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Ovulation / Cervical Mucus Method

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2 Ovulation / Cervical Mucus Method
Billing’s Method After menstruation Cervical mucus is opaque, thick & sticky dry days Ovulation Mucus is slippery, lubricative, transparent & watery discharge “raw egg white” – peak of ovulation Cervical mucus undergoes changes because of titers of estrogen and progesterone. The Billings ovulation method (BOM) is a method which women use to monitor their fertility, by identifying when they are fertile and when they are infertile during each menstrual cycle. Users pay attention to the sensation at their vulva, and the appearance of any vaginal discharge. This information can be used to achieve or avoid pregnancy during regular or irregular cycles, breastfeeding, and peri-menopause. Described by the BOM organization as "Natural Fertility Regulation", this method may be used as a form of fertility awareness or natural family planning, as well as a way to monitor gynecological health. The Billings Ovulation Method teaches a woman to interpret her natural signs of fertility through all her changing life stages from puberty to menopause. The Billings Ovulation Method is easy to learn and is highly successful when used by a couple to achieve or avoid a pregnancy.

3 Ovulation / Cervical Mucus Method
Klein Regal During peak day spotting may appear “Days of bleeding” After the peak the watery cervical mucus turns dry till the coming of menstruation. Dry or no mucus = non - fertile Wet, profuse and slippery mucus = fertile .

4 Recap Colour Consistency How stretchy it is
Type 1: Just after your period has finished, you will probably detect only a very small amount of cervical mucus or none at all. Your vagina may feel quite dry and any mucus present will not be very stretchy. Type 2: Slightly further into your menstrual cycle, you should notice a slight increase in the quantity of cervical mucus. It will probably feel a bit sticky in texture and will probably be white or cream in colour. If you stretch it between your index finger and thumb you will find that it breaks very easily. Type 3: As you approach ovulation, your cervical mucus will become slippery, thin, and stretchy like raw egg white. You should be able to stretch it between your fingers for several inches before breaking. After ovulation you will find that your cervical mucus will revert to type 2

5 Ovulation / Cervical Mucus Method
Early day Rule ( From menses to peak) COITUS IS AVOIDED ON DAYS OF BLEEDING!! Intercourse during dry days of unchanging discharge Avoid contact on succeeding days Avoid sexual liberty on any day where there is change from basic infertile pattern Peak Rule- late day of cycle from peak till the next menses


7 Three types of mucus -Odeblad
G- Type made up of purely proteins and fibers opposes the sperm L-Type thick, clumpy texture “ flower like” Maintains capacity of sperm to fertilize S- Type predominates in ovulation Infertility begins on the 4th day peak till the next cycle. Three types of mucus (G,L,S) with varied properties of facilitating or impeding the sperm transport

8 Calendar Method a.k.a Rhythm Method
estimating a woman's likelihood of fertility Basing on the past menstrual cycle for at least 6 months Unique nature of woman’s cycle ( irregular periods or unusual length) Basing ovulation on the past menstrual cycle for at least 6 months. based on a record of the length of previous menstrual cycles.

9 How to Calculate D1 (1ST day of menstrual cycle)  next menstrual cycle Normal: 28 days ( days) Fertile D5- D25 To Calculate Fertile phase: subtract 18 from shortest cycle and 11 from the longest * Shortest cycle: = 5 (infertile phase) * Longest cycle: = 25 (post-ovulatory infertile phase)

10 EXAMPLE Bechay 22y/o regular menstrual period LMP: June 15’09 June 29 – ovulation period (add 14) +/- 5 days = SAFE/ NON FERTILE

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