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Pakistan Society Of Nuclear Medicine

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1 Pakistan Society Of Nuclear Medicine

2 History Established in 1994 at Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Oncology INMOL, Lahore Founder Members Saeeda Asghar, DABNM (USA) from INMOL GM Shah Syed, PhD (UK) from SKMCH Shahid Mahmood, PhD (UK) from PIC Maqbool A Shahid, DMRT from INMOL Mrs Areesha Zaman, MSc from INMOL

3 Organization President: Dr Saeeda Asghar, INMOL Lahore
Senior Vice President: Dr Shahid Kamal, KIRAN Karachi Vice Presidents: Dr Maj.Gen. Amin Waqar, CMH Rawalpindi Dr Muhammad Naeem, CENUM Lahore Dr Muhammad Ayub, PIC Lahore

4 General Secretary: Dr Ahmad Qureshy, INMOL Lahore Treasurer: Mrs Areesha Zaman, INMOL Lahore Publication Secretary: Dr Muhammad Numair Younis, INMOL Lahore

5 Membership Life Members 8
Founder Members & Senior Faculty of NM at CPSP& PIEAS Full Members Nuclear Medicine Physicians, Medical Physicists & Scientists, Radiologists, Oncologists Junior Members Students and Residents Technologists Total: Corporate Members

6 Aims & Objectives Education & Training of Nuclear Medicine Physicians & Technologists Creating awareness about Nuclear Medicine in the health professionals and promoting its use in the disease management. Coordination & collaboration with other local, regional and international societies/bodies particularly of NM.

7 Major Activities Teaching & Training
Organizing clinical meetings at various teaching hospitals and institutes. Academic sessions at various institutes throughout the country. With persistent efforts of PSNM, CPSP has started FCPS in Nuclear Medicine since First fellow qualified in 2002. Collaborating with CPSP in NM course formulation, resident’s training program, guidelines on examination etc.

8 Major Activities Promotion of Nuclear Medicine
Working in close coordination with Radiological Society of Pakistan, Pakistan Society of Clinical Oncologists, Pakistan Cardiology Society and other local organizations. Publication of monthly NM Newsletter since 2000. Participating in activities of PNRA & DNS regarding national guidelines on nuclear safety, safe handling of radioactive materials etc.

9 Major Activities Promotion of Nuclear Medicine (Contd…)
Providing help and guidelines to various institutes and personnel in establishing and running of NM departments in terms of knowledge, skill, radiation safety guidelines etc. Working on creating standardized clinical protocols for NM procedures at national level.

10 Major Activities Coordination & Collaboration with Other Organizations
PSNM is working in coordination with IAEA through Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission ARCCNM WFNMB ESNM ASNC

11 PSNM successfully organized “ PSNM Conference on Nuclear Medicine” in April, 2002.
Local Participants: 350 Foreign Participants: 25 Scientific sessions on 3rd & 4th April comprised of 3 state of the art lectures 30 scientific papers

12 Current Problems Teaching & training of Nuclear Medicine Physicians
MSc Nuclear Medicine: 2 years program FCPS Nuclear Medicine: 4 years program Few Institutes with modern state of the art gamma cameras Limited use of newer imaging techniques and procedures Lack of availability of expensive and costly kits and isotopes No facility with PET.

13 Current Problems Teaching & Training of NM Technologists
NM Certification / diploma courses do not exist. NM technologists are trained through short courses organized by PIEAS, PSNM. Mostly on job training. In collaboration with IAEA, Distance Assisted Program (DAT) was organized and was fruitful.

14 Future Plans Main Activities for 2003 (Remaining)
Publication of PJNM in December 2003. Executive Committee Meeting in December 2003. Main Activity for 2004 NM Conference on 8th- 9th April, 2004 in Lahore

15 Thanks for Your patience

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