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1  Elementary Enrichment Programs Update  May 6, 2014

2 Elementary Gifted Programming  Tier I  All students receive a guaranteed and viable general education curriculum which is research based and differentiated  80% proficiency in the core  Tier II  Students receive additional enrichment and/or acceleration options within specific content areas such as math and language arts

3  Tier II Options  Math  Sci/Math MN Website  Brain Boosters  Continental Math  Reading  Guided Reading  Word Masters  Junior Great Books

4  Tier III  Students receive compacted grade level activities and greater acceleration  Ex. Elementary student in middle school math  Atheneum Program  Significant grade level acceleration and enrichment (typically one grade level standards ahead of same age peers)

5 Atheneum Enrollment

6 Enrollment Demographics

7 Student Choice  Garlough Environmental Magnet School  Cedar Park Elementary STEM Magnet School  South Washington County Gateway Program  South St. Paul Primary Years IB Program  Capital Hill, Adams Spanish Immersion, Jackson Hmong Immersion - SPPS

8 Opportunities  Evaluate the Atheneum testing process  120B.15: (2) assessments and procedures that are valid and reliable, fair, and based on current theory and research. Assessments and procedures should be sensitive to underrepresented groups, including, but not limited to, low- income, minority, twice-exceptional, and English learners.  Provide more opportunities for each student in the district to access enrichment opportunities  Dedicate enrichment time for reading and math K-5  Coaching support for teachers

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