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Siemens Case Study What If Method?? External Stake Holders.

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1 Siemens Case Study What If Method?? External Stake Holders

2 Group Members Rukmani 17 Jyot 25 Nileshwari 27 Jinal 31 Vaishali 35 Jason 41 Riddhi 51

3 What is What If Analysis  Identifying the stakeholders  SCOT Analysis in terms of the stakeholder in question  What If Scenario and its explanation

4 Stakeholders

5 WHAT is What IF?? o Taking as a given that an event has occurred and then explaining how to go about it o It generates qualitative description of potential problems: 1.In the form of questions and responses 2.Lists of recommendations for preventing problems o Ensure that appropriate safeguards against those problems are in place.

6 Steps for What If Method Define The Activity Define the problems of interest Create What if Questions Respond to What if Questions Use the results in decision making

7 Contd.. Most Common uses: Any type of risk assessment application Occasionally used alone, mostly clubbed with other methods Limitations: 1. Likely to miss some potential problems 2. Difficult to audit 3.Traditionally provides only qualitative information

8 Synopsis of the case 1990 merger of Siemens & Nixdorf which formed SNI Products sold only in Germany & weak base in Asian and North American Market Slow in responding to market changes New CEO wanted a radical change in culture Culture Change: 1 st Phase: Giving employees a voice in defining new culture-13 week programme at US. 2 nd Phase: Giving customers a voice- customer’s recommendations & ideas and 3 rd Phase: Giving partners a voice looked for new ways to reinforce & expand the areas in which they work together

9 SCOT Analysis-External Stakeholders Strengths: Company’s goodwill, Broad Range of Products, Strong Technological Focus Challenges: To build a customer base in Asian & North Asian Markets Opportunities: New CEO wanted the organization to become customer driven and responsive to the market, Change in their processes to emphasize the customer and to ensure primacy of customer service. Threats: Slow response to market changes which resulted in low product differentiation which posed a threat of loosing existing customers

10 Problem Areas Identified No Individual goals for Change Agent were set - CA were not made aware that how their accomplishments will benefit the organization Objective was not time bound: Each change agent should be given time for return on investment after which they should be removed from position of CA and a new promising person needs to be appointed Productive time was lost as CA were sent for the programme Implementation was not appropriate No Evaluation of the programme was done Bureaucratic structure Company wide culture change programmed (dept wise)

11 What If? If Each change agent were given a stipulated time -This will help to get return on investment. If Focus for training was on individual level- Would have helped employees to match their objectives with that of the organization. If Business reengineering programme would be from any promising Asian country -More practicality added to the programme, which will help them to get a base in Asian country. If Implementation was considered at all levels 1. Participant: Monitoring of acceptance of change would be easier. 2. Business unit: This will help to train that department first which is most impacted by the change. 3. Organization: Helped to create road map for post programme implementation.

12 What If? If they operating in markets which are very dynamic where change happens rapidly: SNI needs to appoint full time market surveyors who can analyze the market conditions and accordingly provide update beforehand to the department which will be impacted the most. If SNI had done analysis of top Computer manufacturers in the Asian & North Asian countries: This would have helped them to plan their change management more effectively and help them to find out the specific areas where they need changes.

13 Thank You

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