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What’s New in Student Plans Patch v6.1 October 8, 2014.

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1 What’s New in Student Plans Patch v6.1 October 8, 2014

2 Case Mgmt - My Cases Screen (#20821) 2 Students from the Case List can now be selected from a drop down box on the root menu. This drop down is only for Case Managers. It is not available for Service Providers or Evaluators.

3 Case Mgmt - Inactivating A Plan #20850 If a Behavior Plan is in place, when the corresponding IEP is inactivated using the blue plan end date link, you may also inactivate the BIP at the same time. 3

4 Case Mgmt - Select Case Manager (#20805) The select case manager page now includes the 504 Plan Manager if that module is activated. 4

5 Case Mgmt - Document History #20838 The PDF list in document history is now sorted alphabetically by document code and includes the name of the creator on new entries. This history button is located on My Cases screen. 5

6 Evaluation Plan #20852 Parent consent/objection page now shows the same heading box as the PWN 6

7 Evaluation Report #20872 Warning in Completeness Check if the evaluation date on the eligibility page is in the future 7

8 IEP/ISP ESY Copy Criteria #11623 ESY Criteria can be copied if that element is ‘copyable’ as defined in menu customizations. In v5.4/6.0 this menu item ignored the choice and the item couldn’t be copied. 8

9 IEP/IIIP/IFSP Sort Services #20848 IEP/ISP/IFSP Services are now sorted by end date and Service Name on both the display screen and PDF 9

10 IEP/IIIP/IFSP Post Secondary Goals #20847 If post secondary goals are required the ‘Not Needed’ box should not be available. This flag is found in Transition Activity Areas 10

11 IEP/IIIP/ISP/IFSP Update Demographics #20829 Demographics can now be done in a batch for IEPs and Health Plans. Batch updates is found on the main menu. Security permissions must be given. This will update plans with student grade, school and case manager so that progress reports will reflect the correct information. 11

12 IEP/IIIP/ISP/IFSP Update Demographics #20797 Updating demographics is typically done at the beginning of the school year to update school, grade, case manager within the finalized IEP/ISP/IFSP or Health Plan 12

13 IFSP #20888 Race has been moved down to print next to Ethnicity and will wrap to next line if it is too long 13

14 IFSP - #20831 If the child is Part C, the eligibility for Part B now will not require an answer. 14

15 ECSE Child Outcomes Summary (COSF) #20810 Revised the layout for easier reading 15

16 ECSE Child Outcomes Summary (COSF) #20817 When adding a new description the descriptive title now appears at the top of the screen 16

17 Other Forms - BIP and S504 Plan - #20806 ‘Not implemented’ status option is now available. As with all plans, if Not Implemented is selected a reason must be given. 17 BIP S504

18 Other Forms - BIP - #20849 A warning is now displayed about overlapping BIPs when the BIP is created. 18

19 Other Forms Release Consent - #20808 Multiple guardians can now be selected on the release consent document. The Release Consent document must be changed to 6100 to have this option available on the Release Consent. 19

20 PWN - #20857 Provided that an IEP is selected from the drop down on the purpose page, the IEP Meeting date will be displayed instead of the start date of the IEP. Also, in document sections for the PWN the phrase Plan needs to be revised in the Student Information section. 20

21 Report – Plan Report - #20840 An option has been added to the plan report to export guardian name, address and phone along with other plan information. Can be used to print labels for mailings to guardians. 21

22 Report – Last Eval Report - # 20858 The Last Eval report now displays the date of birth 22

23 RTE – IEP/ISP/IFSP - #20859 Some type of images pasted into an RTE area in a plan document will allow it to be saved but not printed. Now, during a submit, if the image is unprintable the image will be removed with this message. Any text around it will be left alone. 23

24 S504 Plan - #20811 School name will now print in the S504 coordinator section if customized sections are used. 24

25 Tickler List - BIP #20851 A tickler can be turned on in district options for a reminder that an annual progress report for the BIP is due. 25


27 MA Billing #20747 On the MA Billing information page, add the minutes/frequency of service and the para service flag. Do not display ‘View’ link unless there are billable services or the para flag is checked. 27

28 MA Billing #20795 On the MA Billing information page, add the date of the most recent supervision 28

29 MA Billing #20798 On the MA Billing search screen, create option to search by case manager or service provider 29

30 MA Billing #20863 On the MA Billing search screen, new search parameters have been created to find students who are MA and MA+ Private. 30

31 MA Billing #20807 The MA Billing Search Results shows the most recent consent dates. The red text indicates that consents are missing for MA Eligible students or missing/expired for an MA+ Private student. If the parents have explicitly rescinded or denied consent no indication is given. 31

32 MA Billing #20809 Transportation service can now be setup for a Round Trip and the new entry would have a “2” as the number of units when billed to MN-ITS. This option needs to be set in the Activities System table 32

33 MA Billing #20871 Add a return button at the top of the MA Billing Information page 33

34 MA Billing #20885 Activity log searches and report can now be done by either the current school or the school the student was in when the activity log entry was made. As part of this change, all existing activity logs will be stamped with the student’s current school as of this release installation 34

35 MA Billing #20822 Prior to version 6.0 the day of the week used to display next to the date of the activity. In v6.0 this date was replaced by an unnecessary time stamp. This has been returned back to the original view. 35

36 MA Billing Audit #20886 The ability has been added to select activity logs by status. Typically, only newly created entries need to be audited. 36

37 MA Billing Audit #20889 The ability has been added to be able to select a single student 37

38 MA Billing – EMAB #20837 Based on the specific activity or category selected the expected claims are now being generated correctly. 38

39 39 Questions on Student Plans? Call or email: Beth at studentplans helpdesk (651) 286-8947 or (888) 568-9176 ext 8947

40 40 Questions on MA Billing? Call or email: Geri (651) 286-8949 or (888) 568-9176 ext 8949

41 41 Questions on TRAX? Call or email: Kim Spudic (651) 286-8942 or (888) 568-9176 ext 8942

42 42 Questions on Viewpoint? Call or email: Jan Brunell (651) 286-8952 or (888) 568-9176 ext 8952

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