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MOSJID-O-MANAB UNNAYAN SOCIETY Reg: CHS-282, 448 MM Ali Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Cell: 01917-719980

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1 MOSJID-O-MANAB UNNAYAN SOCIETY Reg: CHS-282, 448 MM Ali Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Cell: 01917-719980 E-mail:, We are developing for the people, by the people Fund from patronizing committee Advisory Committee Fund from Government, Donor & Companies Community Donation Collection for Poverty abolition Governing Committee MOMU Society Villages Member fund for their and social development Community investment Based project Poverty Abolition by Zakat fund, Islami, Micro Credit Scheme & investment scheme Help by the products & services delivery for the poor people Community e-Learning Centre Community based investock development Community e-health care centre Community information & knowledge Exchange Centre Community based products & service development centre 1. Cattle donation to Ultra poor peoples 2. Installment bass cattle distribution 3. Community dairy firm for poor people group. Community Development i.e. Man Kind.

2 1. Cattle donation to Ultra poor people for their life time income generating & development. 2.Installment basis cattle distribution. 3.Community dairy firm for poor people. By the are wise group development Community based Milk collection Centre Milk Processing Companies (any Group or any Body) Milk Marketing Profit distributions MOMU Society Cattle Owner Community e- Learning Center Community Information & Knowledge Exchange Centre Local Societies & partners Arabic with meaning, Bangla, English, Math, IT, Science, Learning & Modern Coaching Centre, Alocha, Abacas etc. Learning Fee: i) 250 Taka for A Class family’s child ii) 200 Taka for B class family’s child iii) 150 Taka for C class family’s child iv) Free for ultra poor family’s child

3 Community Development Project MOMU Society Donation Member fund Loan fund, Investment Collection Zakat Fund Profit % from community based products & services sales. Fund from Patronizing committee. Community based Zakat Collection for Ultra poor people. Villages 1. Cattle donation to Ultra Poor people for their life time income generating development 2.Installment basis cattle distribution 3.Community dairy from for poor people Milk Collection Centre Milk Marketing Milk Process Companies (Any Group or Any Body) Community Milk sales & profit distribution Cattle OwnerMOMU Society Poor People & Ultra Poor People Local Development Partners

4 1.Community dairy firm & livestock development 2.Community milk collection centre development 3.Community e-Learning centre development. 4. Prabashi Land & Flat development project 5.Community Housing Project Development 6.Community Telecom Network & services development 7.Community e-Commerce Centre development. 8.Community based production, sales & Export-Import center development 9.Community based Islami Micro Credit service center. 10.Community based small & Cottage Industries Development 11.Community Doctor’s Centre & Services Development 12. Community e-Care services Centre development. 13.Community Information & Knowledge Exchange Centre development. 14.Community e-Health care Centre development. 15Local R&D centre development. 16.Community security service development. 17.MAN kind projects & services development. 18.Community e-Money (Online Money) transfer service (Board) 19.Community e-Mail & e- Courier service 20Community Organizer development. 21.Mosjid-O-Manab Unnayan e-Money service 22.Masjid-O-Manab Unnayan village banking 23.Community Insurance support service Local Development Partners MOMU Society

5 Vision & Mission Community based products & services development to abolition poverty, to develop the community e-learning, community e-Health care service, Community based R&D Centre, Community knowledge development centre, community based e-Sales & service centre, Community Based production Centre, Community based Export & Import services, Community e-Blood Bank, Community e- Telecom network, Community Based Agro, Poultry, livestock, fisheries development, Community Housing development all over Bangladesh.

6 Target To establish the community based business i.e. livestock poultry, fishery, Agro, ICT Industries etc. development and community based services i.e. community e-Care Card Introduce. By using community e-Care Card all people even ultra poor people will get community e-Health care, Community Telecom, Community Security etc. services i.e. DIGITAL BANGLADESH, DEVELOPED BANGLADESH

7 Please deposit your fund & donation Bank Information: Account Name: MOSJID-O-MANAB UNNAYAN SOCIETY. Account No.: 034300446019. Bank Name: One Bank, Bangladesh.

8 DEMAND TO ESTABLISH MOSJID-O-MANAB UNNAYAN PROJECTS, SERVICES AND BANK IN EVERY VILLAGES. Chairman, Mosjid-O-Manab Unnayan Society 448, M.M. Ali Road, Dampara, Chittagong. Mobile: 01917-719980 E-mail:,


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