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USA Community College Consortium Serving international students for the past 15 years.

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1 USA Community College Consortium Serving international students for the past 15 years

2 Location Safe locations outside of larger cities. Skagit Valley College (Near Seattle, Washington) Moraine Valley Community College (Near Chicago, Illinois) Delaware County Community College (Near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) College of Central Florida (Near Orlando, Florida) West Hills College (Near Fresno, California)

3 1,200 community colleges in the U.S. 36% of international undergraduates attend community colleges Where do students in the United States study?

4 Why USACCC colleges? Student Support Services Personal Attention Airport pick-up Housing options Orientation Immigration advising

5 Student Support Services Full-time International Offices One-on-one academic planning Transfer advising Clubs and sports teams

6 Small classes: 15-25 students Access to professors High-tech facilities and equipment Lower cost Special Advantages

7 Intensive ESL Programs - No TOEFL required 2-year Associate Degrees - Transfer Degrees (2+2) - Career Degrees Shorter-term Programs Educational Programs

8 Examples of 2-year Associate Degrees Transfer Degrees (2+2) Career Degrees BusinessArchitectural Technology Computer Science Culinary Arts Education Energy Technology Engineering Environmental Conservation Graphic DesignHotel, Restaurant, Tourism Management Human Services Information Technology Liberal ArtsMassage Therapy Visual and Performing ArtsMarine Maintenance Technologyand many more… Educational Programs

9 TRANSFER DEGREE Transfer to a 4-Year College or University Sample Path to Success At a USACCC College: ESL and Associate Degree CAREER DEGREE O.P.T. Work full time in the U.S. (1 year)

10 USACCC Students Transfer Everywhere Arizona State U DePaul U Drexel U Florida State U George Washington U Indiana U Loyola U Penn State U Purdue U State U of New York Temple U Texas A&M U U of Central Florida U of Colorado U of Florida U of Georgia U of Hawaii U of Illinois U of Massachusetts U of Miami U of Michigan U of Oregon U of Washington U of Wisconsin UC Berkeley UC Davis UCLA Villanova U Washington State U Western Washington U

11 Lower cost than universities Between $16,100-$19,979 Per Academic Year (9 months) Minimum Total Cost Includes: Tuition, Fees, Housing, Books, Supplies, Health Insurance, and Personal Expenses Financial Advantage

12 State: Florida Community: Ocala Location: 70 km North of Orlando Airport Total Students: 8,000 International Students: 100 College of Central Florida

13 CF Ocala Florida Climate: Sunny and warm College of Central Florida

14 Region

15 College of Central Florida Location

16 College of Central Florida Location

17 On Campus Apartments Computer Lab, Wireless Internet, Pool College of Central Florida Housing

18 Highlights: Close to Orlando, Miami, beaches and outdoor activities! College within walking distance to shopping and restaurants Voted in top 10% of U.S. community colleges in 2011 by the Aspen College Experience Program CF graduates can automatically transfer to any Florida public university College of Central Florida

19 College of Central Florida Transfer Schools: University of Florida Florida State University University of Miami University of Georgia University of North Carolina Arizona State University Embry-Riddle Aeronautical U. Approximate Cost: $16,559 Per Academic Year (9 Months)

20 Delaware County Community College State: Pennsylvania Community: Media Location: 22 km from Philadelphia Total Students: 12,500 International Students: 235

21 Climate: Four distinct seasons Delaware County Community College

22 Delaware County Community College Region

23 Delaware County Community College Location

24 Delaware County Community College Location

25 Delaware County Community College Housing Options Host Family Program Apartments near campus

26 Highlights: One of 52 American colleges awarded 2011- 2014 Leader status in Lumina Foundation’s Achieving the Dream Initiative Diversity Access to: 300,000+ students in 92 nearby colleges and universities, Philly, and New York Over 40 Transfer Agreements Delaware County Community College

27 Transfer Schools: Drexel University Temple University Penn State University University of Maryland State U of New York (SUNY) George Washington University Purdue University Approximate Cost: $19,979 Per Academic Year (9 Months) Delaware County Community College

28 Moraine Valley Community College State: Illinois Community: Palos Hills Location: 35 minutes from Chicago city center Total Students: 19,000 International Students: 275

29 Climate: 4 different seasons Moraine Valley Community College

30 Moraine Valley Community College Region

31 Moraine Valley Community College Location

32 Moraine Valley Community College Location

33 Host Home Program Private room with meals Hosts help students adjust Local Apartments Hundreds nearby campus Moraine Valley Community College Housing Options

34 Highlights: 2 nd largest community college in Illinois Comprehensive facilities, academic programs and student support services Friendly, welcoming campus environment in a great location near Chicago Strong transfer resources; over 100 colleges and universities in the area Moraine Valley Community College

35 Transfer Schools: University of Illinois - Chicago University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign Illinois Institute of Technology DePaul University Indiana University Purdue University University of Wisconsin Approximate Cost: $17,960 Per Academic Year (9 months) Moraine Valley Community College

36 Skagit Valley College State: Washington Community: Mount Vernon Location: 96 km From SeaTac Airport Total Students: 4,000 International Students: 160

37 Climate: Four Seasons / Little or No Snow Skagit Valley College

38 Region

39 Skagit Valley College Location

40 Skagit Valley College Location

41 Skagit Valley College Housing Options On Campus Housing Host Family Program

42 Highlights: Ranked #19 among “America’s 50 Best Community Colleges” by Washington Monthly (a national magazine) – 2010 Dynamic Conversation Partner Program Close to Seattle, WA and Vancouver, Canada Operated since 1926 Skagit Valley College

43 Transfer Schools: University of Washington Washington State University Arizona State University Pennsylvania State University Western Washington University University of Oregon UC-Davis Approximate Cost: $16,152 Per Academic Year (9 Months) Skagit Valley College

44 West Hills Community College State: California Community: Coalinga Location: 102 km from Fresno Airport Total Students: 1,100 International Students: 80

45 Climate: Warm Summer Mild Fall, Winter & Spring West Hills Community College California

46 Region West Hills Community College

47 West Hills Community College Location

48 West Hills Community College Location

49 Housing On Campus Residence Halls Meals are provided West Hills Community College

50 Highlights: Located in the center of California Field trips to popular destinations in California Over 30 public California universities to choose from Wireless facilities throughout the campus West Hills Community College

51 Transfer Schools: UCLA USC CSU Fresno Fresno Pacific University Western Oregon University University of Hawaii City University of New York Approximate Cost: $18,605 Per Academic Year (9 Months) West Hills Community College

52 USACCC Admissions Multiple intakes per year No TOEFL required; no SAT or ACT required Quick processing Required documents: 1)Application 2)Sponsor’s Bank Statement 3)High school graduation verification

53 Thank you! Please visit us at

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