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Story Broad How I am going to create my Video.....

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1 Story Broad How I am going to create my Video....

2 Introduction to digital rights and responsibilities I would start my video off by stating the Element I am addressing on the title slide of your presentation. (for 2-3 seconds) And In the back ground I will Have a steal picture of something patriotic. The Music that will be playing will be playing throughout the majority of the movie and will have an over raiding patriotic tone. The music play will fade in and out depending on if a person is talking or not. The background here will be a type of technology.

3 I will begin with digital citizenship What is digital citizenship? Define digital citizenship. I will use a collage of pictures of proud citizens. over a period of time Music will be a patriotic song. (different then the one used later on). What role dose it play in the life's of every day people.

4 Next thought in video I will make a video of me talking about what are digital rights and responsibilities are as users of the internet. I will make a comparison of these rights to the same rights that we have to this day in society. I will continue to play the patriotic song as back ground noise; much like I did for the introduction. (40 secs)

5 Short Video I am going to make a video on how technology can be used in a negative way. no music required here. no pictures required here.

6 more to come... here my main objective will be to state that In a digital society these two areas must work together for everyone to be productive. During this phase of the video I will just music that inspires an individuals to maybe take proud in what he or she dose. I can use a still picture of myself or others to

7 On to the next thought Here I will stress how important it is for individuals to understand the importance of digital media. With these rights also come responsibilities as well. Users must help define how the technology is to be used in an appropriate manner. here I would use audio of myself or maybe someone else. Disgusting the fellowing things above. Music well be playing as background noise.

8 another video here i will make a video of technology is being used correctly. no music no pictures

9 Last secs Here I will make my credits; or give credit to individuals how made this production possible. Music again will be playing at a loud tone and it will be one of the patriotic songs used earlier again. I would have faded out the sad music from before and returned to the patriotic music from the beginning. Here I could use pictures of people being responsible with technology.

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