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Michael Keller Chief Brand Officer American Dairy Queen MarkED Conclave ‘06.

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1 Michael Keller Chief Brand Officer American Dairy Queen MarkED Conclave ‘06

2 Building A Brand By “Delivering the Promise” Through It’s Consumer Touch Points Everything Communicates! MarkED Conclave ‘06

3 Brand Building 101 MarkED Conclave ‘06 Brand Equity Making the Promise Delivering the Promise Trust

4 What Is A Touch Point? Any Contact Point Between A Customer And A Brand MarkED Conclave ‘06

5 Yes, Whether We Like It or Not, Or Whether Customers Realize it Or Not. Everything Communicates? MarkED Conclave ‘06






11 Everything Communicates Key Implication Brand building extends way beyond ‘Marketing’. In some cases, ‘Marketing’ might be one of the least important ways to build a brand… Or …Maybe ‘Marketing’ really includes all company activities/functions that impact the brand and consumer in any way MarkED Conclave ‘06

12 Think Beyond Product Experience Service Beyond To the a Customer Has With All of a Brand’s Touch Points MarkED Conclave ‘06

13 Putting It All Together Through all of a brand’s touch points, the “product” and the consumer’s experience with it, must deliver on the brand promise to ensure the desired emotional connection is made with a customer. Who’s job is this? Each function that ‘owns’ a touch point. Who should oversee/lead this? Brand Champions…”Marketers” MarkED Conclave ‘06




17 A Little Happy DQ History A 66 year old brand with 5,500 units over 4,000 franchisees and $2.5 billion in sales Born from a remarkable epiphany/invention Began “franchising” before franchising was born Became synonymous with treats and a/healthy nutritious, happy America Acquired by Warren Buffet in 1998 Today enjoys universal brand awareness Most importantly, the brand obtains a strong, emotion-filled response…a smile and a story MarkED Conclave ‘06

18 A Little Scary DQ History A highly fragmented food system with low food awareness and credibility An old, tired, diverse retail asset base (locations, facilities, operations) MarkED Conclave ‘06





23 Flat Top



26 A Little Scary DQ History A highly fragmented food system with low food awareness and credibility An old, tired retail asset base (locations, facilities, operations) A multi-decade period of stagnation A high-level of mistrust and animosity between franchisee and franchisor A rapidly shifting and increasingly competitive landscape A brand shaking on the edge of irrelevance MarkED Conclave ‘06

27 A New Approach: Corporate/Enterprise New CEO New vision and business goals including a focus on becoming a food player New strategy-driven structure New outside talent hired, internal talent promoted New business units and department plans New trust-building posture with franchisees MarkED Conclave ‘06

28 “Advertising” Product/Menu Facility (Ext.) Customer Svc. Product Quality Locations DQ Brand Touch Points Speed of Svc. Facility (Int.) Brand Experience

29 DQ Brand Positioning

30 A Smile and a Story Everywhere we go, we always get “a smile and a story” There is rare/powerful emotion for the DQ brand This is the essence of who we are, it’s what makes us “Something Different” Beyond products, advertising, store design, operations and customer service, this may be our true long term strategic advantage, but… …only if we recognize it, take care of it and build it in everything we do, every day, in every store, with every customer MarkED Conclave ‘06

31 Workin’ the Wheel DQ Brand Touch PointStrategy/Action LocationsStrategic Development Exterior“Modernization” Interior“Modernization” Customer ServiceOperations “Road Map” Speed Of ServiceOperations “Road Map” Product QualityOperations “Road Map” Menu/ProductInnovation Funnel “Advertising”Re-Positioning the Brand MarkED Conclave ‘06

32 A New Approach: Brand Team New strategy demanded new structure which required new talent Defined and began leveraging and executing against new brand identity and positioning Challenged and elevated every key element of the Marketing Mix: –Menu/Product Strategy –Calendar Strategy –Advertising: Creative and Media Strategy –Promotion Strategy –Merchandising Strategy –PR Strategy Restructured/Re-focused franchisee leadership MarkED Conclave ‘06

33 MarkED Conclave ‘06 Creative Reel Highlights

34 Some Business Results 25 consecutive months of comp sales growth: July ’03 to July ’05 33 of the last 36 months of comp growth Leading national QSR in 2004 in comp sales growth (beat McD’s and SBUX) Award winning advertising AUVs up 25% ’05 v. ‘01 Ad Funds at highest levels Franchisee profitability at highest levels Franchisee Investment beginning to occur MarkED Conclave ‘06

35 That’s The DQ Story, How Can You Teach It? What is a given brand’s promise? What are it’s touch points? Is it delivering on it’s promise through all of them or are there plans to do so? Is there functional alignment between teams that touch the consumer and in turn shape the brand? Is the company/team structured the right way? If yes, does it have the right talent in the structure to achieve it’s goals? What is the brand champion doing to provide the leadership necessary to build and protect the brand through all of it’s touch points? MarkED Conclave ‘06

36 MarkED Conclave ‘06 Thank You!

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