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Relationship Marketing. Let us listen Kotler What is a Relationship?

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1 Relationship Marketing

2 Let us listen Kotler

3 What is a Relationship?

4 "Relationship Marketing is marketing seen as relationships, networks and interaction" Evert Gummesson

5 Fundamental Values of RM Long-term sustainable relationshipsLong-term sustainable relationships Everyone winsEveryone wins Recognising that all parties can be activeRecognising that all parties can be active Service values, not 'bureaucratic and legal values'Service values, not 'bureaucratic and legal values'

6 Supplier Customer Simple linear relationship between supplier and customer The Classic Dyad

7 Suppliers Company Distributors Customers Employees Regulators & Influencers Partners & Competitors Constellation of Relationships

8 Changing Market Dynamics Inflexible 'Tool-Box' Approach Narrow Scope Isolation Of Marketing Isolation Of Marketing Decline of Traditional Marketing

9 Service Quality Industrial Marketing Total Quality Management Supply Chain Management RELATIONSHIP MARKETING Marketing of Services Traditional Marketing Network Marketing Customer Retention Influencers of RM

10 Four Broad Partnerships of RM Supplier Partnerships Internal Partnerships Customer Partnerships FIRM External Partnerships

11 Internal Markets Supplier and Alliance Markets Recruitment Markets Influence Markets Referral Markets CUSTOMER MARKETS The Six Markets Model Source: Christopher et al. (1991) Relationship Marketing: Bringing Quality, Customer Service and Marketing Together. © Elsevier.

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