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“ The War to End All Wars ” or “ The Great War ”

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2 “ The War to End All Wars ” or “ The Great War ”

3 WWI Artifacts Examine the artifact on your table. Be CAREFUL--it is fragile! Discuss the artifact at your table. Make predictions: what was it used for? What can it tell you about WWI? Share predictions with class!

4 The Basics 30 nations  15 million died; cost = $350 billion Allies: France, Great Britain, Russia, U.S. Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire


6 Causes of WWI Nationalism: belief that a specific nation, language, or culture is superior to all others Hapsburg Empire (Austria-Hungary) Russian Flag 1914 British Flag

7 Serbia and Russia largely Slavic; encouraged Slavs in Austria-Hungary to break free and create an independent Slavic state

8 White Board Time! Explain nationalism in your own words. How might nationalism lead to war?

9 Imperialism: competition for colonies & influence “Race” to Colonize Africa Colonization in Asia

10 Alliances: nations signed treaties to help each other

11 Militarism (Arms Race): nations build up armed forces and weapons HMS Dreadnought,1906 “Eight before it’s too late!” “We want eight and we won’t wait!”

12 White Board Time! Of the four causes of WWI, which one do you think played the biggest role in starting the war? Choose one and write it down.

13 June 28,1914: Assassination Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary killed by Serbian nationalist, Gavrilo Princip


15 1914: World War I begins! July 28: Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia began a chain reaction of the alliance system

16 The Early Western Front German Schlieffen Plan: attack France 1 st, then Russia Battle of the Marne: stops German advance Western Front Stalemate: neither side can win a clear victory for 3 yrs.

17 White Board Time! Close your notebook. On your whiteboard, write as much as you can remember about the causes of WWI. Why did this war start? Compare with others at your table. What did you remember? What did you forget? Who had the most?


19 Trench warfare Somme

20 Poison Gas (outlawed after WWI)

21 Rapid Firing Machine Guns

22 Submarine Warfare (led to convoys) German U-9 - destroyed three ships in 75 minutes, including the Cressy

23 Mines and underwater explosives Mines from Ottoman Empire

24 Air fighting and Spying (planes and zeppelins) Zeppelin bombing raid “Dog Fight” above the trenches in WWI

25 Tanks (broke the Western front) Introduced at battle of Somme, 1916, but could only go 3 mph. By 1918 able to cross trenches

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