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Nonverbal Communication Muhammad Aamer Yasin Fa 2011/MSc.EM/025.

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1 Nonverbal Communication Muhammad Aamer Yasin Fa 2011/MSc.EM/025

2 What is nonverbal communication? Nonverbal Communication = Communication without words Nonverbal communication is a process of communication through sending and receiving wordless messages.

3 Nonverbal communication is the most powerful form of communication. More than voice or even words, nonverbal communication helps to create your image in others mind and even you can express your emotions and feelings in front of others, which you are unable to express in words. Power of Nonverbal Communication

4 Forms of Nonverbal Communication Eye Contact Facial Expressions Posture Haptics or Touch Gestures Personal Space

5 Eye contact, a key characteristic of nonverbal communication, expresses much without using a single word. Eye contact also establish the nature of a relationship. Eye Contact

6 Facial expressions are the key characteristics of nonverbal communication. Your facial expression can communicate happiness, sadness, anger or fear. Facial Expressions

7 Posture and how you carry your self tells a lot about you. How you walk, sit, stand or hold your head not only indicates your current mood, but also your personality in general. Posture

8 Haptic communication is communicating by touch. Touch or Haptics is the characteristic of nonverbal communication and used when we come into physical contact with other people.. Haptic or Touch

9 A gesture is a characteristic of nonverbal communication in which visible body actions communicate particular message. Gestures include movement of the hands, face, or other parts of the body. Gestures

10 Personal space is your "bubble" - the space you place between yourself and others. This invisible boundary becomes apparent only when someone bumps or tries to enter your bubble. Personal space

11 Interpretation of Non Verbal Communication

12 The Palm

13 Open palm in upward position- gesture signifies appeal or request to others

14 Open palm facing outward or downward-a gesture that indicates desire to stop or hold something down

15 Handshakes Three basic attitudes are transmitted through the handshake: Dominance Submission Equality

16 Dominance is shown by turning hand so that palm is facing down during the handshake. Fig. 9


18 Submission is shown by turning hand so that palm is facing upwards during the handshake Fig. 10


20 Equality is shown by turning palm so that it faces neither up nor downwards. Fig. 11


22 The “Glove” Handshake It is intended to give impression of companionship and warmth. Sometimes referred to as “politician’s handshake”.


24 The Hands

25 Hand clenching not next to body is a signal of frustration or negativity.

26 Hand Chop An aggressive gesture that speakers sometimes use when they want to accent what is being said

27 Hand Steepling Used by individuals who feel confident. -When steepled hands are in raised position, the individual is usually speaking (offering ideas, comments, etc.). -When steepled hands are in lowered position, individual usually is listening.

28 Hand-Holding Behind the Back When individual holds both hands behind back, this signals confidence

29 Fingers & Hand To Face, Head, & Neck

30 Finger(s) to Mouth A signal that he/she is under pressure or feeling insecure

31 Hand to Chin & Cheek Indifference/Boredom Gesture

32 Gesture of Interest

33 Forming a Decision Gesture Fig. 31

34 The Eye Rub A subconscious gesture that is used when a person is intentionally trying to deceive others

35 The Ear Rub A subconscious gesture that indicated the individual is perplexed about what he/she is hearing.

36 Foot Tapping or Wagging Repetitive tapping or wagging of the foot is an indication of impatience, boredom, or nervousness

37 Let see some most common gestures






43 Thank You

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