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What’s New in Student Plans v5.4 July 6, 2012. My Cases Screen Mgrs icon will bring up Case Managers for student Can also sort case load by assignment.

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1 What’s New in Student Plans v5.4 July 6, 2012

2 My Cases Screen Mgrs icon will bring up Case Managers for student Can also sort case load by assignment (AIPMgr, S504Mgr) Last Eval now sortable IEP Annual Review Date added Only Mgr assignments for staff member will display 2

3 My Cases Screen (#20074, #11462, 20229) 3

4 IEP/IIIP/ISP Transition message in completeness check has been changed (#20611) 4

5 IEP/IIIP/ISP Checkmark colors have been changed from red to green in check completeness. (#20616) Past due items are marked with a red X. (#20484) 5

6 IEP/IIIP/ISP Standard assessment table has new option to select whether to print test if not applicable (#20601) 6

7 IEP/IIIP/ISP/IFSP Warning on check completeness if MARSS state id is missing (#12617) 7

8 IFSP No warning message now if an initial IFSP exists and trying to create an initial IEP/ISP/IIIP (#20552) Initial meeting date and referral date does not change from plan to plan, now dates do not get caught in past date edit limit web (#20587) 8

9 IFSP IFSP for Part C only may now serve as an evaluation and the IFSP date will be used as the evaluation date on My Cases, Tickler List for imminent re- evaluation and Last Evaluation Report (#20612) 9

10 IFSP If student is ineligible for IFSP an activation/signature date is not required, you may submit without putting a date in signature field (#20629) 10

11 Evaluations (#20544) Summary section choices now correspond to the evaluation type 11

12 Meeting Notices (#12673) New icons have been added to meeting notice screen indicating if follow-up has been done or not 12

13 Manage Cases (#12744) Case loads can now be easily moved from one case manager to another 1.Search for manager to move case load FROM 2.Select new case manager 3.Assign all to new manager

14 ECSE Child Outcomes Summary (COSF) (#20540, 20541, 20550, 20556, 20571. 20584, 20651, 20628) ▪ All of the fixes to the COSF listed in the task list have already been installed on websites as they were completed. ▪ Spellcheck capability has been added to the descriptions

15 Prior Written Notice Copy function has been removed from the Prior Written Notice forms (#20598) 15

16 Part C Prior Written Notice New form has been created to handle Part C (#20643) 16

17 Evaluation Plan Modified to handle Part C or Part C/Part B plans 17

18 Text Boxes Text boxes can now be expanded in IE 18

19 Tickler List New ability to display/hide sections of the tickler list. Also indicates number of items (#20609) 19

20 Tickler List New tickler list section for pending items, including release consent and behavior plans (#20484) 20

21 Tickler List 21 New section for expiring release consent forms (#11096) New section for upcoming meetings to which you have been invited (#12169)

22 504 Plans 504 Plan now has its own unique set of menus. (#20562) 22

23 504 Plans Wording has be updated to display disability instead of handicap (#20631) 23

24 Rich Text Editor (RTE) RTE has been updated to include support for Chrome v18+ and Safari v5+ (#20461) 24

25 Reports Evaluations Due, MARSS hours, Compare SIS now have an index to make them run faster (#20545) Compare to SIS report now does not include students who are inactive (#20608) 25

26 Reports New date range option for plan report and type of plan for Plan and Service report (#20548, #20549) 26

27 Reports Select by assessment now only pulls information for students with that assessment for both types of reports; accommodations/modifications and alternate tests (#20563) 27

28 Reports Student summary now prints both accommodations and alternate assessments with a new column for subjects. The assessment field in the student summary now includes alternate assessments, don’t use AltAssessAccoms field. (#20621) 28

29 MA Billing MA Billing search screen has more columns of data (#20567) 29

30 MA Billing In Activity Log Search make the provider drop down default to All rather than login (#20641) 30

31 Tuition Agreement Include MARSS code in Federal Setting box (#20554) 31

32 Tuition Agreements System will now prompt if district is missing when searching for a student in a coop situation (#20585) 32

33 Tuition Agreements Batch printing tuition agreement report now includes option to print current address or plan address (#20586) 33

34 TRAX Import data from TRAX (#20566) If data had double quotes in TRAX, data would not import correctly Pages affected; LEP, Annual Goals, Transition Goals, Transition Service Needs

35 Academic Plans Exporting academic plans document scripts can now be selected by plan. (#20614) 35

36 Academic Plans When creating a new academic plan, selections for document group are now at the top of the screen (#20551) 36

37 Academic Plans Only AIP plans that are active on definition page, should show up on My Students as a column, not inactive plans (#20639) 37

38 38 Questions on Student Plans? Call or email: Beth at studentplans helpdesk (651) 286-8947 or (888) 568-9176 ext 8947

39 39 Questions on TRAX? Call or email: Kim Spudic (651) 286-8942 or (888) 568-9176 ext 8942

40 40 Questions on Viewpoint? Call or email: Jan Brunell (651) 286-8952 or (888) 568-9176 ext 8952

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