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Solar System Model.

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1 Solar System Model

2 Requirements Scaled distances and sizes.
Models for the Sun and all eight planets. Information for each object presented in a way that the viewer will understand without direction. Real pictures. Exploration missions. Intended Audience. Site sources and magnifications on information displays.

3 How Do I Start? Start by identifying your intended audience.
Second choose a scale that your audience will understand. Next find your conversion ratio. (This is your scale.) Calculate the distance in your scale to each planet from the Sun. Calculate the diameter of each planet. Build the models and put together data and pictures. If you need to magnify your model you must state that on your information display.

4 Calculate The Scale Start be setting the distance from the Sun to Neptune equal to your model distance. In my model I used a basketball court. From hoop to hoop it was 84 ft. My source was Philip’s Atlas of the Universe, by Sir Patrick Moore. According to my source the distance from Sun to Pluto using the mean, or average, distance is 5,900 million km. (When I made my model we had not redefined planets.) Then I converted to English measurements and then to inches. 9,500,000,000 km 0.62 mile 1 ft 5,843,254 miles = 84 ft 1 km 12 in 1 in

5 Yeah! I have a scaled unit! Now what?
Using your scale unit convert the other distances in your model. Here is an example. Distance from Sun to Mars = million km, or 227,900,000 km. First convert into English and apply your ratio. 227,900,000 km 0.62 mile 1 in = 24.18 in 1 km 5,843,254 mile

6 What about the size of planets?
You do the same thing with the diameter of the planets (radius multiplied by 2) as you did with the distances. If you need to add a magnifier, add it at the end. Use your same scale ratio you did for distance. Here’s an example. Mars is 6,794 km in diameter. That’s too small to work with so multiple by your magnifier. 6,794 km 0.62 mile 1 in = in 1 km 5,893,254 mile in x 1000 = 0.7 in

7 My Solar System doesn’t fit in here.
Yes, I know. When presenting you will have to just show us your planets and information displays. You maybe able to show us some of the scaled distances, otherwise just tell us how far away they would be.

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