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Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of University of Gondar.

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2 Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of University of Gondar

3 Outline Historic background Introduction Guiding principles Objectives Successful celebrations Diamond Jubilee Logo Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Coordination Progress updates Request to get involved 3

4 HISTORICAL BACKGROUND October 4, 1954 Public Health College (PHC) and Training Center (TC) was established by the joint efforts of USAID, WHO,UNICEF and Ministry of Public Health. The objective was to train a team of middle level health professionals 1978 The PHC transformed into Gondar College of Medical Sciences (GCMS). 2003 GCMS was changed into Gondar University College. 2004 University of Gondar was born after so many years of vision in the wombs of GCMS with the expectation of playing vital role in the socioeconomic development through quality of education, Research and Community services.

5 Introduction 2014 marks the 60th Anniversary of the University of Gondar—our Diamond Jubilee! To mark the occasion the University is organizing celebrations throughout 2014. The key note celebrations will be held during July 2014 – Celebration Week. GROWTH DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION

6 Guiding Principles The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations will 1.showcase the essential character and mission of the University of Gondar. 2.celebrate the University’s past achievements, 3.promote our current work and capitalize/build on this opportunity for our future development. 1.honor and celebrate the contributions of various stakeholders. 2.leverage pride across the University community as well as target local, national and international audiences to communicate key University messages. GROWTH DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION

7 Guiding Principles Cont’d All celebration activities will highlight and showcase: - how the University, during its 60 year history and in the future works to achieve growth, innovation and development.

8 Successful Celebrations Success is defined as planning and hosting celebrations that: Showcase the historical development and achievements of UoG (academic, research and community service) Showcase the current work of UoG (academic, research and community service) Showcase the future vision for UoG development GROWTH DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION

9 Successful Celebrations Showcase the contributions from partners Have participation from the University staff Showcase the contributions from UoG staff Have participation from current students

10 Successful Celebrations Have participation from local, national and international partners – Use this as a platform to strengthen their future relationship with UoG Have participation from Alumni: – use this as a platform to strengthen their future relationship with UoG – use the occasion to mark their successes – Use the opportunity to showcase the range, skills and influence of our past graduates celebrate, entertain, inform, connect


12 Diamond Jubilee Logo In order to commemorate the University of Gondar’s Diamond Jubilee, a special 60 th Anniversary Logo has been designed -by the Public & International Relations Office -with recommendations from Professor Mengesha and -the Diamond Jubilee Organizing Committee. GROWTH DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION

13 Diamond Jubilee Logo The final design - reflects the 60 th Anniversary year and - incorporates the 3 core activities of the University (teaching, research and community service), -the prominence of the CMHS, -the year of establishment -the University’s commitment to serving the country The Logo should be used alongside the existing University of Gondar Logo


15 Diamond Jubilee Celebration Coordination In order to ensure the smooth running of the celebration activities in 2014 the President has established the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Executive Committee and 7 other operational committees in order to guide the organization of the celebration activities: 1.Fundraising, Promotional & Communication Committee 2.Exhibition Hall Design & Construction Committee 3.Material Collection & Display Committee 4.Publication & Documentation Committee 5.Alumni Searching &Facilitation Committee 6.Social Committee 7.Programming, Decoration & Stage Facilitation Committee GROWTH DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION

16 Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Committee All the operational committees are charged with undertaking a range of planned activities, under the oversight of the Executive Committee, in order to achieve their stated objectives.

