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The ABCs of Processing Birth and Death Records Changes and Reminders 2009 Local Issuance Training Presented by: Field Services Office of the State Registrar.

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1 The ABCs of Processing Birth and Death Records Changes and Reminders 2009 Local Issuance Training Presented by: Field Services Office of the State Registrar

2 A is for Amendments  All amendments to birth records are processed by OSR  Please DO NOT direct people to come to our office in person. They must request the amendment via mail.  Provide the Information Packet for Amending Birth Records ( sr/localreg/refdocs.html#amend)

3 B is for Births – Home Births Delayed Registrations  Home births and Delayed Birth registrations are processed by OSR  Again, DO NOT direct people to come to our office in person. They must register the births via mail  Direct customers to call OSR’s public information line. We will send them the appropriate information packet

4 C is for Contacts  Please use the OSR contacts list  Public Information Line: (651)  Local Registrar Information Line: (651) or (651)  MN VRV2000 Technical Support Helpline:

5 D is for Data Practices  Minnesota Statutes, chapter 13 –Safeguard the privacy rights of data subjects –Facilitate Access  Minnesota Statutes, section –Birth to unmarried parents are classified as confidential and may be released only as allowed by subdivision 2

6 E is for Electronic Birth and Death Registration System  MN VRV2000 and the future MN Registration and Certification (MR&C)  Minnesota Rules, part , require local registrars to use and actively support the use of the centralized electronic system of the state registrar for vital records processing including: –(1) actively promote the use of the system by funeral directors, hospitals, physicians, and other health care providers in the local registrar's county; and –(2) support electronic ordering of and payment for death certificates by funeral directors.

7 F is for Fees  Minnesota Statutes, section , and Minnesota Rules, part  As approved in your county you set policies that allow the base fee to be waived  You do not have the discretion to waive the surcharges –Minnesota Statutes –State Registrar –Commissioner –Governor

8 G is for Garbage In - Garbage Out  Applicant information that is not accurate and death amendment information that is not accurate makes the future of records in the electronic system questionable.  Always think about 20 years later and what people will understand about the information you have entered.

9 H is for Helpline  MN VRV2000 Technical Support Helpline:  Please limit use to technical questions and to report MN VRV2000 errors

10 I is for Issuing Non-certified Copies of Historical Records  Birth records prior to 2001  Death records prior to 1997  If you have the record in paper, microfilm, or in another media, you must issue the non- certified copy on request  Issuance of confidential non-certified birth records is limited according to Minnesota Statutes, section , subdivision 2

11 J is for John and Jane Doe  When issuing birth certificates, use the name provided on the application  If you cannot locate the record, do not use the same application to issue a certificate showing a different name  You may issue certificates that show data items that are in error

12 K is for Know the Policies  For any task or request, know what policies apply  Minnesota Statutes, Chapter through  Minnesota Rules, Chapter through  Procedural Policy – local website/ call OSR  MN VRV2000 User Policies –no sharing of passwords or allowing someone to use the system under your login.

13 L is for Limit Abbreviations  Enhance the quality of the MN VRV2000 audit trails  No Acronyms  Abbreviate only non-essential words  Type out names of counties, cities, clinics, hospitals, and state agencies

14 M is for Marriage Reporting  Annual or semi-annual reporting of the number of marriages filed by month, broken down by the month the marriage actually occurred  Reporting of the number of marriages filed in your county in each month by the 10th of the month following the filing month  No individual level data  Spreadsheets on the OSR web page

15 N is for No In Person Service at MDH/OSR  There is no in person services at MDH/OSR  All services must be requested and provided via mail or fax for issuance.  DO NOT direct people to come to our office in person.  DO NOT encourage people to call our office for an exception

16 O is for OVS A request for verification is automatically transmitted to SSA if you enter a death record for a funeral director  If the number has been verified, you may notice that the SSN field is grayed out but you will not receive any notification  Fact of death (demographic information ) is transmitted to SSA within one business day of the date the fact of death record was filed

17 P is for Paper Records & the Vital Records Preservation Project  All birth records 1900 to the present and all Recognition of Parentage forms related to the birth records are in scanned image form for OSR.  MDH holds the official record for each birth and death record in Minnesota

18 Q is for Quality of Data  Enter Complete Information  Be Specific  Review your work before you save  Think about the future integrity of the system –Marginal Notes –Audit Trails –Official Record of the Transaction

19 R is for Retention Schedules  Minnesota Statutes, section  You may destroy government records only according to a records retention schedule approved by the records disposition panel  For more information see the County General Retention Schedule for Local Registrars and options for its use  Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) provides records management assistance to county government entities

20 S is for Statutes and Rules  Vital Statistics Act - Minnesota Statutes, sections to  Minnesota Rules, chapter 4601  Text of the statutes and rules is on the Office of the Revisor's website

21 T is for Tangible Interest  Minnesota Statutes, section , subdivision 7  Applies to the release of a birth or death certificate  Not required for non-certified copies  Demonstrating tangible interest does not allow the release of private or confidential information

22 U is for Use Drop Down Lists  Ensure data quality and consistency  Document Type  Cities  States

23 V is for Voiding Certificates  Before the certificate leaves your office if the request is in person  Within 7 days if the request was received and responded to via mail

24 W is for Web Pages  Birth and Death Registration and Issuance Information for Local Registrars  Local Issuance web page:  /localreg/index.html  MDH Public web page: – Certificates and Records Birth and Death Registration

25 X is for X2XswmtS!  Your password protects you and MN VRV2000  At least 8 characters  Use upper and lower case  Use special characters  Do not include names or dictionary words  Use numbers  Use a combination you can remember

26 Y is for You - Local Registrars During 2008, you:  Issued over 600,000 birth and death certificates –Over 94% of the total number issued  Corrected nearly 7,000 birth and death records –Nearly 56% of the total number corrected  Amended over 4,000 birth and death records –Over 70% of the total number amended

27 Z is for Zipping in to the Future  MR & C will be coming soon  Training will be scheduled in December and January.

28 Now I Know My ABC’s  Next time won’t you sing with me!!!!  QUESTIONS?

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