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Compaq Design Randall Martin Director, ABG Design Center.

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1 Compaq Design Randall Martin Director, ABG Design Center

2 Agenda What is ID? Education The Design Process Visioneering Q & A

3 What is Industrial Design? Industrial design is the professional service of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer. ID

4 In plain English…. Designers make products that look great, that are intuitive to use, easy to manufacture, and that solve a user need.

5 How does one become a designer? Industrial design is typically a 4/5 year bachelor degree offered by a number of major universities and art schools in the US and abroad, such as: Cranbrook Academy of Art Ohio State Univ. of Cincinnati Purdue Univ. of Illinois Univ. of Kansas Univ. of Notre Dame Parsons School of Design Pratt Institute Auburn University Georgia Tech Univ. North Carolina State Arizona State Art Center Brigham Young Univ. Cal State

6 What is the curriculum like? Art and design studios Technical courses Plastics & molding Metal fabrication Computer drafting and design Ergonomics and the anthropometrics Marketing & Economics Mock-up and prototype fabrication Design students take courses such as:

7 What skills are important? Creative problem-solving skills Artistic ability: convey ideas through sketches Good verbal and written communication skills Proficiency with computer design software Mechanical aptitude Design offices list these as the top 5 skills:

8 Wanted: Leonardo Da Vinci types!

9 How can we prepare students? increase awareness of artistic career paths position art as more than an elective identify individuals with artistic potential, and encourage exploration and skill development assign problem solving projects in art class to balance fine art based projects invite design professionals to speak to students teach and develop the art of creative thinking

10 The Design Process

11 The Research Phase

12 The Concept Phase

13 The Development Phase

14 The Refinement Phase

15 The Production Phase

16 Analyst Intel Microsoft Accounts Influences Strategic Marketing Teams Tactical Roadmap Tactical Strategic Input Product Delivery Innovation Delivery Off-Roadmap Exploration Yes/No Idea Dies Bring Innovation Forward ideas Great idea ? Deep Dive Into Concept ideas Potential Innovation ! Catalyst Team innovation infusion income Technical, Gut, Research, Unmet Needs, Trends, Suggestion Box Web Site

17 Evolution or Revolution?

18 Visioneering Examples Pocket PC

19 Visioneering Examples Pen Tablet

20 Visioneering Examples Dual Worlds

21 Summary the information is the key, and it resides out there access information anytime,any where,on any device flexibility in device function and configuration an element of mobility is implied going forward


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