17 Executive committee 1.Professor Mengesha Admasu ------------------------------------ Chairperson 2.Dr. Desalegn Mengesha ------------------------------------------- Member 3.Mr. Solomon Abraha ----------------------------------------------- Member 4.Dr. Yinges Alemu --------------------------------------------------- Member 5.Dr Sisay Yifru ---------------------------------------------------------Member 6.Dr. Yemataw Wondie -----------------------------------------------Member 7.Mr. Atinkut Alamirew ----------------------------------------------Member 8.Mr. Yifokire Tefera --------------------------------------------------Member 9.Mr. Yewunetu Dessalegn ------------------------------------------Member 10.Dr. Afework Kassu ------------------------------------------------Member and Secretary

18 Advisory Committee:- Advisory role /Resource persons 1.Professor Yigzaw Kebede ---------------------------- Chairman 2.Professor Teferra Abula ------------------------------ Member 3.Professor Melkie Edris ------------------------------- Member 4.Professor Moges Tiruneh --------------------------- Member 5.Dr. Shitaye Alemu ------------------------------------- Member 6.Mr. Amsalu Feleke ------------------------------------- Member & Secretary More from outside UOG ----------------------------- Members

19 Steering Committee: Overall facilitation of Subcommittee’s duties 1.Prof. Afework Kassu ---------------------------------- Chairman 2.Dr. Yemataw Wondie --------------------------- ---Member 3.Mr. Yifokir Tefera ----------------------------------- Member 4.Mr. Atinkut Alamirew -------------------------- Member 5.Mr. Yewnetu Dessalegn --------------------------- Member & Secretary

20 Fund Raising, Promotion and Communication Committee: Soliciting fund from all sources, promoting the Diamond Jubilee, effectively communicating to all stakeholders 1.Prof Afework Kassu -------------------------------------- Chairperson 2.Mr. Hiruy Wubie -------------------------------------Member & Secretary 3.Mr. Demisse Desta ----------------------------------Member 4.Mr. Nega Mihret -------------------------------------Member 5.Dr. Wubshet Lakew ---------------------------------Member 6.Sr. Dariye Getachew ------------------------------ Member 7.Mr Amsalu Feleke --------------------------------- Member 8.Dr. Abebaw Kassie ----------------------------------Member 9.Mr Yared Sahile ------------------------------------ Member 10.Dr Shitaye Alemu ---------------------------------- Member 11.Dr Assefa Getachew ------------------------------ Member 12.Dr Kasshun Desalegn ----------------------------- Member 13.Mekdes Alemayehu ------------------------------- Member

21 Alumni Searching and Facilitating Committee Actively search all Alumni by all available means, communicate them about the Diamond Jubilee, facilitate their travel related issues, closely work with fund raising committee for promotion and communication issue, etc. 1.Mr. Yewnetu Dessalegn ----------------------------------Chairman 2.Mr. Solomon Assefa ---------------------------------------Member & Secretary 3.Mrs. Ansha Nega ------------------------------------------ Member 4.Dr. Sileshi Nigatu -------------------------------------------Member 5.Mr. Selamawit Shawl --------------------------------------Member 6.Mr. Mustofa Worku----------------------------------------Member 7.Dr Desalegn Tigabu-----------------------------------------Member 8.Mr. Yohannes Assefa---------------------------------------Member 9.Dr Ermias Diro------------------------------------------------Member 10.Prof Melkie Edris---------------------------------------------Member 11.Dr. Birku Demoz -------------------------------------------Member

22 Exhibition and Documentation Committee: 1.Mr. Yifokir Tefera ------------------------------------Chairperson 2.Mr. Melaku Ezezew ----------------------------------Member & Secretary 3.Mr. Takele Tadesse ----------------------------------Member 4.Dr. Mersha Chanie -----------------------------------Member 5.Dr. Wassie Molla -------------------------------------Member 6.Mr. Tesfahun Melese ------------------------------ Member 7.Mr. Baye Gelaw --------------------------------------Member 8.Dr. Kurma Satyanarayana--------------------------Member 9.Mr. Endalkachew Tsegaye -------------------------Member 10.Mrs. Tensae Berihun ---------------------------- ---Member 11.Mr. Demeke Desu ------------------------------------Member 12.Dr. Dawit Lebene -------------------------------------Member 13.Mr. Eyaya Belay ---------------------------------------Member 14.Ms. Rahiwa Yesuf -------------------------------------Member 15.Mr. Ashenafi Alemu---------------------------------- Member 16.Ms. Eden Taye------------------------------------------Member 17.Ms. Hana Shewamoltot------------------------------Member

