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2 Table of contents About CHILDLINE 1098 CHILDLINE SE Dosti The Concept
CHILDLINE SE Dosti- Participation The CHILDLINE 1098 family

3 About Childline 1098 CHILDLINE 1098 is India’s first national, 24-hour, emergency free phone outreach service for children in need of care and protection linking them to long term services for their care and rehabilitation This comprises mostly children between the age group of 0-18 years in distress CHILDLINE 1098 has received 17 million calls and changed the lives of 7 lakh children Anyone can hold our hands and join fight the atrocities faced by little children either by calling our attention to these children on 1098 or encouraging them to call us

4 How does CHILDLINE 1098 work?
Child/Concerned adult dials 1098 Connected to a CHILDLINE collaborative agency CHILDLINE team rushes to child within 60 minutes Child provided rehabilitation, follow up with child Data compilation of the calls received Analysis of information and generating trends Advocacy and lobbying with policy makers

5 Who are CHILDLINE 1098 partners?

6 Where is CHILDLINE 1098 present?
Current Coverage 83 cities 25 states 90 call centers Over 17 million calls Nearly 20% of the World’s Helpline calls are in India on 1098 12 other countries have replicated the model

7 Childline Se Dosti The aim is to make a million dost this year, capture the attention of those who are unaware of CHILDLINE and its ongoing efforts to support and help people play their part in protecting children. Through the series of events, competitions, employee engagement programs and publicity, CHILDLINE will aim to create an aware culture towards Child protection. We hope to involve our allied partners, corporate associates, media, telecom companies, celebrities, schools and colleges in this week-long initiative. ‘Childline Se Dosti’ will take place all over India from 8th to 14th November 2010. NDTV will serve as the media partner to this campaign

8 CHILDLINE Se Dosti – The Concept
Through the week there will be documentary and photography competitions judged by renowned advertising and film professionals, essay and quiz competitions, painting competitions, fund raising events, concerts and many other exciting events. CHILDLINE is counting on all our partners, old and new, for their support in making this campaign a big success. We request you as an educational institution, who nurture the youth of our country, in associating with the ‘Childline Se Dosti’ week to help us achieve our vision of a child-friendly nation that guarantees the rights and protection of all children.

9 CHILDLINE Se Dosti-Participation
Childline seeks to embark upon a new relationship with the youth in a manner that is both innovative and impelling. We have created a competition for the BMM students which will not only allow for creative outlet but also sensitize students and create awareness towards child rights and protection

10 Documentary film making competition
Each film can be created by a team of any number of students.There are two categories under which films can be submitted: 1) 3 minute film 2) 30 second film The entries will be judged by renowned filmmakers on the basis of concept, execution and the apt use of the Childline 1098 number, thus encouraging the students to think social and be creative. * Topics, terms and conditions for the same will be shared with the students by the 15th of October, 2010.

11 CHILDLINE Se Dosti. Help add a million dost this year.
The mentioned suggestions will need detailed proposals, processes and logistics for execution. Since all of the above would require reasonable amount of time to put together, we shall be grateful for an early confirmation of participation from you to make sure we carry out the activities in the most systematic and planned manner. There may be many more activities that your students may come up with and we shall be more than happy to meet with them at convenient time and place to discuss their suggestions and preferences. CHILDLINE Se Dosti. Help add a million dost this year. Contact Person: Shikha Grover/ Nipa Bhansali Mobile Nos: / Landline: / Ext: 122, 121 E mail: CHILDLINE India Foundation 2nd Floor, Nana Chowk Municipal School. Grant Road W Mumbai –


13 We listen. We reach out. We change lives.
CHILDINE 1098 We listen. We reach out. We change lives.

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