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Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August1 Practical Green infrastructure 2 Greening the Gateway ・・ in this plan, local authority and developer are requested to recognize.

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1 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August1 Practical Green infrastructure 2 Greening the Gateway ・・ in this plan, local authority and developer are requested to recognize landscape as “functional green infrastructure”, and to manage them as essential resources of Thames Gateway Landscape is a complicated pattern of forms of land as urban parks, planted roads, Gardens in historic and matured village, neglected and re-vegetated mining land, Derelict lands, and // Kent regional agriculture farms, pastures on the river, planted areas of shopping center, hospital, university campus, old forest, heath, parkland on flood plain ODPM: Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

2 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August2 Green Grid Kent Tameside The concept of GG is to form a green infrastructure with new or existing green spaces and open spaces connected with each other GG contributes to create multi-functioned spaces through improvement projects of foot-paths and cycle paths, biodiversity, biomass, leisure, recreation, flood risk management, grey water treatment, air quality, And to improve images of East London as declined industrial area and of expensive land value by positive environmental improvement

3 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August3 Green space = Land ( soil )+ water + life(fauna and flora Fundamental method of networking Physical network → spatial connection ( place ・ system ・ region ) Ecological network → range of animal and plants Social network → behavior network green space is nature as substance houses, recreation spaces are living space as figure

4 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August4 The Vision for the East London Green Grid is: ‘A living network of parks, green spaces, river and other corridors connecting urban areas to the river Thames, the green belt and beyond.’ The objectives of the East London Green Grid are to: East London communities. Provide high-quality strategic public areas along the river tributaries and green areas.

5 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August5 Provide a diversity of leisure, recreational uses and landscapes for people to escape, relax, learn, play and enjoy, and promote healthy living. Manage water collection, cleansing and flood risk with multi-functional spaces, and Provide beautiful, diverse and managed green infrastructure to the highest standards for people and wildlife.

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15 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August15 Contents Foreword 3 1 Introduction 5 2 Existing green space projects and initiatives 8 3 The Delivery Framework 10 – Spatial Planning 10 – Indicative Spatial Framework 14 4 Funding 20 5 Key Challenges for Delivery 23 6 Roles and responsibilities 29 – Pan-Gateway 29 – Regional/Sub-Regional 44 – Local 46 – Site Specific 49 7 Mapping and monitoring 52

16 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August16 1.2 Greening the Gateway contains two key objectives: ● that a network of varied and well-managed green space should be the setting for new and existing residential and commercial areas; ● that the landscape should be regarded as functional green infrastructure, recognising a wide range of potential benefits from healthy recreation, to wildlife protection and enhancement, to flood risk management.

17 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August17 1.5 The document outlines: ● some examples of green space initiatives now underway; ● the delivery framework; ● an indicative spatial framework to show where green space exists and where strategic green space is being planned; ● funding provision; ● key challenges for delivery; ● the roles of Government, its Agencies and other delivery agents; ● arrangements for monitoring delivery.

18 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August18 2.3 Many practical greening initiatives are already underway across the Thames Gateway. These range from: ● neighbourhood projects, such as King George ’ s Fields in Barkingand Dagenham, to ● enhancements to local and country parks, such as the LondonRiverside Park in Havering and Wat Tyler Country Park in Basildon, to ● strategic initiatives, such as the “ green grid ” projects in east London, south Essex and north Kent. The “ green grids ” aim to improve the physical links between areas of green space into a wider network and form the sub-regional strategic frame work for the creation of a multi-functional green infrastructure.

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24 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August24

25 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August25 Making the case for funding – Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council ’ s green space Strategy In 2001 Doncaster Council ’ s Best Value review, which included an assessment of green space services, found that cuts in excess of £ 1 million had been made to the budgets for the grounds maintenance, countryside and landscape teams. This led to difficulties in maintaining quality green space. In response, the Council produced a green space Strategy which provided the vision and delivery framework for enhancing Doncaster ’ s green areas. / ・・・・・・・・・・・ The Council ’ s provision for and maintenance of green spaces rose from £ 1.8 million prior to 2001 to £ 9 million by 2004. Funding of the Green spaces Department was also increased by £ 850,000 (from £ 2millionin 2000).

26 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August26 Delivering multifunctionality “ We will encourage local authorities, developers and others to regard the landscape as functional green infrastructure …. Green spaces fulfil a range of practical roles which can enhance the quality of urban living in a number of important ways ” (Section 4.1: Greening the Gateway)

27 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August27 ● reducing impacts of local air pollution; ● protection and enhancement of biodiversity; ● income generation via the ‘ green economy ’ ; ● sustainable food production, such as allotments and community gardens; ● a bridge to the countryside; ● networks of cyclepaths and pathways; ● a sense of place and identity; ● demonstrating the quality of the environment to residents, visitors and potential investors.

28 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August28 The Longterm Management of Quality Green space “ The management of the green space network is absolutely critical tits effectiveness in enhancing the regeneration process and it must be carefully considered and adequately resourced from the earliest stage in the development process ” (Section 6.7, Greening the Gateway)

29 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August29 6.8 CABE Space CABE Space is part of the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment supported by ODPM. It champions excellence in the planning, design, management and maintenance of public space and in particular, parks and green spaces. It is currently supporting five local authorities or partnerships in the Thames Gateway through its advisory service on Green space strategies.

30 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August30 B1 Kent Thameside B1.1 Kent Thameside comprises the urban areas of Dartford and Gravesham north of the A2. Kent Thameside Delivery Board has agreed in its RegenerationFramework a target of 30,000 new homes and 50,000 new jobs for the period2001-26. The housing target will be reviewed following the conclusion of the Examination in Public for the draft South East Plan, which currently sets a target for 24,700 dwellings in the period 2006-26.5 The majority of these new homes will be on redundant chalk quarries and redeveloped industrial land.

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