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Student Plans v4.8. 2 New for Plans & Evaluations! Revised transition elements per MDE Nov 08, including document templates RTE capability added to Description.

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1 Student Plans v4.8

2 2 New for Plans & Evaluations! Revised transition elements per MDE Nov 08, including document templates RTE capability added to Description of Child Clarified Record of Proficiency Initial Plan allowed after gap in service Evaluation Report: new Team Membership section New Evaluation Report Append options Simplified completeness check for Birth to 3 Alternate Assessment Report

3 3 MORE NEW STUFF! Email meeting notices Link to Viewpoint and external web sites Revised Academic Plans and student logins Add shading to rich text tables MA Billing enhancements MA Encounters Report Enhanced Transportation Request Search New health plan settings in district options

4 4 Meeting Notices Email option

5 5 Evaluation Plan Information Page Case manager email is now available as an option

6 6 Evaluation Report Optional team membership page that contains the names, emails and numbers of all staff working on the report. Enabled for printing in document sections maintenance.

7 7 Evaluation Report Append buttons now reflect that the reports will be appended to the current section that is being worked on (e.g. summary, eligibility, PLEP, etc.)

8 8 Evaluation Report New option on the append screens on whether to include the evaluator's name and title from the individual report and/or to separate the reports with a horizontal line for easier reading.

9 9 IEP/IIIP Record of Proficiency Includes an OR to differentiate between state and individual tests (v4.7.04)

10 10 IEP/IIIP Transition Activity Area Table Revised Transition activities can be changed in this table to meet new MDE requirements. Each activity can be marked as a goal or a service or both. Any new or copied IEP/IIIPs will reflect the changes in transition goals or services.

11 11 IEP/IIIP Transition Elements RTE & Document Template option The templates TransitionNeed and TransitionServ are no longer used with the IEP/IIIP 4700 form

12 12 Transition Post Secondary Goals If RTE is turned on in document sections there is an option to create a document template for each type of goal

13 13 Statement of Transition Needs Note: If templates are used, there is an option to select the templates and click Append once to get all the templates loaded simultaneously. Agency providing service is not a required field for check complete- ness

14 14 Revised Course of Study Total number of credits required and anticipated credits earned are no longer required by MDE Size of course area changed from 1000 characters to 7000 characters

15 15 Check Completeness for ECSE B-2 Assessments are optional, not required for birth – 5 students. Transition elements are required for students 14+ (as set in district options). On an IIIP 0-3 Transition choices are only required for students who will be 2 yr 4 mo (28 mo) by the end of the IIIP. Extended school year is only required if a student turns 3 by the end of the plan.

16 16 IEP/IIIP Information Page In previous versions, if the student had an existing IEP, even though there was a gap in service time, the system considered that plan was a continuing plan Now, there is the option to select Initial Plan, but when this page is submitted there will be the following warning:

17 17 IEP/IIIP Change Plan Date IEP/IIIP dates cannot be extended past one year

18 18 IEP/IIIP Case Header Case header will display the disability and federal setting after the plan is finalized.

19 19 IIIP Description of Child Description of Child now has an RTE and document template option. The RTE option needs to be set in IIIP document sections prior to creating or copying the IIIP. Document templates can be created for each area on this page

20 20 IEP/IIIP Modify Table Shading The display for the table will display the shading The print out will be displayed normally

21 21 External URL link on Menus Add any external URL on any menu except for the root menus. In the example, I added a web link to MDE TSES manual on the case docs menu using menu customization maintenance. The link will open the web page and when web page is closed, Student Plans will display

22 22 IFSP Diagnosis Page If date of referral is not filled in, it now prints a blank rather than 1/1/1900

23 23 Revised Reports Assessment/Accommodation/MOD Report Ability to sort by student name or case manager

24 24 Revised Reports Assessment/Accommodation/MOD Report Alternate Tests is available as an option as well the ability to sort by student name or case manager MARSS id is added to report

25 25 MA Billing – Encounter Report

26 26 MA Billing – Encounter Report Includes birthdate, required for MN-ITS

27 27 MA Billing – Activity Report Category added as a sort option. Explicitly show group size of 1. Birthdate is now listed in report.

28 28 MA Billing – Activity Report

29 29 Health Plan Options District option to turn off assessment and/or medical diagnosis screens currently required in creating a health plan

30 30 Transportation Added ability to search by final date or where the final date is not yet set

31 31 AIP/CLP/PEP District Option District option to set internal link to Viewpoint from a Learning Plan or a Special Ed document

32 32 AIP Enhancement Ability to create many different types of academic plans, each with their own options; strategies, goals, measurements, etc.

33 33 AIP Enhancement Modify the particular document type with different choices as well as word mapping capability

34 34 AIP Flexibility in Document Type Setup Categories Strands Skill s

35 35 AIP Flexibility in Document Type Setup Measurements Grade Level Progress Values Strategies/Goals

36 36 AIP Enhancements (PEP plan) Student security has been added to allow students to edit or create their own personal education plan (PEP) Variation of an Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

37 37 AIP Enhancements (PEP plan) Student security limits the student with roles defined. Normally, a student would be able to view and update. Student data can be validated using LDAP.

38 38 Questions? Call or email: Beth at studentplans helpdesk (651) 286-8947 or (888) 568-9176 ext 8947

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