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1 Come Grow with Us ! Community Gardens Nicholas C. Scime Community Development Business Consultant.

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1 1 Come Grow with Us ! Community Gardens Nicholas C. Scime Community Development Business Consultant

2 2 Outcome of this Presentation To Introduce Or Promote Community Gardens & Community Engagement Definitions Community Gardens means a plot of City land which is used by a Garden Collective to produce food, native and ornamental plants edible berries and food perennials. Garden Collective means a community organization ( a minimum 4-6) that come together for the purpose of operating a Community Garden. Community Engagement Plan is a plan developed by the Garden Collective in consultation with the City which will indicate what process will be used to asses whether there is Neighbourhood support for the community garden, and which plan on its approval, will be implemented by the Garden Collective

3 3 Administration Community Garden Network: Contact: Clare Wagner Provides Resources Workshops Newsletter ( Communication) How To Start up Support Network Meetings/ Events Fundraising Ideas Organized Trips Operations & Waste Management Division: Contact : Adam Watson Provides Application Process for New Gardens List of Lands Suitable for gardens A 3yr license agreement with possible renewal Will Remove Grass Turn and Prepare Soil Compost prior to the season if available.

4 4 Support Programs Recreation Division Will supply Insurance for $10.00 per garden plot ( through Pearson & Dunn Insurance.) Parks Division Will supply wood chips depending on availability for path ways in the gardens. Parkview School & Jamesville Centre Will supply Garden Tools that can be lent for a 24 hour period St. Peters: 905 544 0050, or Jamesville: 905 525 3069 William Dam Seeds ( Dundas), seed supplier 10% discount

5 5 Guidelines for Selecting New Community Garden 1.Garden Collective is made up of 4-6 community citizens or a non profit group. 2.Expresses in writing an interest in developing a garden 3.The city in consultation with the collective will determine the location and deems it suitable 4.Residents have been consulted and are supportive of the use 5.Community garden does not conflict with established amenities /programs.

6 6 Garden Collective Responsibilities 1.Send in a letter of interest to the City of Hamilton 2.Fill in an application to have a Community Garden 3.Design a Garden and plot structure with the City. 4.Collect Fees from citizens for plots 5.The collective pay for water if using city water paid by invoice. 6.Pay for Insurance $10.00 per plot to the Recreation Division 7.Maintain site in an orderly fashion

7 7 Community Gardens Purpose & Users Purpose Produce food the growers enjoy or are not be able to buy. Subsidies grocery bill Eat organic produce Social activity in community Share food with the community. Users Apartment Dwellers International Citizens Retired Individuals Children Spiritual Groups

8 8 Location ! Location! Location ! Community Gardens Location is Key The Operations & Waste Management Division will assist in the selection of the most suitable properties available Gardens usually sit on an parcel of land of minimum 3 acres Other usage of the park or site is looked at during the initial site inspection Water Source near by is a key factor Located on a Bus Route for easy access Preferred location would be near a Facility for Possible Social Interaction i.e. Workshops etc

9 9 Community Gardens in the Greater Hamilton Number & Location of Gardens in Hamilton

10 10 Partners & Sponsors Partners Public Works Department Community Garden Network Garden Network Garden Collective Sponsors Seed Companies Garden Centers Home Improvement Stores Turkstra Lumber Other

11 11 Education Piece Examples Storing Food Properly Preserving Canning Organic Gardens Bug Clinic WorkshopsCooking TripsNutrition

12 12 Websites Hamilton Community Garden Network website: Coming Soon Hills Street Community Garden website

13 13 Thank You For Your Participation Conclusion Community Gardens engage the residence to utilize an open space in the neighbourhood. This allows residents to socialize, recreate and produce food for themselves or the community. This will mobilize the passion from within to assist in development of a sustainable community Contact Information Nicholas C. Scime Community Development Business Consultant Cell 905 977-0521 Email

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