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1 Loyalists

2 Thomas Hutchinson Occupation: governor of Massachusetts
Action taken: enforced British laws like the Stamp Act. Wrote letters saying Britain should be more strict Argument against: The king of England knew what was best for colonists because he had experience and was wise. Colonies needed Britain to protect them. Colonist could not govern themselves

3 Jonathon Boucher Occupation: priest in the Church of England
Action taken: preached that disobeying the king was like disobeying God. Argument against: A war for independence would hurt people much more than living with a few bad laws. King’s power came from God, disobeying the king is like disobeying God. British laws made life safer and better for the most colonists.

4 Lord Dunmore Occupation: governor of Virginia
Action taken: attacked Patriots’ homes and plantations along the James River in Virginia/ Was tough on colonist, believing this would frighten the colonist into accepting British rule. Argument against: Colonists had a duty to obey British laws and not become traitors. Colonies needed Britain to protect them-this is why the colonies had the right to rule them and place taxes on them. Britain knew what was best for the colonies. Colonies were a part of Britain.

5 The Patriots

6 Benjamin Franklin Occupation: writer, printer, inventor, scientist, colonial representative to the British government Action taken: tried to persuade Britain to stop making laws that the colonists thought were unfair Argument for: the colonists had the ability to govern themselves He thought Britain would continue to make unfair laws Colonists should no longer trust Britain

7 Mercy Otis Warren Occupation: writer
Action taken: wrote plays and poems supporting independence Argument for: Britain was too far away to understand the colonists’ needs and daily lives. Britain’s laws and taxes were unfair- money was hard to earn for families. Britain’s law did not allow women to take part in politics Believed woman should have more rights

8 Samuel Adams Occupation: politician
Action taken: organized the Sons of Liberty and led the Boston Tea Party to protest unfair British taxes/ Wrote newspaper articles, gave speeches, and organized town meetings. Argument for: The colonists should be able to elect their own governors Colonist should have the power to change unfair laws Colonists couldn’t afford to pay such high taxes on British goods.

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