23 Programming, Decoration and stage facilitation Committee Arranging program, decorating stage, arrange celebration venue/rooms/halls, selecting and inviting guests, selecting and inviting guests, honorary speakers and moderators, reporters, preparation of proceeding, etc. Dr. Yemataw Wondie ------------------------------------ Chairman Mr. Zenebe G/Medhin -----------------------------------Member & Secretary Mr. Solomon Mekonnen ---------------------------------Member Mr. Gashaw Andargie -------------------------------------Member Dr. Ayalew Temesgen -------------------------------------Member Ms. Miskir Tesfaye -----------------------------------------Member Dr. Genet G/Medhin --------------------------------------Member Mr. Wondowossen Wakene -----------------------------Member Mr. Berhanemeskel Tegene -----------------------------Member Dr. Gardachew Worku ------------------------------------Member

24 Social Committee Arranging transportation and hotel reservation, arranging lunch and coffee/tea, welcome/fare well dinner party, etc. 1.Mr Atinkut Almirew ----------------------------------- Chairperson 2.Mr. Asmamaw Atnafu -----------------------------------Member & Secretary 3.Dr. Getachew G/Mariam --------------------------------Member 4.Mr. Bikis Destaw ------------------------------------------Member 5.Mrs. Tega Hagose ----------------------------------------Member 6.Dr. Feleke Moges -----------------------------------------Member 7.Mr. Meseret Alem ----------------------------------------Member 8.Dr. Nega Birhan -------------------------------------------Member 9.Mr. Wubet Berhan ---------------------------------------Member 10.Dr. Tadesse Guadu ---------------------------------------Member 11.Mr. Tazebachew Demelash ----------------------------Member 12.Mrs. Tizezew Desalegn----------------------------------Member 13.Mr. Yenesew Alene--------------------------------------Member 14.Ms. Genet Manyazewal--------------------------------Member 15.Ms. Selamawit ??Psycology---------------------------Member

25 Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Coordination Office The Diamond Jubilee Coordination Office (based in the President’s Office building) has been established in order to coordinate the efforts of the various committees and to act a central point of contact for enquiries

26 Celebration Activities Plans to run celebration activities through out 2014. Key note celebrations will be held during Celebration Week (4 th – 12 th of July 2014). During this week the University hopes to attract a large number of its past Alumni currently located around the world, as well as other local, national and international friends, partners and collaborators. GROWTH DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION

27 Celebration Activities Events due to take place during that week include: – the Alumni Graduation celebration (to be held alongside the graduation of the 2014 batch of students), – the inauguration of the University’s new 1000 bed hospital and – the opening of the Diamond Jubilee Exhibition.

28 Celebration Activities Other celebration event and activity ideas include: – the creation of a range of commemorative structures including an environmental park, a ring road in Maraki (built by UoG community), a statue/plaque honoring the 59 farmers who donated their land to the University, a DJ wall dedicated to alumni (fundraiser) – Research and community service days and a national conference – Special publications and audio visual pieces celebrating the history and achievements of the UoG – Cross Faculty/Departmental Celebrations - various activities showcasing and celebrating the activities of all the Departments across the University. GROWTH DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION

29 Celebration Activities Other celebration event and activity ideas include: – One off great run & inter-faculty sports competitions – Music/film/theatre shows – Arts/photography/film competition & shows – Bazaar (fundraiser) – Incorporation of national days/events into the Diamond Jubilee Calendar (e.g. Biher Bihereseb Day)

