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It may be shocking….BUT let us be aware….and beware…! This is meant for every Indian…! (Statistics expressed in this Presentation may not be accurate and.

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1 It may be shocking….BUT let us be aware….and beware…! This is meant for every Indian…! (Statistics expressed in this Presentation may not be accurate and the purpose is to sensitize) By Thought Leader Dr.Bala, CEO 9840027810 WAKE UP CALL TO THE FUTURE INDIANS

2 49% of the Indian Women are against breast feeding 72% of the working women do not like to do breast feeding 31% are not aware of the negative impacts of not doing the breast feeding If a child given breast milk he becomes a genius when he is 10 years old as per research done in Australia In another research 56% of women who have done one month of breast feeding to their kids and 27% of the women who have never done are diabetic. Matt O’Conner (in London) did an experiment of preparing a cup of ice cream using mother’s milk (paying INR 1125 for 10 ounce) and sold a cup of ice cream for INR 1000/- to propagate the significance and importance of breast feeding as published in one of the National Daily recently. BREAST FEEDING VISION UNLIMITED 2

3 75000 schools – do not have class rooms. 900 schools – there is no teacher available in few states. There is a special school for child labor (near Erode, Tamilnadu) which has 25 students ranging from 1 to 6 th class BUT with one Teacher ‘Educated’ in India as per details available it was 73.45% in 2001 and it was 80.33% in 2011 ( out of which 86.81% are men and 73.86% are women) As per details available, in 2010 nearly 22 crores children are school going. 1.3 crores children (in the age group of 6 to 14) do not go to school at all. On an average out of 100 students 40 go to 5 th standard, 23 go to 8 th standard, and 14 only go to 10 th standard. Only 6% in the age group of 17-24 go to college for higher education. Nearly 1.27 crores of children are child-laborers – especially from the Northern part of India. Every year on June 12 (World child labor opposing day) all NGOs do lot of demonstrations. Is this enough …? EDUCATION TODAY IN OUR COUNTRY VISION UNLIMITED 3

4 As per reliable facts and information available around 10 crores Diploma Holders are required in the industry by 2016. Is the Technical Institutions updated? Are the outgoing talents capable of getting employed?! India has the task of skilling 50 crores people by 2022 (according to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, GOI) and according to the National Council for Skill Development. What steps can be taken to meet this agenda and the action plan could include the following Agriculture must be strengthened by new technology Focus on ‘non-conventional energy’ is to focused simultaneously R & D in industries to include people from Institutions Innovation, new technology, new thinking of the industry to be updated by the Institutions by close networking (alumnus could help in this mission) Frequent guest lectures/seminars to be arranged at the national level and relevant information to be published in magazines/net etc. for people to be aware. India as a country – cannot afford to import finished products – and hence the manufacturing industry cannot be ignored. We need fitters, plumbers, carpenters, crane operators, welders and other technicians in huge numbers in the immediate future. SKILL GAP IN THE COUNTRY – A BIG WORRY VISION UNLIMITED 4

5 Lots of young children commit suicide today due to various emotional reasons in our country. Nega, 11 years for being denied by her parents to participate in an dance competition. Sushanth, 13 years for poor performance in education Bhajan, a medical student, 20 years old – because of arrears in 2 subjects For a fight with sibling (choosing a channel in TV) a 14 year old girl in TN. Teacher being stabbed in Chennai Doctor being stabbed in TN Father killing her own daughter for an affair that he did not approve Son killing his father for not giving pocket money… 56% of the suicides happen during the month of March to July. Around 16 youngsters commit suicide on an average totaling to 6000 p.a. In India every 90 minutes a teenage child attempts suicide. Japan is leading in the act of suicide. Where are we heading…? INTOLERANT SOCIETY VISION UNLIMITED 5

6 October 10 th people celebrate “Vision day” 110 lakhs of people out of 120 crores in India are blind In TN alone it is 3.5 lakhs people are blind 62369 people die on an average in a day in India If all of them donate ‘eyes’ within 9 days we can make every blind person of this country see this ‘beautiful’ World. Only 20000 people donate eyes every year in India How do we SEE this….? ‘BLIND’ AS A PROBLEM VISION UNLIMITED 6

7 On 12 th Feb 2011 WHO released a study and as per that 25 lakhs of people die all over the world due to consuming liquor Men in the age group of 15 to 59 die – mainly due to this bad habit In India 6.25 crores of people drink ( almost 1 out of 6) 40% the road accidents occur only due to drink and drive Common Wealth report says 1 out of 8 dying every day is due to liquor consumption A research done before some 5 years ago reveals that every Indian liquor addict consumes 22.25 liters in a year on an average ( valuing Rs. 1.70 lakhs that he spends) Thelunganur ( a village near Salem) has a population of 300 families and for over 100 years no one drinks there. CONSUMING LIQUOR VISION UNLIMITED 7

8 51 lakhs of people die in the world only due to smoking. It could go up to 80 lakhs by 2030. 80% the estimated 100 crores of people who smoke around the world are in the middle income group 40% of Cancer happens due to consumption of Tobacco. Over 6 lakhs people die in the world because of smoking by others and out of which 1.65 are children. 3.7 lakhs people suffer heart disease due to smoking by others around us out of which 2.81 lakhs are women. 1.65 lakhs of people die due to respiratory problems. Around 36900 die due to Asthma and 21900 because of cancer in lungs 57% of the Indian population have smoking habit out of which 11% are women. 32% of them are in the age group of 15 to 49. There is no FIRE without Smoke. Recently Actor Deepika Padukone refused to act a scene of smoking (Film : Dam maro dam) SMOKING AS A HABIT VISION UNLIMITED 8

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