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Who’s Next ? Satish Shetty (39) – Pune :: Was brutally stabbed to death for busting Land Scam.

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1 Who’s Next ? Satish Shetty (39) – Pune :: Was brutally stabbed to death for busting Land Scam.

2 Who’s Next ? Amit Jethwa (34) : Gujarath :: Shot & Killed Near the High Court For Exposing Illegal Mining In The Forest Area.

3 Who’s Next ? ???? ????? (??) : Andhra Pradesh :: Shot/Stabbed/Hit/Kid napped/Poisoned/Str angulated/??? & Killed For Using RTI Exposing _________.

4 Is Sridhar Next ? Sridhar Rao  A noted ‘Rights Activist’.  Good Knowledge in Real Estate Deals.  Exposed a Multi-Crore Land Scam in BHEL MIG Colony ‘Vidyut Nagar’, Phase – II, R.C.Puram, Medak District. On 29-12-2010 evening, Sridhar’s elder brother (40) met with an road accident & went into coma – was on ventilator at ‘Remedy-KPHB’ – on 03- 01-2011 morning he was declared dead. While Sridhar was attending his brother, on 02-01-2011 (Sunday) Morning few goons lead by one Kesav (a state Govt. Employee) went to Sridhar’s house and threatened his father demanding to send Sridhar outside – when they came to know he was not available, Kesav called on Sridhar’s phone & abused in filthy language and told him that he would also meet the same fate as his brother.

5 Is Thakur Rajkumar Singh Next ? Lead an NGO – ‘Human Rights & Consumer Protection Cell – BMRWS’ since 2004. Filed hundreds of RTI petitions pertaining to Human Rights Violations, Consumer Protection, Corruption, Lake Protection, Land Grabbing, Service Matters, Education, etc.

6 Is Thakur Rajkumar Singh Next ? “ Our Cell had just recently exposed a multi-crore land scam in BHEL MIG Colony – Vidyutnagar, Phase – II & upon this we filed number of complaints with Police – Medak District, State Human Rights Commission, Commissioner – Panchayat Raj, Lokayukta, CBI, etc. The District Panchayat Officer – Medak District had recently cancelled the House building permission of one of the land grabber i.e. Plot No. 3049/D (Smt. Banoth Madhavi) – we have been informed that she had filed a Writ Petition challenging the cancellation of the House building permission by the DPO Medak – which is pending. We have information that one Mr. R. Ramchandra Reddy – Ex-President & other directors have illegally & fraudulently gave away about 19 plots in the name of ‘defaulters’ for personal monetary benefits. In the month of June 2009, the Hon’ble High Court of A.P. had directed the HMDA & GHMC for joint inspection. The HMDA & GHMC officials submitted the joint inspection report in which they stated before the Hon’ble High Court that of about 12 Acres open spaces only 3 Acres of open space is left & the remaining has been encroached. While we are pursuing the matter at different legal fora, I & my co-activist Mr. Sridhar have been receiving threatening advises to withdraw the complaints. On 02-01-2011 had received few threatening phone calls asking me to come to New MIG Colony near the entrance (where Smt. B. Madhavi residence is situated) threatening to kill me if I had not come and also the caller used abusive language -- which I had recorded.” SHO – Ramachandrapuram, Medak District & DCP – Madhapur (Cyberabad) are investigating the Matter. Click To Listen Threat Calls.

7 Are You Next ? In All Probability, Yes ! The Innocent ‘n’ Ignorant Comman Man, The Society Needs You. Follow These Simple Steps :- 1. Record all Phone conversations. 2.File a written Complaint immediately with Commissioner of Police/Superintendent of Police/D.G.P of A.P & take acknowledgement. 3.File the same copy of Complaint with the local police station – ‘You may not get an acknowledgement’. 4.In all cases – Share the complete information with co-activist – who will file parallel complaints & file RTI to pressurize the Police to provide protection and take action against the culprits. ------ I DO THE SAME & PROTECT MYSELF & My Co-Activists ------

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