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U.S Naval Service Enlisted MIDN 3/C Christiauna Draper.

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1 U.S Naval Service Enlisted MIDN 3/C Christiauna Draper

2 Outline Difference between rates, rating and paygrade Petty Officers Chief Petty Officers Command Master Chief Petty Officer (CMC) Uniform Insignia Naval Enlisted Classification (NEC) codes Service Schools Advancement

3 Rates Rated personnel in the Navy are called “Petty Officers” Nonrated and rated personnel together make up the “enlisted personnel”

4 Rating A rating is an occupational specialty in the Navy. Obtainable only after a sailor has advance the general apprenticeship levels, which are E-1through E-3.

5 Paygrade o Defines a person’s relative standing in the Navy and determines how much money he/she will make. o E-1 through E-3 are the non-rated paygrades because they are not tied to a specific occupation. o Rated paygrades, which are E-4 through E-9, are tied to a specific occupation. General ApprenticeshipColor of Stripe Seaman (SN)White on black/Black on white Hospitalman (HN)White on black/Black on white Airman (AN)Green Constructionman (CN)Light blue Fireman (FN)Red

6 Petty Officers E-4 through E-6 are non-commissioned officers (NCOs) and are specifically called Petty Officers. Assistants to senior officers Identified by a combination of letters and numbers, the first two or three letters represent the general or service rating; the number or letters following represent the paygrade o For example, BM2, represents a Boatswain’s Mate Second Class

7 Chief Petty Officers E-7 through E-9 Aare still considered NCOs, but they are called Chief Petty Officers They have separate berthing and dining facilities They wear a separate uniform that is similar in appearance to Petty Officers, and they also perform separate duties

8 Command Master Chief Petty Officer (CMC) The senior-most enlisted service member within a command. The special assistant to the Commanding Officer in all matters pertaining to health, welfare, job satisfaction, morale, utilization, advancement, and training of the command’s enlisted personnel.

9 Uniform Insignia

10 Naval Enlisted Classification (NEC) Codes Used to identify a skill, knowledge, aptitude, or qualification not included in general or service rating training. There are six types of NEC codes: o Entry series o Rating series o Special series o Alphanumeric o Numerical o Planning

11 Service Schools Class A – Provides the basic technical knowledge required for job performance. Class C – Advanced skills and techniques needed to perform a particular job are taught. Class E – Designated for professional education leading to an academic degree. Class F – Trains fleet personnel who are en route to, or are members of ships’ companies. The only school where an NEC is not awarded. Class R – Basic school that provides initial training after enlistment, known as boot camp or recruit training. It is conducted at Recruit Training Center, Great Lakes, IL.

12 Advancement Advancement to E-2 to E-3 is based on Time-In-Rate (TIR), specifically 9 months and performance. Advancement to E-4 through E-9 is based on time in service, TIR, awards, performance, and score on the annual/semi-annual exams. Specifically for E-8 to E-9, advancement is based on performance and board selection. You must meet all appropriate citizenship or clearance requirements for advancement in certain rates or ratings. Fulfill special requirements for certain ratings. Meet all physical readiness and/or body fat standards. Be recommended by the Commanding Officer.

13 Quiz Time

14 True/False: A seaman apprentice has an insignia of two diagonal stripes.

15 True

16 What Rank and Rating would DC3 Tim King be?

17 Damage Controlman 3 rd Class

18 Which of the following service schools will not award an NEC?

19 Class F

20 Boot Camp is located where?

21 Recruit Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois

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