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AESOP Training 2014-2015.

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1 AESOP Training

2 Purpose of Training Overview of AESOP Key components of training
What is AESOP? When do I use AESOP? How do I access AESOP? Key features

3 Overview of AESOP Absence Management and Substitute Placement program.
Web-based Access from anywhere Allows multiple ways to access AESOP Everyone in the District is learning this new process

4 What is AESOP? Where you will report your absences
Allows a substitute to come into your classroom New this year, also tracks your balances such as: Sick Personal Days Meetings Conferences

Some examples are: Illness Meetings Coaching Sometimes you need to fill out conference request CR will not get you a sub

6 Accessing AESOP Call toll free number Two ways to access AESOP
Telephone Computer Call toll free number Need to know your ID and PIN You will be getting a fridge magnet to write on The back of your school ID will have info as well Follow the appropriate prompts Option #5 is personal options

7 Accessing AESOP cont’d
Computer Accessing website Create as a favorite or use District access point Get to “red” log in screen Enter ID Received from Diane this morning Enter PIN Received from Diane this morning

8 Key Features Notifications should be made before 6:00 AM
Building secretary is your contact Personal days absences limited to 3% of staff If you try to enter and it won’t let you, day is full If you are out of personal days, it won’t let you You are able to load lesson plans for sub to see in AESOP Day in AESOP is your buildings contract time Can customize if absence is less than a full day Time in AESOP reflects what you will be gone

9 Key Features cont’d You have ability to set up preferred subs
Up to five subs They are notified before everyone else Unless absence is within 24 hours Key Tabs in AESOP Absences Create Absences and Past Absences Account Change PIN, Preferred Substitutes, Absence Reason Balances Directory Who approves your absences

10 Key Features cont’d AESOP Q & A
Some absences require note to administrator Does not need to be lengthy “My daughter Hannah is sick.” Two types of absences “Go Live” to subs Sick Death in Family All other absences need supervisor approval before they “Go Live.” AESOP Q & A

11 Conclusion Useful Links has AESOP training materials
Including videos Let’s create an absence in the computer! District Web Page Access

12 Questions Any questions at this time?

13 AESOP Training

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