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Where we are as of 7/13/09. Vision/ Mission statement  Vision statement: To become the most successful co-op freight transportation company with a positive.

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1 Where we are as of 7/13/09

2 Vision/ Mission statement  Vision statement: To become the most successful co-op freight transportation company with a positive impact on the customers we serve, the environment we share and increased revenue to our employees we support.  Mission Statement: Our purpose as a freight transportation company is to provide superior customer service, exercise a positive impact on the community, environment and to produce world class employees that represent our company

3 Values Statement DBA Freight Co-op offers:  Quality service. We provide our customers with courteous, prompt and dependable service. We build our reputation for timely deliveries, professional drivers for quick turn around. Available support for any issues that may arise with our trucks. The return of empty containers after delivery  Package Handling – by maintaining dependable and safe equipment, we ensure no damage to cargo  Competitive rates – we are able to provide competative rates because we have low cost inputs

4 Long Term Goals and Objectives  Increase company’s profitability by maximize share holder value and establish efficient minimum scale or economies of scale By building partnerships with established firms that have a strong presence in the Port complex therby eliminating purchase cost of facilities, equipment, labor, security. And also this would diversify our risk Minimizing cost through purchasing equipment that keeps fuel cost low (ie= medium deisel hybrid trucks Create a multidimensional approach to augmenting base returns Make use of POLA grant program and tax credits to reduce cost per vehicle Access the immediate community thru LBCC and CSLB students involved in green mechanics programs to intern at our site and perhaps obtain full employment – by doing so we are imposing a positive impact on the community and make ourselves available for related grant opportunities

5 Goals and Services Goals: 1 Financial – through a detailedbalance sheet, and proper cash flow coupled with a projected income statement to show a 2% profit within the first two years. 2. Establish respect in the business, healthy competition, and reliable service. ?????

6 Services To have 50 diesel – hybrid trucks running 24/7 with minimum turn around time at the port, other destinations and return of empty containers. Drivers to be rated on performance not seniority Serving community by being in compliance with 2010 emission standards, internship program and being a community based resource for minority jobs Drivers efficient on getting in and out of port quickly Manager on duty to offer support if issues arise with one of our trucks 70% of profit goes to driver thereby insuring care of truck and motivation for world class performance

7 We are using a focus strategy  We have selected a specific segment/niche = POLA/POLB Their need is to have us in and out of the port quickly( professionally trained drivers) – problem free (manager on site) Customer delivery – at the best price using the up to date technology (tracking) (marketing) Our services is that we serve the port/customers better than the competition We return and quickly expedite the empty containers

8 Marketing  Chris / Debra George –  Competitive pricing sales strategy  Type of truck and price (if not able to id then a ball park figure – will do for this report)  Identify sales plan and to whom

9 Logistics  PK, Cassady and Jerika  Establish maintenance plan to keep truck on the road 24/7  Availability to customers and port  Basic insurance quote for type of truck used

10 Finance  Joseph, Tina, Carlos  Balance sheet and cash flow  Profit/loss  Projected income statement  Identify grants available (carlos has done)and incorporate as part of finance plan  Identify loan sources and investors – who do the big boys borrow from in a time when banks are closing down?

11 Human Resources  Remo – community and minority based  Back ground checks – surmise this –  Identify training needed, types of managers needed at port 24/7 to address issues that arise with our trucks  Insurance required

12 Operations Management  Comprehensive operations management plan  Identify key factors  Need scorecard to measure – financial and operational performance  Customer perspective- how long to deliver, how reliable, accurate are we, performance and service  Financial perspective (joseph and team)- how do we look to share holders and investors  Internal business perspective – quality and cycle time  Can we improve and create value

13 Legal  Yim, Jeremy, Bruce and Xio  Yim has a basic outline completed  Bruce – ? Sorry Bruce I know you completed something!!!!  Jeremy – political  Xio – risk management

14 summary  I have taken 5 (what I choose to call) templates of what has been suggested and what was suggested by our teacher. What needs to be mentioned about our last meeting is that we already succeeded in completing the assignment! We resolved the issue by deciding to subcontract and thereby cut cost, the essence of this project also to be able to work together. Mr. Mucci mentioned that most times everyone (in the past) spends too much time on deciding who is going to do what instead of addressing the issue – we have already done that and now we just need to fill in the blanks.  My personal thoughts are lets establish the type of truck now and price for 50 trucks (even if it’s a guestimate) for the purpose of this project so we can move on to complete the project –  I would like to see financial address two external factors –  1- external opportunities what % can we grow in a 2 year projected income statement  2- what external threats/factors will affect our business i.e. = rising interest rates, or depreciation of the trucks in how long a time Also who are the lenders or investors – especially in these recession times

15 Scorecard Scorecard – measures 1- how customers see us – delivery time, reliability and performance/service -that’s PR so falls into marketing 2-financial – how our lenders, stock holders?, shareholders see us – our drivers may drive and own a piece of the co-op but are we letting them down or able to project a show of profit by our formula for success?- Joseph that is your department to elaborate on but do not re-invent the wheel – just surmize in a paragraph or two Internal Business- quality of service, cycle time – this may appear to be a Human resource issue Lastly but not least – can we continue to improve and create value – this is open to all of us – my input here is the implementation of the scorecard as a way to measure how we are doing at any given time.

16 Internal strengths /weaknesses  What are internal strengths as a company – those selling points we promote  And more important what are our internal weaknesses – Chris – that will be for you and Debra George to identify  Tracking – Carlos – you have already identified the POLA grant and one more – but your background can zap this one to identify the program used that gives us the quality service

17 So those are my thoughts as I understand what is going on I would like to incorporate more of everyone's idea – I realize we are blessed with a lot of folks who know the business from a unique perspective - but lets keep in mind that time is now of the essence – and I would like to have each manager complete their part by Sunday night so I can put together the presentation and have time to fine tune it. By the 24 th – I am sure there are more issues to be addressed but now its time to trim, cut and piece together the final product and not get lost in the details Peace Victor Roman 562-212-4596

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