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Anong unang naiisip ng tao pag narinig ang salitang MEMORIAL PLAN?

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1 Anong unang naiisip ng tao pag narinig ang salitang MEMORIAL PLAN?

2 Ataol Patay Libingan

3 Ano naman ang normal na nararamdaman ng tao kapag MEMORIAL PLAN ang topic?

4 Umaayaw Natatakot Natatawa Naiinis Dedma Inaantok

5 sa ST.PETER LIFE PLAN, INC. hindi…

6 kase with ST.PETER LIFE PLAN, INC. ang una mong maiisip…




10 Features: (Benefits) Easy and affordable 5 year installment terms (P650/month) Multiple Insurance Benefits Credit Life Coverage The unpaid balance is fully paid if the planholder dies, anytime within the saving period or beyond contestability. Cash Assistance The beneficiary of the planholder shall be entitled to cash assistance equivalent to the plan value. Accidental Death And Dismemberment Cash benefit equivalent to the plan value shall be given to the beneficiary for accidental loss of life, loss of both hands, both feet, sight of both eyes or a combination thereof if event happens within paying period and planholder is between years. Waiver of Installments Planholder is exempted from paying the installments due in the event of uninterrupted disability for a period of at least 6 months during the paying period. Extended Cash Assistance Cash assistance for the beneficiary equivalent to the plan value less processing fee in case of death of the planholder within 5 years after full payment or until the 65th birthday of the planholder, whichever comes first.

11 Full Memorial Service Pull-out of the cadaver from place of death Embalming of the cadaver (good for 7 days) Dressing by professional morticians Metal or Wood Casket (as per plan type) Assistance in securing and filing of death certificate and burial/transfer permit and embalmer’s certification for provincial and overseas transfer Viewing in our air-conditioned chapels (as per plan type) or your home Viewing equipments: chandeliers, crucifix, red carpet and curtains Announcement board, guest register book, thank you cards Assignable Transferable No Medical Requirements With Return of Premium

Return of Premium Plan MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR KEEPS!!! Availment / Enjoyment Goodwill Year Paying Period 6 to 15 years 20% ROP 20% ROP 20% ROP Extended Cash Assistance 20% ROP 20% ROP Credit Life Cash Assistance AD & D Waiver of Installment due to Disability 18 to 60 years old

13 Life Plan Plus (with Cash Benefit & Return of Premium)

14 Cremation Plan (with Cash Benefit & Return of Premium)
PLAN TYPE CASKET CASH ANNUAL SEMI ANNUAL QUARTERLY MONTHLY St. James (Package A) Viewing comes first, viewing in the chapel or home comes after 57,500.00 11,500.00 6,100.00 3,100.00 1,050.00 Save 5,500.00 1,100.00 200.00 50.00 per plan per year per SA per Qtr St. Jude (Package B) Traditional memorial service is perform then cremation comes after 82,500.00 16,500.00 8,750.00 4,450.00 1,500.00 7,500.00 250.00

15 at di lang yan…..

16 kase St. Peter lang ang meron nung tinatawag na…
eBurol o Online Burol Kung saan pwedeng mapanood ng mga kamag anak, kapamilya at mga kaibigan mo na nasa malalayong lugar (probinsya o abroad)ng live ang burol 24 hours a day, live!!! SOSYAL!!!


18 pero lahat ng tao kailangan ng ST. PETER plan!
so bakit mag iisip ka pa?... what is P650 a month? (that’s around P20 a day, para ka lang nag loload!) kung ang kapalit naman is Security for you & your family? Yun iba nga kumukuha ng Accident Insurance e di naman lahat ng tao naaksidente… pero lahat ng tao kailangan ng ST. PETER plan!

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