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Student Centre Maskingränd Thursday 2010-08-26 cehe/biib WELCOME TO CHALMERS ! 1.

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1 Student Centre Maskingränd Thursday 2010-08-26 cehe/biib WELCOME TO CHALMERS ! 1

2 What to do today …. Information about studying at Chalmers Important dates Questions Student Centre Maskingränd 2

3 Advanced Engineering Material, MPAEM Maria Knutson Wedel Solid and Fluid Mechanics, MPAME Mats Ander Automotive Engineering, MPAUT Malin Kjellberg Industrial Design Engineering, MPDES Ralf Rosenberg Industrial Ecology, MPECO Ulrika Lundqvist Naval Architecture, MPNAV Björn Södahl Product Development, MPPDE Lars Almefelt Production Engineering, MPPEN Bertil Gustafsson Sustainable Energy Systems, MPSES David Pallares Master programmes Student Centre Maskingränd 3

4 Student Counselor / Director of Studies for MPAEM, MPAME, MPAUT, MPNAV, MPPDE and MPPEN Cecilia Hedenstierna Student Centre Maskingränd 031-772 1182 Student Centre Maskingränd 4

5 Coordinator and Director of Studies for MPECO and MPSES Per-Anders (Panne) Träff Student Centre Maskingränd 031-772 1175 Student Centre Maskingränd 5

6 Director of Studies for Industrial Design Engineering, MPDES Barbro Briheim Student Centre Maskingränd 031-772 2121 Work part-time: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Student Centre Maskingränd 6

7 Administrator of Studies Marcus Folino Student Centre Maskingränd 031-772 1193 Student Centre Maskingränd 7

8 Location : Maskingränd 2 Open hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday From 09:30 to 15:30 Wednesdays - booked appointments only! Student Centre Maskingränd 8

9 9 HA 3 SC Olgas trappor SC Origo

10 Information Desk at Student Centre Maskingränd Information and Questions Registration and cancellation of courses Transcripts Sign up for re-exams Letter to visa extension Changing of address, ID number, telephone number – both to the Student Centre and the Student Union Student Centre Maskingränd 10

11 Student Counselor Guidance Information Course selection Problems with your studies Study breaks / Attendance General questions - - - Programme questions ask Master director Student Centre Maskingränd 11

12 Study programme Curriculum Courses Schedules Exams Course selection Admission to courses Questions Director of Studies Student Centre Maskingränd 12 Programme administration, information

13 Master director – MPD Responsible for the Master programme - Programme aim, curriculum - Content, courses - Learning outcomes - Entry requirements - Follow up / Evaluation - ….. Information and questions about programme and courses Student Centre Maskingränd 13 Course questions ask Teacher / Examiner

14 Other contacts Student Social Wellfare Officer - Mikael Carlsson Functional Disabilities Coordinator - Lena Lundström Student Priest - Lars van der Heeg Equality Coordinator - Johanna Almer Student ombudsman - Carl-Henrik Fant International student centre – Olgas trapporOlgas trappor GFS 14 Student Centre Maskingränd

15 Each master's programme will see its new students in separate halls Enrolment - Compulsory Registration Ljusgården at Architecture Monday, August 30 th Day of enrolment 15 Student Centre Maskingränd

16 Hörsalsvägen 5 Location Coordinator Solid and Fluid MechanicsMCMats Ander Automotive EngineeringMAMalin Kjellberg Hörsalsvägen 7 Advanced Engineering MaterialsML4Maria Knutson Wedel Industrial EcologyML5Ulrika Lundqvist Hörsalsvägen 11 Product Development EE Lars Almefelt Production Engineering ED Bertil Gustafsson Sustainable Energy Systems EB David Pallarés Sven Hultins gata 6 Industrial Design Engineering VK Ralf Rosenberg Campus Lindholmen Naval Architecture SAGA 215 Björn Södahl Monday, August 30 th at 9.00 – 16 Student Centre Maskingränd

17 17 Sven Hultins gata Hörsalsvägen


19 19 Ljusgårde n

20 Enrolment for Master students You will get Computer- and E-mail account and Key card Bring passport and registration data I202 (yellow)! Student Centre Maskingränd 20

