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Stakeholder Meeting on Preliminary Draft Language October 12, 2011 1.

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1 Stakeholder Meeting on Preliminary Draft Language October 12, 2011 1

2 Purpose of SSOC Rule Process Recognize state strategy of moving organic material management up the hierarchy Clarify regulatory requirements appropriate to SSOC facilities Provide regulatory relief without jeopardizing environmental protection 2

3 Compost Rules MPCA Mgmt. Team Solid Waste Program Manager: Steve Giddings Permitting Unit Supervisor: Paula Connell Rulemaking Unit Supervisor: Dave Richfield Integrated SW Unit Supervisor: Mark Rust 3

4 Compost Rules MPCA Staff Team Rulemaking Coordinator - Yolanda Letnes Engineering - Tony Bello Hydrogeology related to siting - John Elks Operations & compost testing - Ginny Black Solid Waste Policy Expert - Jim Chiles 4

5 5

6 Tentative Rule Schedule Request for Comments: 10/17/11 (revised) Comment period closes at 4:30pm 11/18/11 Dual Notice (DN) – Summer 2012 Final Adoption: with hearing - 6 months after DN w/o hearing - 3 months after DN 6

7 Overview: SSOC Rule Process How this meeting fits in the larger timeline, leading to publication of a draft rule Meeting purpose Timeline of rule process 7

8 8

9 Preliminary Draft Rule sections: 7001.3075 Solid Waste Management Facility Permit Application 7001.3375 Final Application Information Requirements for Compost Facilities 7001.3410 Extended Permit Notification and Termination Procedures 7035.0300 Definitions 7035.2525 Solid Waste Management Facilities Governed 7035.2555 Location Standards 7035.2585 Annual Report 7035.2836 Compost Facilities 9

10 Overview of preliminary draft requirements: Extended Permits Small Compost Sites Design and Location Standards Operations, Compost Classification and Compost Distribution 10

11 Extended Permit Revisions contained within 7001.3075, 7001.3375, 7001.3410 & 7035.2585 7001.3075, subp. 4 What exactly is an extended permit? What are conditions? 11

12 Extended Permit 7001.3375 – municipality approvals Extended permit notification and termination procedures (i.e., return to permitting process) 12

13 Small Compost Sites Existing Rule – Exempts household composting Proposed rule changes: Acceptable materials: food scraps, garden waste, weeds, lawn cuttings, leaves Prohibited materials: fats, oil, grease, meat, dairy, animal manure, diapers, sanitary products, non-recyclable paper and compostable/biodegradable plastics Materials do not exceed 80 yd 3 on site at any given time Compost operations accepting food waste generated off-site must attend compost training 13

14 Small Compost Sites Materials on-site do not exceed 80 yd 3 on site at any given time Compost operations accepting food waste generated off-site must attend compost training 14

15 New Definitions Small Compost Site Source-separated organics waste compost facility (SSOC) Source separated organics waste Separated by the generator 15

16 Source Separated Organics Waste Acceptable Material Food waste Soiled or unrecyclable paper Yard waste Vegetative waste generated from manufacturing of food for humans Compostable materials-ASTM D6400/D6868 Materials approved by the commissioner 16

17 Source Separated Organics Waste Unacceptable materials Biosolids Sludge Septage Diapers Sanitary products Animal manure 17

18 SSOC Location Standards Not in Karst Must be 5 feet above water table Minimum of 500 feet of horizontal separation from the facility to the nearest residence, business or public contact area 18

19 SSOC Location Standards Enclosed facility may have reduced separation distances Excluded from separation distances: Land owner’s or operator’s residence Plant nurseries, or Turf farms 19

20 20

21 SSOC Operation requirements Strengthened training 24 initial contact hours within 12 months of employment 10 contact hours every 3 years (1 contact hour = 50 minutes) Minimum C:N ratio 1:1 21

22 SSOC Operation requirements PFRP unchanged No static piles Windrows or enclosed vessel systems only 22

23 SSOC Operation requirements SSO waste delivered to the facility must be processed immediately or covered with a biofilter and processed by the end of the day Acceptable bulking agent – untreated wood, non-recyclable paper, ground tree/shrubs 23

24 SSOC Operation requirements Non-attainment area for O 2 - Biofilter cover after 21-days of processing Progressive odor minimization plan 24

25 SSOC Classification requirements Class I standards remain the same Metal Inert Opt out for Hg and PCB’s after 5 years if all testing is non-detects 25

26 SSOC Classification requirements Class II standards remain the same Metal Inert 26

27 SSOC Distribution and End Use requirements Dept. of Ag rule 18.C, subp.?005 - same Class I compost does not need a compost distribution plan Class II compost distribution plan requirements unchanged 27

28 Questions? 28

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