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Yoritaka Tashiro/ 2010.Aug 1 Green networking as an appropriate urban greening method to the green city Prof. Dr. Yorit aka Tashiro Chiba Universit y.

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1 Yoritaka Tashiro/ 2010.Aug 1 Green networking as an appropriate urban greening method to the green city Prof. Dr. Yorit aka Tashiro Chiba Universit y

2 contents Theory of GW in US and its development Affects on corridor planning in China Theory of connectivity on ecological approach Spatial solution on sustainable development Experiences in Curitiba, Brasil Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August2

3 3 Green network system; its effects and back ground theory today How the green network theory has been developed in planning and implemented

4 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August4 Most of European cities have returned into green space oriented community development strategy in both national and local level Urban Greening is the most aggressive policy among them Backgound サステナブル社会の建設に自然をどう考えるかとい積極的回答

5 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August5 Relative use of terms Green Network Green Infrastructure Greenway London ’ s Thames Gateway Green Grid Urban Greening

6 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August6 Meaning ---- Oxford Dictionary ---- Network 1: complicated system of roads, lines, tubes, nerves, etc that cross each other and are connected each other Spatial and physical aspect: 2: closely connected groups of people, companies, etc, that exchange information, etc, exchange and communication of information: 3: a number of computers and other devices that are connected together so that equipment and information can be shared computer technology:

7 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August7 Common idea of networking: behabior of connecting something each other 、 condition of something connected tools to exchange or communicate tools to share something each other Relative term: ecological network, ecological infrastructure green ways, wild life corridor, riparian buffer environmental corridors green belts, landscape linkage

8 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August8 Some principle papers on Greenway Jack Ahern, Greenways as a planning strategy (LUP 33-1995 ) Example in US

9 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August9 Definition: Greenways are networks of land containing linear element that are planned, designed and managed for multi purposes including ecological, recreational, cultural, eathetic, or other purposes compatible with the concept of sustainable land use

10 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August10 GW five principles 1: spatial structure is linear 2: being connected in the different scales at onece 3: multifunctional ecologicalcultural,recreational, eathetical ・・・ 4: deeply related with sustainable development 5: clear tool for strategic development based upon completed linear structure of land

11 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August11 Function of GW= landscape function is operated by buffering function Buffering is realized by 1: filtering function by riparian corridor/wetland 2: buffering of patch edge ※ landscape function : flow of energy, species and others among different elements: landscape ecology

12 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August12 、 GW is a portion of land which serve green infrastructure which is easily identified visually in the regional environment Green infrastructure

13 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August13 Practical issue of Greenway J.G Fabos, LUP 68, 2004 Greenway planning in the United States: its origins and recent studies

14 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August14 Main issues of Green Way planning 1: a part of Green Infrastructur e green space connectivity tool as Must have 2: Development system related with Smart Con servation Green Corridor prepared prior to or in relation with development Edge Cities walkable cities, towns and villages with well prepared open spaces TOD:Transportation-Ori ented Development

15 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August15 practical Green Infrastructure 1 アメリカにおける国家的生物保全システム:戦略的に計画され、 マネージされた野生生物空間、公園、グリーンウェイ、 保全緑地、保全的価値の高い事業区域などのネットワークで、 種の保存、エコロジカルプロセスの維持、大気・水資源の維持、 人や生物の健康や生活の質を維持することに寄与する、

16 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August16 Role of green way planning nature conservation appropriate recreation use conservation of cultural and historical resources ※ almost every resource exist in river corridor which form green corridor ※ contribute all spatial level ※ contribute all patch types

17 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August17 Role of Greenway Movement inheritance and development of first concept improvement of implementation contribution to improving sustainability contribution to the green design ※ American style of implementation philosophy → concept → movement → implementation →

18 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August18 Greenway planning in the United States: its origins and recent case studies J. G. Fábos, Department of Landscape Architecture and Planning, University of Massachusetts, 109 Hills North, Amherst, MA 01003-9328, USAFábos

19 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August19 In summary, the aim of this national vision plan was to show a plausible planning direction based on the principles of both, landscape and greenway planning. It illustrates the importance of planning greenways comprehensively. It calls for nature protection, for the development of appropriate recreational uses, and for the preservation and restoration of valuable historical/cultural resources. Not surprising, the vast majority of the nation’s historical and cultural resources are within river corridors, which constitutes the framework for many greenways corridors. Greenway planning has, indeed, evolved as a planning tool of multipurpose greenway corridors at every scale and planning levels, ranging from sites through municipal and regional to national levels

20 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August20

21 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August21 Plan of massatusetts

22 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August22 Riparian space design proposed in the MacHarg’s Design with Nature

23 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August23 this is followed by State plans and detailed city/county plans

24 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August24 Greenways: multiplying and diversifying in the 21st century Anthony Walmsle’s multipurpose and diversity analysis

25 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August25 Abstract Building on the legacy of historic greenway planning in the U.S., several new initiatives have been taking shape and gaining recognition in the past decade. One is ‘ Green Infrastructure’ planning which is a ‘must have’ inter-connected system of green spaces. Another is ‘Smart Conservation ’—the counterpoint of another planning initiative that preceded it known as ‘Smart Growth’. This is the establishment of critical green corridors that should be preserved and maintained for predominantly ecological functions, in advance of or in conjunction with new development. ‘New Urbanism’ has focused on bringing order and coherence to escalating ‘Edge Cities’ on the urban fringe, based on walkable, mixed-use towns, villages and neighborhoods with integrated open- space systems.

26 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August26 the greenway movement, expressing its many possibilities, enriching its original concepts, enlarging its credibility—if need be—and emphasizing its importance for and relevance to current issues of sustainability and ‘ green ’ planning and design. New Urbanism and TOD methodologies and approaches to established greenway -planning practices and the premises of Smart Conservation

27 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August27

28 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August28

29 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August29 Influence in China Political realization in Environmental Planning

30 Yoritaka Tashiro/2010, August30 Comprehensive concept planning of urban greening based on ecological principles: a case study in Beijing, China Feng Li a,, Rusong Wang a,,, Juergen Paulussen a and Xusheng Liu b a a a b

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