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Student Plans v5.0/v5.1. 2 Enhancements & Corrections! Ability to distinguish a 3 yr eval Tickler on SOP pull grade 12 only Child description table define.

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1 Student Plans v5.0/v5.1

2 2 Enhancements & Corrections! Ability to distinguish a 3 yr eval Tickler on SOP pull grade 12 only Child description table define by age Plan & service reports extract to Excel Lots of other AIP and MA Billing enhancements and fixes

3 Evaluations (Task #20459) 3 ● Set flag to indicate 3 year eval, standalone eval have no check ● When eval plan is created asterisks indicate that it is a 3 year plan

4 Evaluations (Task# 20447) 4 Evaluators are now allowed to reset an individual report or summary of evaluation section back to No Report when text has been keyed in by accident after they have removed the text.

5 Evaluations (Task #20448) 5 When Draft Criteria is printed rather than use the date the criteria was developed, the PDF now uses the Evaluation Report date instead.

6 Evaluations (Task #20445) 6 Allow individual evaluators a choice to either fill out Criteria Checklist (actual) rather than Draft Criteria. ‘MyEval’ has 2 menu items. Enable the preference and disable the other menu item.

7 Evaluations (Task #20452) After this fix, when an evaluation plan is amended, the amended procedures are not added to the evaluation report immediately. They are not added until the amendment has been approved by parents and made final. 7

8 IIIP (Task #20257) 8 ● Add age option of 0-21 to Description of Child table to specifically require an element based on the child’s age

9 IFSP (Task # 20457) 9 ● District option was added to print service provider name on the IFSP. It was kept separate from the district option for IEP/ISP/IIIP

10 IFSP (Task #20382 & 20347) Transition planning and team membership pages will not print if ‘Print only when data is present’ is selected in Document Sections Customization codes in Developmental Area templates will now translate correctly when appended 10

11 IEP/IIIP/IFSP/ISP (Task #20257) 11 ● The type of service is now displayed on the change providers screen (Special Ed, ESY or Related)

12 IEP/IIIP/ISP 12 ● If RTE is turned on these three pages, the text is not automatically bolded anymore. (This was a holdover from before RTE was available)

13 Draft Components (Task #20449) Modification to Draft Description of Child when copying from an existing plan to allow only one check box per area and always include both the strengths and concerns on new draft 13

14 Draft Components (Task #20383) Customization codes in templates are now translate when creating a draft component 14

15 Critical Incident Form (Task #20475) 15 ● MDE expects the Critical Incident Form to be named “Emergency Restrictive Procedures” effective Aug 1. In Student Plans, menus and document elements need to be modified manually, now the PDF acknowledges any wording changes in document sections. (email Beth if you want to incorporate St. Cloud’s version on your site)

16 Rich Text Editor – (Task #20392) 16 ● The paste from Word button has been removed from the RTE templates. Doing a regular copy and paste (CTRL C/CTRL V) from Word works better on bringing the formatted text into Student Plans. (Copying from a PDF is still not recommended as it puts a break code at the end of every line)

17 Rich Text Editor – (Task #20438) Documents created using the RTE sometimes print off the right margin of the page. One of the causes is a long string of non-breaking spaces (HTML = ), which tell the program not to wrap to the next page. This fix will override and allow line wrapping when long strings of spaces are entered. 17

18 Reports – (Task #12175) 18 An option was added to plan and service reports that would export the data into a flat file (tab separated) for use in Excel, Access, etc.

19 Reports – (Task #20443) 19 ● Add the ability to “batch print” emergency care plans for bus companies. This includes: -Select by document status -Sort by bus routes/bus companies -Import up to 8 current bus routes -Word mapping for different types of bus routes

20 Security - (Task #12167) 20 ● My Schools and School assignment security is similar to Selected Schools but with added benefits. This option will allow staff to have permissions at more than one school based on imports and/or manually set school assignments. Additionally, a security group can now be used to specify My Schools (previously, this only worked with a single ‘My School’). The list of school assignments are set by the import. You can make additional assignments and override the import if desired (the override will prevent the import from deleting manually assigned school assignments.

21 System Admin (Task#20444) 21 ● There are now two sets of race codes in Student Plans. The district options page and the school information page have been updated to list the correct set in the default ethnic code field.

22 MA Billing Task#20350 Rosters now include student id

23 MA Billing Task #20393 If district uses Viewpoint, link is available on View Pending Claims to check student’s attendance

24 MA Billing Task# 20439 In the activities table, categories can now be selected from a drop down box which will make it more accurate

25 MA Billing Task# 20311 In the MA Categories table, there is now the capability to have the MA Billing rates differ by district in a coop environment

26 26 Questions? Call or email: Beth at studentplans helpdesk (651) 286-8947 or (888) 568-9176 ext 8947

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