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BONES OF NASAL CAVITY Masyitah Mustaffa. Overview: Bones of the skull.

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1 BONES OF NASAL CAVITY Masyitah Mustaffa

2 Overview: Bones of the skull

3 Nasal Septum 1.Septal Cartilage 2.Ethmoid bone 3.Vomer

4 A flat plate that descend from cribriform plate to form part of nasal septum Articulate with vomer inferiorly Ethmoid Bone - Perpendicular plate

5 Articulate with perpendicular plate of ethmoid, maxilla, palatine and sphenoid bone and septal cartilage Posterior border no articulation with other bone Vomer

6 Base of Nasal Cavity 1.Maxilla – Palatine Process of Maxilla 2.Palatine Bone – Horizontal Plate of Palatal Bone

7 Extend medially to form the majority of hard palate Articulate with palatine process of opposite side and horizontal plate of palatine bone Present of incisive foramen Maxilla - Palatine Process

8 Form posterior portion of hard palate Nasal cavity superiorly On medial part, form by both horizontal plate is posterior nasal spine Has greater palatine foramina Palatine bone – Horizontal Plate

9 Posterior Border of Nasal Cavity The center of sphenoid bone Anterior portion form part of nasal cavity Contain sphenoid paranasal sinuses Sphenoid Bone - Body


11 Superior Border of Nasal Cavity 1.Nasal Bone 2.Frontal Bone 3.Ethmoid Bone

12 Inferior portion form superior margin of nasal aperture Inferior portion of nasal bone attach with lateral nasal cartilage and septal cartilage Nasal Bone

13 Articulate with nasal bone and frontal process of maxilla to form root of nose Frontal Bone – Nasal Portion

14 A horizontal bone that form superior surface of ethmoid Contain numerious foramina for olfactory nerves Ethmoid Bone - Cribriform Plate

15 Lateral Border of Nasal Cavity 1.Ethmoid Bone 2.Lacrimal Bone 3.Inferior Nasal Concha 4.Palatine Plate




19 Largest part of ethmoid bone Descend inferiorly from the cribriform plate Ethmoid paranasal sinuses located within Form 2 major structure within nasal cavity Superior nasal concha Middle nasal concha Ethmoid Bone – ethmoid labyrinth

20 Small and rectangular in shape Inferior part of lacrimal form small portion of lateral wall of nasal cavity Lacrimal Bone

21 A curved bone that form part of lateral wall of nasal cavity Articulate with maxilla and perpendicular plate of palatine, lacrimal, and ethmoid bone Inferior Nasal Concha

22 Shape of vertical rectangle Superior border is a notch articulate with sphenoid bone, form sphenopalatine foramen Form part of lateral wall of nasal cavity Palatine Bone – Perpendicular plate

23 Reference Netter’s Head and Neck Anatomy for Dentistry

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