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El Filibusterismo The Reign of Greed.

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1 El Filibusterismo The Reign of Greed

2 About the Novel . . . The second novel written by Rizal as sequel to Noli Me Tangere Dedicated to GOMBURZA Started on October 1887 in Calamba Finished in March in Biarritz Was almost not published due to lack of funds Published September 1891 in Ghent partially funded by Valentin Ventura Written four years after noli was written wherein Rizal was experiencing a lot of frustrations in his efforts for social reform, thus giving the book a graver tone

3 Filibusterismo / Filibustero
Rizal first heard this word during the execution of GOMBURZA At that time filibustero referred to those who are provoking a revolution against the foreign government “Dangerous patriot” “Rebel” “Subversive” Simoun as the Filibustero

4 Purpose . . . Same with the Noli Me Tangere enlighten society
Bring Filipinos closer to truth Prove that liberation through bloodless means is better than revolution Issues exposed: Need for reform in education Superstition masquerading as religion Abuses of the friars Corruption of officials Pretentions of social climbing natives and Spaniards Spanish tyranny Church aquiring immense political power

5 Noli & Fili Compared . . . FILI NOLI Bitterness Aspiration Hatred
Antipathy Pain Violence Sorrow Rebellion Society is urged to open its eyes to reality and rebel against the Spanish government for its oppression and abuse NOLI Aspiration Beauty Romance Mercy Humor Idealism Society is encouraged to ask and aspire for change and liberation

6 Major Characters Simoun – Crisostomo Ibarra disguised as a jeweler bent starting a revolution; cynical; Basilio – Sisa’s son, an aspiring doctor Isagani – Poet and Basilio's best friend; portrayed as emotional and reactive; Paulita Gómez' boyfriend before Juanito; Idealist Kabesang Tales – head of a baranggay, joined Simoun in rebellion after experiencing oppression Padre Florentino – Secular Filipino priest, chose to live alone to avoid the temptations of a prestigious position and high income,the last person Simoun talked to before dying Don Custodio – High official in the government, has a mistress, Pepay Paulita Gomez – Chose to marry the amusing rich Juanito rather than the serious Isagani; counterpart of Leonor Rivera Juli – Juliana, daughter of Kabesang Tales; Basilio’s sweetheart

7 Summary . . . . Crisostomo Ibarra returns disguised as Simoun
Basilio recognizes Simoun Simoun tries to convince Basilio to join him but Basilio refuses Simoun’s first attempt at revolution fails when he hears of Maria Clara’s death and breaks down Basilio and mates got arrested Juli persuades friar to help her with Basilio’s release, but instead gets killed escaping from the advances of the friar Simoun arranged Basilios release; Basilio, bitter and vengeful joins him

8 Summary Simoun Plants the bomb at the wedding reception of Juanito and Paulita filled with illustrious guests Basilio bothered by his conscience tries to escape; Basilio sees Isagani and tells him about Simouns plot Isagani throws the bomb into the river Simoun takes refuge in Padre Florentino’s house Simoun confesses everything to Padre Florentino Padre Florentino expresses his conviction that Simoun's plans failed because he chose to do them by unjust means

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