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What’s New in Student Plans v6.0 October 8, 2014.

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1 What’s New in Student Plans v6.0 October 8, 2014

2 My Cases Screen (#20679) 2 In v5.4 the initial IFSP plan date was included as an evaluation date since the evaluation report is typically put into not implemented status and people wanted the developmental areas in the IFSP to stand for the evaluation report. In v6.0, the evaluation date is now reflected by the annual plan meeting date instead.

3 Case Document Screen 3 On the case document screen there are now two Return buttons available at the top and the bottom of the screen. When you click on Return, it will take you back to the last place you were at, typically My Cases.

4 IEP/IIIP/ISP (#20694) 4 When a transfer plan is created, only the race is required, not the language questions. On an IFSP the plan meeting date is required. The initial meeting date and initial referral dates are only required on the first IFSP, these dates will be copied into a continuing plan and will not be checked against ‘days in past’ value.

5 Draft Components (#20675) 5 When there are new IFSP drafts, the New Drafts icon will display on My Cases screen

6 IFSP - #20650 6 Interim can be selected instead of choosing the default Normal from the dropdown when creating an IFSP document.

7 IFSP - #20650 7 When an interim IFSP is created for services, only the elements highlighted in yellow are required in check completeness.

8 IFSP - #20650 8 Transition page has been reprogrammed to reflect changes from MDE.

9 IFSP - #20708 9 If the IFSP is linked to a team meeting in Student Plans and required meeting positions option is used the Team Meeting Role will be looked up and the (District Representative, Special Ed Teacher in the area of disability, etc.) for each staff member listed in Team Membership will be printed.

10 IFSP - #20738 10 Defect - fixed When you designated an IFSP to be a significant change, the drop- down list of plans to choose from to identify the original plan was not displayed and if you keyed the date in the system ignored it.

11 ECSE Child Outcomes Summary (COSF) (#20743) This defect has been fixed. When the COSF was created, the default school year was picking up the last year in the fiscal date as the first year in the COSF plan. If the school year was not corrected, the COSF report will be inaccurate.

12 Rich Text Editor (RTE) 12

13 Menu Customization (#20595) 13 A system or district administrator can now allow or restrict by menu option the ability to copy each section. This option is available in most forms except Self- sufficiency forms. For example, if you don’t want these 2 elements available to copy in a plan adjust it in menu customization

14 District Maintenance (#20705) On district demographics page, future years have been added to drop down 14

15 Staff Maintenance (#20714) 15 If security groups are used, you can now override the import settings. Some SIS systems have everyone’s role as Teacher so with this box checked you can assign someone to a specific security group, override the import and the permissions will stay put. This feature is at the bottom of the staff roles page.

16 MA Billing - #20674 16 The pop-up calendars are now correctly displayed as icons

17 MA Billing - #20709 17 On the MA Billing search screen results, there is now a link to view the most recent time study and IEP, if available, for a listed case

18 MA Billing - #20710 18 Spell check capability was added to the activity notes page

19 TRAX – (#20722) An option is now available to create a variable number of staff and students for the purpose of training. The teacher/student IDs should match those created by TRAX for the same purpose. This will enable an instructor to teach how Student Plans and TRAX interface. This option is only available to staff with system coordinator access. 19

20 Academic Plans (#20729) 20 On the overall review page, goals for the academic plan can now be viewed.

21 Teachers – (#20734) In districts where schedules are imported from a Student System, but staff information is manually entered into Student Plans, My Students does not display a case load correctly. If the Staff ID in the imported student schedules matches the district-unique Staff ID in Student Plans (for BOTH imported and manually entered staff), then select “District-Unique Staff IDs”. Otherwise, select “School-assigned Staff IDs”. This option is found in District Options, Interface tab. 21

22 22 Questions on Student Plans? Call or email: Beth at studentplans helpdesk (651) 286-8947 or (888) 568-9176 ext 8947

23 23 Questions on TRAX? Call or email: Kim Spudic (651) 286-8942 or (888) 568-9176 ext 8942

24 24 Questions on Viewpoint? Call or email: Jan Brunell (651) 286-8952 or (888) 568-9176 ext 8952

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