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Latin Derivatives II Reading 7 / Ms. Kelly Verba Ad Origine: Vocabulary from its origin.

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1 Latin Derivatives II Reading 7 / Ms. Kelly Verba Ad Origine: Vocabulary from its origin

2 Latin Derivatives II 1. Port, portat 2. Prim 3. Reg 4. Rupt 5. Sanct 6. Scrib, script 7. Seg, sect 8. Sequ, secut 9. Sign 10. Sol 11. Son 12. Spec, spect 13. Spir 14. Tempor 15. Terra 16. Tort 17. Urb 18. Vac 19. Vit, viv 20. Voc, vocat

3 2.1 port, portat: carry Derivatives: deport, export, import, portable, portfolio, rapport, support One can easily trans____ a _____able typewriter or a _______io (briefcase). To make a portage between lakes means (a) to carry gear, (b) to stop for lunch. Your de______ment is your behavior or way of carrying yourself 2.2 prim: first Derivatives: primal, primary, primate, primitive, primrose The first or top statesperson in England is the ______ Minister. We first went to a _______ school, and our first book was a _______er. Breathing through your nose is wise, _________ly (mainly) because it keeps your mouth shut.

4 2.3 reg: rule Derivatives: irregular, regal, regalia, regent, regime, region, regular A soldier must obey an army regulation because the reg in regulation means _____. In 1649 King Charles I was decapitated, an act of ______ide as ir________ as it was barbaric. My doctor ordered me to follow a ______ men of tasteless food and hard exercise. 2.4 rupt: break Derivatives: corrupt, disrupt, erupt, interrupt, rupture Your breaking into our conversation; please don’t in ___________ us. You need to call the utility company before you dig in your yard so that you don’t ______ re a water or gas line. Hecklers often dis________ rallies and speeches.

5 2.5 sanct: holy Derivatives: sanctify, sanction, sanctity, sanctuary The Normandy beach is holy ground, ________ied by the blood of American soldiers. Slavery? How can any nation __________n (approve of) it? 2.6 scrib, script: write Derivatives: ascribe, describe, inscribe, manuscript, nondescript, prescribe An afterthought written at the end of a letter is a p _________________. An army draft, or enrollment, is known as con___________. A nondescript dog is (a) a very individual type, (b) hardly individual enough to be written about.

6 2.7 seg, sect: cut Derivatives: dissect, intersection, section, segment, trisect Our streets cut across one another, so let’s meet where they int___________. In biology class, the main lab was the _________ ion of a fetal pig. 2.8 sequ, secut: follow Derivatives: sequence, sequel, subsequent, execution, executive, persecute, obsequies Tom Sawyer was a success, and sub ____________ Mark Twain wrote a ______ el about Huck Finn. The Glenville-Emmons football team had lost ten con__________ homecoming games before Friday’s win.

7 2.9 sign: sign Derivatives: assign, consign, design, designate, signal, significant, signify Sign the check with your own _________ ture. Countries that have signed a treaty are [secessionist / signatory] nations. 2.10 sol: alone Derivatives: desolation, isolate, soliloquy, solitaire, solitary, solo Boomer sat alone playing _________re. The violent prisoner was put in __________y confinement. Macbeth was now the ___e character on stage. As though thinking aloud, he began his ____________y.

8 2.11 son: sound Derivatives: assonance, resonance, sonar, sonic, sonnet, sonorous The plane burst through the sound barrier, letting out a _______ boom, and accelerated to sup__________ (faster than sound) speeds. We located the sunken ship by means of a sound -wave apparatus called ____ar. 2.12 spec, spect: look Derivatives: inspect, introspection, perspective, respect, retrospect, spectacle To be cautions and look around before acting is to be [circumspect / circumscript]. Looking back, he saw things in ret________, which gave him a different per__________ of his present situation.

9 2.13 spir, spirat: breathe Derivatives: aspire, conspire, expire, inspire, perspire, respiration, spirit To breathe through the lungs is called res _______________; to breathe – or seep – through the skin is per _______________. The zoological term for a whale’s breathing hole is [spiracle / oracle]. Poetic inspiration was originally thought to be (a) a breathing of a divine influence, (b) the product of indigestion. 2.14 tempor: time Derivatives: contemporary, tempo, temporal, temporary To be chairperson pro tem means “for the _______ being,” or _______________ily. To delay, or consume, time by needless discussions is to [temporize / expedite]. Parade music has a brisk ______o.

10 2.15 terra: earth Derivatives: terrace, terra cotta, terrestrial, extraterrestrial, territory Unglazed, red-brown earthenware is known as _____ cotta. Terrain has to do with (a) land surfaces (b) ammunition. The earth’s land as distinct from water is [global / terrestrial]. 2.16 tort: twist Derivatives: contortion, distort, tortoise, torture Scowls will dis____ your face, so smile. The acrobat twisted into an odd con_________. Twisting the limbs to encourage confessions or religious conversion was a type of medieval _______re.

11 2.17 urb: city Derivatives: suburban, suburbs, urban, urbane, urbanite, urbanize To urbanize a district is to make it become like a [city / farm]. Busses that travel between cities are inter________. On the outskirts of the cities lie the [subways / suburbs]. 2.18 vac: empty Derivatives: evacuate, vacancy, vacant, vacation, vacuum Floods and other storms make us e_______ our homes. As soon as the landlord has a _________y, he’ll rent us the _______t apartment.

12 2.19 vit, viv: life Derivatives: convivial, revive, vital, vitality, vitamin, vivacious, vivid Flo and Moe love food, friends and life. In other words, they’re con_________ people. My toddler is a bundle of ____ity (energy). Artists often have very _____id imaginations. 2.20 voc, vocat: call Derivatives: advocate, convocation, evoke, invoke, provoke, revoke, vocabulary, vocal, vocation A calling together of students to assembly is a [convocation / convection]. Your career job, or calling, is your ________ion. At the beginning of his epic The Odyssey, the poet Homer [invokes / inspires] the gods.

13 Review A write the meaning of each boldface Latin root 1. Port able 2. Sanct uary 3. Reg ulation 4. Erupt ion 5. Prim itive 6. Bisect 7. Insignia 8. Isolation 9. Consecutive 10. Inscribe

14 Review B write the meaning of each boldface Latin root 1. Super son ic 2. In spir e 3. Per spect ive 4. Con temp orary 5. Terr itory 6. Distortion 7. Irrevocable 8. Devitalized 9. Vacuum 10. Suburban

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