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Causes of the American Revolution OR How not to Tax People.

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2 Causes of the American Revolution OR How not to Tax People

3 English Colonists in the 1700 ’ s had... Lowest taxes in the English speaking world. Little English interference in governing themselves. The highest standard of living in the world!

4 ALSO Pride in being British. Strong desire to be accepted as equals by British.

5 Why would England start taxing the colonies more? The French and Indian War and Pontiac ’ s Rebellion was very expensive. England thought that the colonies should help pay part of the expense.

6 The Sugar Act (1763) taxes or “ duties ” put on sugar, foreign molasses, coffee, and other goods imported into the colonies.

7 Included in the Sugar Act was a NEW strict enforcement of the Navigation Acts that said all goods used in America must come through England. Customs officials previously ignored these.

8 The Result: The colonists were used to getting around paying their duties (taxes) on imported items and resented the more strict enforcement of the laws, especially on molasses (used to make RUM.

9 It is the PRINCIPILE of it: The colonists were not consulted or given a chance to vote on these TAXES. This is called-


11 The Stamp Act (1765) An official seal or “ stamp ” must be put on all printed matter sold in the colonies.

12 Examples of Stamps These needed to be on bills, newspapers, and even playing cards.

13 The Results: Colonists became upset - riots, assaults on British officials. Tar and Feathering - dipped in boiling hot tar and rolled in feathers: often fatal.


15 Also, Resulting in Boycotts: refusal to buy English goods.

16 Radical Rebel groups like the Sons of Liberty were formed to Resist what they called - British Tyranny (the unfair use and abuse of power).

17 The British repealed it in March 1766.

18 Declaratory Act (1766) It states that England has full authority over the colonies and can do to them whatever it pleases.

19 The Result: Colonists “Okay” about Stamp Act, but resentful over the tone of the Declaratory Act.

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