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BMA PH Registrars survey 2012 Overview of results.

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1 BMA PH Registrars survey 2012 Overview of results

2 57 BMA members 25 non-members – 16 medical background – 9 BOTM The following slides relate only to BMA members

3 Phase Phase 1 40.4% Phase 221.1% Phase 338.6%

4 Training in local authorities Few had every had a placement in LA (10.5%)

5 Where will we be working?

6 Dual accreditation

7 Will there be enough jobs? Yes 13.2% (7) No 86.8% (46) Imagine that medical consultants will be too expensive for local authorities Am quite encouraged by opportunities offered I haven't seen any evidence of workforce planning I believe our skills will be undervalued in new system due to lack of understanding and our role could be taken on by someone who has had exposure to public health but without rigous training in this and so have only superficial understanding of this speciality.

8 Leaving Public Health

9 Would you recommend a career in public health? Yes 65.5.%, No 34.5% Too much uncertainty, and devaluing of medical knowledge and experience It's OK for people with more experience of other things, who can roll with the punches and place themselves appropriately whatever the politicians come up with next It is vitally important to maintain a flow of trainees with a medical background into the specialty. It can offer a rewarding career There is work that needs to be done, however may be a more risky option job-wise than a clinical career It's a fascinating specialty with very interesting placements and you get to influence population health

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