21 GUIDE - Master´s and Exchange students 21 Find useful information … Student Centre Maskingränd PDF-guide

22 GUIDE - Master´s and Exchange students Chalmers homepage 22 Find useful information … Student Centre Maskingränd

23 23 Student Centre Maskingränd

24 GUIDE - Master´s and Exchange students Chalmers homepage STUDENT PORTAL New student New student 24 Find useful information … Student Centre Maskingränd

25 25 Student Centre Maskingränd

26 Student Portal Search courses and programmes Individual information Examination dates Examination sign-up The academic year - quarters, sign-up times etc Schedule in TimeEdit Electronic transcript Student Centre Maskingränd 26

27 27 Sign in! Student Centre Maskingränd

28 28 Academic Year 10/11 2 Semesters (Terms)/Year 2 Quarters/Semester 7+1 Weeks/Quarter Q1Q2Q3Q4 Re-Exams in August, January, Easter Exams in the end of each Quarter Autumn SemesterSpring Semester Exam Q4 - 8 weeks Student Centre Maskingränd

29 29 Student Centre Maskingränd Chalmers / For current students / Student life at Chalmers / The academic year The academic year

30 Lecture time / Schedules 30 Lecture Time at Chalmers am - Morning lectures start at sharp 8.00 – pm - Afternoon lectures start at 15 past 13.15 – Schedules TimeEdit Changes? Look into SCHEDULESCHEDULE Student Centre Maskingränd

31 Examination Brochure ”Taking an examination at Chalmers – Study Guide for Students” 31 Student Centre Maskingränd Sign-up for examination – at least two weeks before examination period starts Examination begins 8.30 am and 14.00 pm – be in time and be prepared Chalmers use anonymous examinations Every attempt to cheat will be reported and could lead to suspension from studies!

32 Sign in to the Student Portal / Services Sign up get a personal exam code It is shown next to your examination in the Student portal One exam code for each exam Bring the exam code to the exam! 32 Student Centre Maskingränd Exam codes for anonymous written examinations

33 Credit and Grading system Credit system - 7,5 credits/course - fulltime studies = 15 credits/quarter 30 credits/semester 60 credits/academic year Grading system - U or G G = Pass - U, 3, 4, or 5 U = Failed 5 is the highest 33 Student Centre Maskingränd

34 Student Union Compulsory fee, about 300 SEK/semester Student Union office CIRC = Chalmers international relations committee 34 Student Centre Maskingränd

35 35 Student Centre Maskingränd

36 Student Union card will be sent to you when you have paid the Student Union fee. Questions? Turn to the Student Union office. 36 Student Centre Maskingränd

37 Living in Sweden Bank account Insurance Medical care – “Vårdcentral” and emergency hospitals Personal identity number – apply at “Skatteverket” Resident Permit – Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) Information on web site of the Student Union, look under ”Essentials” Student Centre Maskingränd 37

38 Student Centre Maskingränd 38

39 Problems with your Computer-/ E-mail account or Key card? Turn to the Help desk for students. You will find them on the entrance floor in the same building as Student Center Origo. 39 Student Centre Maskingränd

40 40

41 You need to… Read your emails at All contacts from Chalmers staff will be taken through this email-address. Claim your place at Chalmers – be active Study hard Be in time Sign up for examination! Register each semester Select courses Fill in a form if you want a study break (leave of absence) Let us know if you want to drop out of your studies Apply for degree certificate Student Centre Maskingränd 41

42 Questions? Where to find the courses given in the program I will take? Go to Chalmers / FOR CURRENT STUDENTS and choose SEARCH FOR PROGRAMMES Student Centre Maskingränd 42

43 Student Centre Maskingränd 43 3. Click on your programme Reach the study plan The home page for Master´s programme 1. Ask for Master´s programme 2. Click on SEARCH

44 Student Centre Maskingränd 44 Click on the course name Reach the syllabus Study programme

45 Student Centre Maskingränd 45 Course Syllabus Reach the course homepage Literature Given another year?

46 Inform yourself! Help one another! Ask! Student Centre Maskingränd 46

47 GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR STUDIES!! Barbro, Cecilia and Marcus Student Centre Maskingränd 47

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