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Are You Up for the Challenge? Second Sem Re-orientation.

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1 Are You Up for the Challenge? Second Sem Re-orientation

2 Prayer for Understanding May I come to Understand, that blessings are everywhere, that my attitude will effect outcomes, that challenges are often gifts in disguise. May I come to Trust that most things can get better, with time, that my instincts & gut feelings have value, that a positive attitude makes things go smoother.

3 Prayer for Understanding May I come to See that I have many skills & talents I can use, that I am a positive influence on many people, that there are those around me who wish me well. May I come to Value that today is a blessing to be enjoyed, that each person is unique & important, that each moment of my life has meaning. Amen


5 Reverse Charades!!! Mechanics: – The group will assign 1 member of the group to be the guesser, while everyone else will act out clues.

6 Looking Back… Classroom Orientation Skills Trainings Community Insertions Recollection Processing and Prayer Sessions Advocacy Forums Synthesis

7 From the area monitors… [insert area monitor’s evaluation here]

8 From the online evaluation… [insert inputs from the student evals here]

9 Group Work! Mechanics: 1.Divide the class into 3-4 groups. 2.Each group will be given a manila paper, drawing/color materials. 3.Each group will be tasked to draw an illustration of a profile of a NSTP Student. This should be in the context of how disposed they are for their NSTP2 4.The illustration should contain traits which should be characterised by a body part. 5.The illustration should also contain a thinking cloud which will contain their “motivations” for doing their part in NSTP.

10 More critical More Observant Committed to the task at hand Willing to go the distance Heart for service MOTIVATION Openness to grow Example:

11 INAF OBJECTIVES Know and understand the concept of self worth and the worth of others Explain the concept of citizenship (common good and civic engagement) Develop the capacity for emotional self control Develop capacity for empathy Deepen one’s sensitivity to and respect for others and their culture Develop adaptability skill Hone and deepen decision- making Skills grounded on Ignatian discernment (“other”centered)

12 Activities Classroom reorientation (non-negotiable) Skills Training 3 (non-negotiable) Human Dignity/Human Rights Area Insertions Processing Sessions Recollection Synthesis

13 Activities Classroom Reorientation – This session aims to remind the students of what NSTP- PLUS is about. Also, it gives the student a general overview of how NSTP is going to be implemented for the second semester. Skills Training 3 – ST 3 gives the students the opportunity to mentally, emotionally, and skillfully prepare for the community insertions.

14 Activities Classroom Discourse on Human Dignity and Human Rights(HD/HR) – This session discusses the importance of human dignity and human rights. It intends to deepen the student perspectives on human dignity by identifying human rights that are upheld and violated in their respective communities.

15 Activities Community Insertions – Students are expected to integrate with the communities they signed up for through their identified civic-oriented work for 1 semester Processing Sessions – These small group sessions, conducted at most twice every semester, aim to facilitate the sharing of the students’ reflections and analysis of their experiences.

16 Activities Recollection – The recollection provides students an opportunity for silence and solitude to see how one’s relationship and attitude is towards one’s neighbor and God. Synthesis – This is the culminating activity for each semester. It seeks to summarize all the learning and realizations that the students acquired after having gone through the NSTP PLUS experience.

17 Requirements [insert requirements here]

18 What are the policies again?

19 Reminder on rules and policies! Students are only allowed 9 hours of absences from all the NSTP PLUS activities. Incurring more than 9 hours of absences would mean withdrawal from the course. There is a 15-minute grace period for Ateneo-based activities. Arriving beyond the grace period would mean a 0.5 hour cut on your record. Arriving 20 minutes after the session’s schedule is considered an absence. Students are expected to complete the time required for each activity. Students who leave before the end of the session will be given a cut equal to the number of hours for that activity.

20 Additional Reminders Processing Session Groups – [insert processing session groupings] Recollection – Feb 3-4: Overnight Recollection – Sign-up: Campus Ministry Office

21 Additional Reminders Transportation Subsidy – Application Batch 1 (101 slots) Nov. 19 (deadline) Batch 2 (100 slots) Nov. 26 (deadline) – For students who needs assistance

22 Before we end the session… Questions: 1. How was the session? 2. What’s your disposition after the session?

23 Closing Prayer Omnipotent God, vitality of life, Your strength supplies my motivation. I am stirred in the path of Your Will. Maintain my self-motivation to always search, find, examine, will and act upon the truths placed before me. May I become a driving force for others, Encouraging them to pick up their crosses and follow the virtuous road of life. I thank You for Your continued vigour that coexists in my whole being, my soul, my spirit and my body! Amen

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