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Vinay Agnani - 08 703 Anuj Choudhary – 08 7 Nupur Khanna – 08 733 Sanjukta Mukherjee – 08 740 Reemis Rodrigues - 08749.

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1 Vinay Agnani Anuj Choudhary – 08 7 Nupur Khanna – Sanjukta Mukherjee – Reemis Rodrigues

2 Operations Finance Research and development Human resources Marketing and sales Administration and IT support Customer services The main functional areas

3  In a small business, key functions will be done by individuals  In a medium/large business, it will be done by individuals working in functional areas or departments

4 All functional areas must link together to achieve the overall aims and objectives This means cooperation and good communications Sales Financ e Marketing Admin IT CS Ops R & D HR

5 Health and safety Employee organizations and unions Training, development and promotion Working conditions Recruitment, retention and dismissal The main responsibilities of the human resources function Includes the legal rights and responsibilities of employer and employees

6 Concerned with money and future plans  Preparing accounts example: invoices, management accounts, financial accounts for shareholders and Inland Revenue  Preparing wages and salaries  Obtaining capital and resources example: money for expansion or to pay for resources such as equipment and materials.

7 Cleaning and maintenance Support for software applications, electronic communications and electronic transactions Security Health and safety Clerical work, eg mail, record keeping The role of administration and ICT function

8  Concerned with the main business activities  Obtains and converts resources of the business into goods/services, i.e.  Buildings and land  Equipment  People  Materials

9 Both are concerned with customer needs Sales Promotion Market research Activities include

10 Concerned with customer relationships Activities include:  Providing information  Giving advice  Providing credit facilities  Delivering goods  Providing after-sales service

11 Concerned with developing new goods/services and updating old ones Activities include:  Technological developments  Scientific research  Design features  Performance of product

12 Relates to all functional areas:  Electronic communications (eg: )  Data sharing (eg: databases)  Security systems (eg: virus protection)  External communications (eg: Internet)  Online support for customers (eg: order tracking)  Electronic transactions (eg: EFT)

13 No two businesses are the same! Functions will vary because of:  Size and scale of business  Activities of business  Type(s) of customers  Needs of customers  Preferences of owner(s)

14 1. VIT 2. India Infoline

15 Background: Entrepreneur – Mr. Vishwas Deshpande Year – 1999 Course – Engineering (Electronics, Computer & IT) Vidyalankar Institute of Technology StreamNumber of seats Electronics60 Computer60 IT60

16 Sources of Revenue Income form Vidyalankar Classes(main source) College fees Donations Areas of Expenditure Salary to the employees Acquiring assets (land, inst. Building, college infrastructure) Miscellaneous expenses (stamp duty, govt. policies, etc.) Budget allocation for each activity ………………….. (plz include some other pts  cudnt think)

17  Recruiting the employees  Inducting the employees  Orienting the employee  Streamlining the process of the organization  Setting the policies and guidelines  Deciding the pay and increment structure  Manpower planning

18  Promotional Strategies  Increasing the visibility of the college

19  Primary Activities : Providing education Lectures Labs Tutorials  Allied Activities : Examination cell Placement cell Re-creational cell (cultural events, sports, college magazine & trips) Operations with university

20  Board of Governors  Academic Advisory Council  Systems for tracking Employee attendance Working hours  Intranet & internet  Security  Vidyalankar ERP

21  Founder- Nirmal Jain, CA & Cost accountant, IIM grad  His work experience  Philosophy- Opportunity is about putting 2+2 together  In 1991, financial services sector became more dynamic

22 CONT…  In 1994 joined hands with Motilal Oswal & Ramdev Agarwal to set up “Inquire”  Year & Half later he started his own research company “Probity research & Services Pvt Ltd”  In 99, as internet became very popular, he uploaded his research on the net(India Infoline)

23 CONT…  Changed business model from info services to transaction services  Building an exclusive internet based trading platform  Raised money from angel investors, VC’s, & friends  In 2003, started the trading terminal

24  Finance  HR  Technology  R&D

25 It’s a game of probabilities. You have to be sporting.. However good you may be, you may get out for a duck What you do” is not so important, “how you do it” is what matters


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