30 Schedule of Events (draft) January 2014 Launch of 60th Anniversary Year Cross-Departmental Celebrations begin Music Concert February - June 2014 Sports Competitions (Year Round) Diamond Jubilee Bazaar (April) Research and Community Service Days Art/Photography/Film competitions Music/Film/Theater Shows ‘Running Towards 60’—Great Run 4th—8th July 2014 Celebration Week Celebration Week (incl. Alumni Graduation Event & Exhibition Launch) September—November 2014 Music /Film/Theatre Shows (Campuses & Gondar Town) ‘Growth, Development & Innovation’ Research Conference December 2014 Cultural Festival—Biher Bihereseb Day Closing Ceremony GROWTH DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION

31 Progress Update: Alumni – Alumni searching strategy devised (document review, contacting Alumni Coordinators of various batches & using mass & digital media) – Alumni Steering Committee established in USA. – Regular communication with Alumni community in the US and Europe regarding celebration week (via website, facebook, telephone & face to face meetings). – Facebook UoG Alumni page set up with 13,000 visitors (national & international) – Alumni searching (via registrar’s office begun) – Alumni registration via the UoG website begun (total of 260 registered) GROWTH DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION

32 Progress Update Commemorative structures: – Maraki ring road – design & planning work begun with aid of Engineering Department. Digging due to begin soon. – Alumni wall – site identified, design & building work begun. Promotion video in the development stages. – Environmental park – site selected. Work due to begin New 1000 bed hospital: – Construction work underway with plan to complete in time for celebration week – Work to equip hospital also underway – donations of some equipment already complete others in the pipeline

33 Progress Update: Promotional work – Promotion and Communication strategy devised (promoting work of UoG, advertising celebration activities, communicating progress of DJ planning) – Key tools created: DJ concept paper; Information Booklet, leaflets, banners, posters, stickersInformation Booklet – Begun using national and regional media (Fana Radio, Tele Directory 2014 etc). – Via UoG website – Via key social media platforms such as Facebook (UoG pages & pages of UoG student groups) & Twitter – Amongst the UoG community during graduation week (2005), staff meetings (2006) – Plans to run regional, national and international media campaign to advertise activities & promote work of UoG (e.g. via ETV, EBS, Fana, Selamta magazine etc) – Plans to run ongoing awareness raising amongst UoG community (through DJ information boards, monthly newsletters & digital signage) GROWTH DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION

34 Progress Update: Fundraising work – Fundraising strategy devised (sponsorship, donations, benefits in kind, income generation) – Feasibility assessment carried out regarding a range of income generation schemes (lottery, bazaar, sale of merchandise, music concerts, film/theatre shows, great run) – Identification and contact with some key sponsors, stakeholders and champions – Work begun on sponsorship packages – Plans to meet with key champions & potential sponsors at stakeholder meetings to be held in Addis and Gondar – Plans to run income generation activities (Bazaar, sale of merchandise & Great Run)

35 Progress Update: DJ Exhibition – Strategy to develop DJ exhibition devised (identifying exhibition site, building site with park & commemorative structures, collecting & displaying materials) – In the process of deciding between new exhibition site or using existing structures – Work begun on design of park & commemorative structures – Identification of materials requiring collection begun across campus – Sensitization of issue (materials for exhibition) begun across campus – Plans to decide on exhibition site, build park & commemorative structures, collect exhibition materials Publication & Documentation – Work has also begun to document the history and current work of the University of Gondar for the publication and documentary purposes. GROWTH DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION

36 Get Involved This is about celebrating the achievements of the whole university community with all the members of the university community – OUR celebrations. Encourage and need staff and student involvement Individual level: – Helping to suggest ideas for celebrations – Providing information about the work of the university – Volunteering their time and skills to make celebration activities a success – Promoting the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations across their various networks GROWTH DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION

37 Get Involved As Heads of Department/Faculty/College/ or Business process – Supporting the Maraki ring road initiative – Supporting the (e.g. FPC & Materiarequests of the various committees l collection) – Publicizing the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations amongst their staff, students, partners – Developing celebration events & activities in their own Department/Faculty [with the support of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Coordinating Office & the Executive Committee] GROWTH DEVELOPMENT INNOVATION

38 Thank you! Get Involved

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