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10/8/2014 1 The Delegated County Feedlot Program dhauge.

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1 10/8/2014 1 The Delegated County Feedlot Program dhauge

2 Introduction The Delegated Feedlot Program The CFO 10/8/2014 2

3 3 Delegation Defined Delegation is an agreement between a County and the MPCA whereby the County assumes responsibility for implementing feedlot regulations including conducting registration, permitting, and inspection duties. The duties of delegation are based on statute (Chapter 116.07) and rule (7020.1600).

4 10/8/2014 4 Why be a delegated county? A. Feedlot owners get more- timely assistance. B. Feedlot owners can count on local regulators (CFO) to have a greater understanding of local feedlot/feedlot specific issues C. More education and technical assistance opportunities are provided.

5 If a county has feedlots, does the state require them to be delegated? A. True B. False 10/8/2014 5

6 6 Delegated Program History: 1974 The legislature creates the delegated program 1995 The legislature begins funding the program. 2001 – New feedlot rules increase the authority and responsibilities of the delegated program. – MACFO (Minnesota Association of County Feedlot officers) formed. 2006 Performance incentive funding is introduced

7 Minnesota’s Delegated County Feedlot Program

8 10/8/2014 8 Delegated County Grants 1. Base Grant. a) Grant amount is based on the number of feedlots in the county. b) $1,700,000 is distributed annually. 2. Performance Incentive (PC) Grant. a) Grant amount is based on the number of PCs earned by the county. b) $250,000 is distributed annually

9 Delegated County Grant-Funding Requirements: 1. Must prepare a work plan. 2. Must have the work plan approved by MPCA. 3. Must meet the conditions of the work plan. 4. Must report program results in Delta. 5. Must submit an annual report that includes Delta information. 10/8/2014 9

10 The County Feedlot Delegation Agreement and Work Plan (work plan) Consists of: A Work Plan Strategy & Goal section. – Flexible requirements Minimum Program Requirement section. – Fixed requirements 10/8/2014 10

11 How often do you look at your work plan? A. I’ve lost it. B. Once in a blue moon. C. More than once a month. D. More than once every 6 months. 10/8/2014 11

12 The County Program Year Timetable: – November: Work Plans prepared. – December: Year-End reviews conducted. – February: Annual Reports due. – July: Mid-Year reviews conducted. – September: Grants distributed. 10/8/2014 12

13 10/8/2014 13 THE CFO Ideal Skill Set Legal Expertis e Sales & Marketing Record Keeping

14 10/8/2014 14 Keys to CFO Success Master feedlot program rules and policies. Keep good records. Now, includes using Delta. Field Presence Maintain and practice good customer relations.

15 10/8/2014 15 THE CFO’S VOCABULARY: It’s finally about Compliance Exercise Patient Persistence When lost, return to Discharge Standards Eligible-for-Funding Feedlots is the business end. No substitute for Field Presence You make the call - Best Possible Judgment (BPJ) Base grant funding is easily achievable. Count on a Partnership with MPCA.

16 10/8/2014 16 Summary Delegation is a county-based program, with an emphasis on field presence, designed to assist and ensure feedlot owner compliance with state and local regulations. It’s important to master program fundamentals. The best CFOs concentrate on achieving direct environmental results.

17 10/8/2014 17 What the Great CFOs Say: If you are not working on one site and don’t have another lined-up, you are not doing your job. Patient persistence is the key to working with producers. We are spending the taxpayers money. You must get out to every site.

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