICE 7. AFABLE, Dominic16 MORALES, Ruben16 REYES, Luis16 TAÑEDO, Henry16 ZALAMEA, Enrique16 8. HERNANDO, Cen15 SISON, JAY15 9. TECSON, Rodolfo13 10.ONG, David12

27 EMHCSick or AgedAgeConditionLocationDay and time Allan TagleRoland Sabile743RD Stege Colon CancerWHITE PLAINS Every Sunday around 7:00 am Robert LocsinMary Gamboa89Fractured BackboneACROPOLIS Every Tuesday and Friday – around 7:45 am Dominic AfableSamuel Yap65StrokeWHITE PLAINS Everyday -around 9:30 am Ben PuruggananJosefina Gatchalian100Old Age GREEN MEADOWS AVE Every Sunday around 7:00 am Ric ZalameaJosefina Gatchalian100Old Age GREEN MEADOWS AVE Every Friday around 8:00 am Rudy TecsonAbesing de Guzman93Chronic SeizuresWHITE PLAINS Every Sunday around 9:00 am Louie ReyesAbesing de Guzman93Chronic SeizuresWHITE PLAINS Every Monday to Friday around 7:45 am Every Satuday – around 6:45 am Raymond LazoLydia Antonio Hip Replacement SurgerySt. Ignatius VillageSunday 9:30am Bobby San Juan St. Ignatius Village occasionally when he can not go to mass Gregorio Sumbillo Undergoing ChemotherapySt Ignatius Village Every Sunday around 10:00 am Louie LaudicoRicardo Raquepo GREEN MEADOWS AVE Ed Manalili WHITE PLAINS

28 March

29 Birthday DE GUZMAN, Reynaldo D.7-June Wedding Anniversaries ANGELES, Boy/Marilyn 12-Jun CARDINEZ, Joe / Fe 15-Jun MONDONEDO, Mondy / Mila 16-Jun CHIPECO, Jun / Edith 22-Jun CUADRANTE, Albert / Johanne 22-Jun NOLASCO, Ronnie / Cora 25-Jun CRUZ, Joey / Pat 28-Jun

30 Today General Assembly’s food co – sponsors : a.Rey De Guzman b.Albert Cuadrante

31 Idea of Resurrection Eucharistic Adoration Once a Month – 6 AM to 4 PM

32 Mary as Model of Laity


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