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What’s New in Student Plans Patch v6.2 October 8, 2014.

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1 What’s New in Student Plans Patch v6.2 October 8, 2014

2 Draft Components (#20911) 2 If itinerant staff have not put the draft component into Complete status and the case manager appends the In Progress draft into an IEP there will be a warning during submission.

3 Draft Components (#20911) contd 3 During Check Completeness of the IEP/IEP/ISP there is another warning to case managers that there are draft components that have not yet been appended.

4 Draft Components (#20943) Allow service providers and others to create Least Restrictive draft components 4

5 COSF – (#20916) In the COSF Outcome Area table found in System template/District Maintenance, the definitions and instructions can be input for each area. Only 4 areas can be defined. When a COSF is created the description will show up on the input page. 5 COSF Outcome Table

6 COSF – User Section 3 (#20961) Corrected: User section 3 in the COSF document sections has now been fixed so that it’s menu item will work. 6

7 COSF – Info Page(#20961) Corrected: Whatever purpose was selected on the information page, the PDF would show ‘Exit from ECSE’ 7

8 IFSP Transition – (#20962) The web page for IFSP Transition included the wording “THIS SECTION IS ONLY FOR CHILDREN POTENTIALLY ELIGIBLE FOR PART B”. This has been removed. The required questions are indicated in red. The 3 transition areas are also required for all students using the IFSP. If the student is not potentially eligible for Part B, the Transition Planning question still needs to be answered. 8

9 IEP/IIIP (#20899) The IIIP will not be further modified in Student Plans. To assist transitioning from a IIIP to IEP, the IIIP can now be copied to an IEP format provided the IIIP section is also defined in the IEP. Description of Child sections will be consolidated into the single Present Level statement not within Annual Goals. 9 Set copy option in District Options Case document screen Disable ability to create IIIPs, uncheck IIIP

10 PDF History – (#20915) Any plan document (IEP/IFSP/ISP/IIIP/PWN) that is put into Pending mode will now create a copy of the document in PDF history. In the past, the PDF history was only created when plan was put into Final Mode. 10

11 IEP/IIIP/ISP Assessment (#20963) Corrected: When a standard assessment is defined to ‘Not Print’ (by unchecking the option) and if the assessment in the IEP is checked as ‘Not Applicable’, the grid for that assessment should not print. Prior to v6.2 it was ignoring the ‘Not Print’ option. For example, the MCAII is not on PDF. 11

12 MA Billing – (#20914) A popup window, (that asks whether to use the time study), was removed if the student is checked as absent. 12

13 MA Billing – (#20920) MA Audit Report New option to select on the MA Audit Report. This option will report days where transportation is logged, but where there are 0 minutes entered for Para. This is similar to transportation logged with no other service for that day. 13

14 Summary of Performance (#20918) Each area text box can be split into 2 boxes in District Options, Misc. Form section. This option would allow a case manager to explain the current level of performance in one box and what accommodations and modifications are essential to a student’s success in the second box. 14 Default district option setting is 1, which is the standard one text box to input data.

15 Tuition Agreement (#20892) The tuition agreement PDF has been updated to use the district name in the heading box instead of MDE. The billing contact information is used instead of the Superintendent information. This information can be updated in the District/(State) table in District/System Template maintenance. 15 District (State) table

16 Printing issues (#20930) Corrected: With the new version of ASPPDF; Academic plans, plan documents, COSF forms, etc. sometimes did not page correctly or may have caused a program abort on line 400 when certain sections cross a page boundary. This fix also includes correcting the ‘squished line’ in many reports where text overwrites other text and blank pages printing randomly in reports. However, this does not fix the issue in which the user enters a very large amount of text in a single field and it results in text ‘falling outside the text box.’ This issue is still being worked on. 16

17 Reports Student Summary - #20948 When running a batch student summary report, there is a new option to indicate how the report should be displayed. If either ‘file only’ or ‘display + file’ is selected this message will appear on the report. If hosted, contact the helpdesk to get your report from the webserver. 17

18 Reports Student Summary - #20900 When creating or editing a student summary in document sections, there are new fields added to the Plan Overview section; federal setting, non- resident district and ESY flag. 18

19 Reports Student Summary - #20900 When printing a student summary, the location column has been added to the special education services section 19

20 Reports Student Summary - #20900 When creating or editing a student summary in document sections, the LRE has been added as a new choice 20

21 Reports Student Summary - #20917 When printing an individual student summary on the case document page, a time frame has been added so that the report could include earlier plan documents. 21

22 Reports Special Ed Plan Report & Service Report A new option allows persons with Billing Manager rights to print a selective list of students or services based on MA Eligibility. This feature is only for those sites with the EMAB module 22

23 School Abbreviation (#20910) The school abbreviation code on the school maintenance page in District Maintenance can be changed if necessary. 23

24 Sentry File Interface If your district uses Sentry File there is a link in Student Plans that interfaces with documents that have been scanned into Sentry File. The document will be displayed as a PDF icon. Sentry File can be used to scan parent signature pages, meeting attendance sheets, IEPs written by other districts and more. The menu option is found in Case Document and Case View menus. By default the item is disabled. 24

25 Monitor for Web Site Slowness (#20940) As a built in feature for our hosted sites, there is now a message system that informs the helpdesk whenever a district is experiencing slowness on loading Student Plans pages. 25

26 User-Defined Pages Enhanced (#20940) Student Plans user-defined pages that contained radio buttons had a tendency to take longer to load than other user- defined pages. This has now been enhanced so that there is not any page loading difference between the different types of user-defined pages. 26

27 27 Questions on Student Plans? Call or email: Beth Nordheim-Baker at Student Plans Helpdesk (651) 287-9927 or (888) 568-9176 ext 9927 Brad Eustice at Student Plans Helpdesk (651) 286-8947 or (888) 568-9176 ext 8947

28 28 Questions on TRAX? Call or email: Kim Spudic (651) 286-8942 or (888) 568-9176 ext 8942

29 29 Questions on Viewpoint? Call or email: Jan Brunell (651) 286-8952 or (888) 568-9176 ext 8952

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