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Plate Tectonics.

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1 Plate Tectonics

2 Day 1- 1/8/14 Science Starter: Listen to story. Discussion.

3 Read 166-169 and complete your notes to #4
Read and complete your notes to #4. You will complete the foldable when finished.

4 How do we know what Earth’s interior is made of if we’ve never seen it?
Scientists use the speed of seismic waves to map the interior of the earth. A seismic wave is a vibration that travels through the earth. Seismic waves are caused by earthquakes. Seismic waves travel though different materials at different speeds. The denser the material, the faster the waves travel.

5 Huh??

6 Day 2- 1/9/14 Science starter: How did each of these come to be on the earth? Oxygen Regulated Temperature Water

7 Day 2- 1/9/14 Rescue near the center of the earth activity. We will do this activity together. Homework is to finish the questions. Your foldable is also due tomorrow!

8 Day 3- 1/10/14 Science starter: Draw and label a diagram of the earth’s layers.

9 Day 3 Quiz: In order for a planet to sustain life, it must fit certain criteria. It must have water, oxygen, and a habitable climate (safe from extreme temperature swings and the Sun’s radiation). Although Earth fits these criteria now, it has changed over time to become this way. For each of the criteria listed above, explain how the Earth became a place that can sustain life.

10 Day 3 Finish reading 7-1 and complete the notes though #10.
Complete the tectonic plates map. You will need to label and color the plates as well as include the directional arrows.

11 Day 4- 1/13/14 Science Starter: Using GPS to track plate movement article. On your science starter sheet- answer these: How do scientists use GPS to track movement/ deformation? How many satellites does it take to pinpoint a spot? How do you think we knew that the plates are moving before we had GPS?

12 Day 4 Continental Drift . Read and complete notes (pages 173-174)
Complete Continental Drift lab with a partner Questions are due tomorrow .

13 Day 5- 1/14/14 Science Starter: New Seats, then we will correct the web quest. Get together with your partner from yesterday and finish the Continental Drift activity. When you finish, have a seat and begin reading the end of 7-2 (pages ) and do the notes in your packet.

14 Pangaea

15 Sea floor spreading and magnetic reversal- Day 5
Magnetic reversal demo Throughout earth’s history, the north and south magnetic poles have switched numerous times. Just like a compass, certain grains in the new material point towards the North.

16 Day 5 Homework: Read 7-3 and complete notes
Study guide- begin working on this- do what you can so far, it will be due next week on Wednesday, and the test will be on Thursday.

17 Day 6- 1/15/14 Science Starter: Do you agree with the theory of continental drift? Do you think there could be another explanation for the evidence? Write a paragraph and include details to support your answer.

18 Day 6 Plate boundaries demo What is a subduction zone?
A subduction zone occurs at a convergent boundary when one plate slides underneath another plate. This occurs when the more dense oceanic crust slides beneath the less dense continental crust.

19 Day 6 Label the type of boundary on each plate. Use your textbook and the maps provided.

20 Day 7- 1/16/14 Science Starter: Read hot spots article. Discussion.

21 Day 7-Hot Spots What is a hot spot?
Activity: How fast do plates move? Hawaii activity

22 Day 8- 1/17/14 Science Starter: Quiz- Earth’s layers

23 Day 8 Notes on 7-4 Folding/Faulting sheet due Tuesday.
Study guide also due Tuesday. Test will be on Wednesday.


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