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RIZALISTA CULTS By: Alexandra Ann Alaba

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1 RIZALISTA CULTS By: Alexandra Ann Alaba

2 FACTS Groups in the Philippines Believes in Rizal’s divinity
Most are based in Calamba Laguna, foot of Mt. Banahaw and some are in Quezon Province Some have chapters in other countries Usually gathers during June 19 and December 30 Approximately 300,000 rural believers Pacifist in Nature

3 ORIGIN His death galvanized the ongoing revolution against Spain
“The pride of the Malay Race” Has a high educational attainment Great Nationalism This esteem for Rizal paved way to many post-war Rizalista Cults Urban Peasants need some sense of belongingness and a place where their cries can be heard

4 SECTORS Bathalismo Watawat ng Lahi Iglesia Sagrada Flilipina
Iglesia Sagrada ni Lahi (Holy Church of The Race) Banner of the Race Church –Largest Group Samahan ng Tatlong Persona Solo Dios  Ciudad Mistica de Dios Adamista Espiritual Pilipino Catholic Church Knights of Rizal Kababaihang Rizalista Lapiang Malaya

5 BELIEFS “KRISTONG KAYUMANGGI” Parallelism of Rizal to Jesus Christ
Indentified as the second CHRIST Indentified as the god of pre-Spanish Malay religion “Messiah of the Philippines” “He’s Alive and will Return.” “To deliver his followers from poverty and Oppression...” “Amang-Doktor” “Engkanto de Dios”– God Enchanter

6 BELIEFS Four Persons-for Filipino Folk Theology
(Father, Mother, Son and Holy Spirit) A spirit An Avatar A saint A Prophet A God and A man Following Rizal’s teachings will result to country’s advancements Withdrawal from the world for the coming end times

Both Morally Upright Both Possess extra-ordinary character Both have purest intention in pursuing their missions Both Pious and Asians Both from a country under colonial rule that time Both advocates of solidarity, equality, and peace Both healers and great visionaries

Both advocate reforms in peaceful means Both denounce prejudice, apathy, immorality and cruelty Both victims of trial and mockery Both teachings influence people around the world Both executed by the enemy Both died for a noble cause

9 PRACTICE Folk Catholisism
-Synthesize Roman Catholic Rituals, images and organization With Traditional Filipino Elements Oath of Chastity Dressed modestly in white Abstain from eating meat 6-8 Hours a day on their knees Nationalism, integral part of their religion Draw inspiration from Rizal’s Writings

10 PRACTICE Panghihilot (Faith Healing) Anting-Ating (Amulets)
Babailanes (Priest and Priestess) Catalonans (Mediums) Central Observance: December 30 Sacred Sites: Calamba and Luneta Park






16 A PRAYER “Receive, Oh God, the sacrifice which we are offering to Your Majesty, in honor of Our Father Rizal, the Christ of the Tagalog region. …Rizal is the Christ of the Tagalog region. He is the Lord of the whole world. He is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. Because in Him is given by the Holy Bible the Spirit of God Almighty.” -Bathalismo

• Constantino, Renato. Rizal's Real Detractors. Manila Chronicle, 31 December 1970 • Ocampo, Ambeth R. Rizal Without the Overcoat. Pasig: Anvil Publishing, Inc, 1990. • Rosero, Edgar V. ed. Popularizing Rizal in Briefs. Quezon City Oregem International Publishing, Inc., 1992. • Valeriano, A.B. Rizal and Christ: An Analogy, Sunday Time Magazine • Interview with Isabela Suarez (Ciudad Mistica de Dios) and Leonor Gutierrez (Espiritual Pilipino Catholic Church) of Mt. Banahaw (fieldwork)

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