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Introduction to Student Plans and Special Education Beth Nordheim-Baker Student Plans User Support.

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1 Introduction to Student Plans and Special Education Beth Nordheim-Baker Student Plans User Support

2 What is Student Plans? A web based application that allows users to complete all Due Process requirements for Special Education students. Student Plans now includes modules for Health Plans, 504 Plans, Transportation, MA Billing and Academic Improvement Plans Ability to interface with Viewpoint and TRAX for a comprehensive solution

3 Easy to Use Simple, easy to use screens Manage meetings and timelines with process reminders Tickler lists remind staff when plans are due Icons provide information Goal/objectives bank library Document templates System defined evaluation area procedures

4 Student Focused All documents related to a student are stored in one student record identified by unique student ID Data is imported from the Student Information to prevent duplication of data Maintains history of all documents created for student

5 Secure Password protected Role-based security allowing access to only those students assigned Optional LDAP feature to link passwords with school systems

6 Menu Driven Dependent on role Click on menu item to navigate to that screen Case managers may have ability to work as another staff member

7 Flexible and Customizable Customizable menus, document templates and user defined document sections System tables can be defined to district standards

8 Verification of Data When document is finalized it verifies that screens have all required data completed Completeness checks verify that all required steps have been addressed Signature tracking insures compliancy

9 Tickler Lists Customizable time frame with My Profile

10 Icons H = History T = Tickler List P = Pending V = Transportation request needing verification

11 My Cases Depending on Staff Role will see My Cases, My Students, My Evaluations or My Services Select student to access their documents

12 Goal and Objective Library

13 Meeting Notice Meetings are organized to discuss student’s eligibility for initial or ongoing Special Ed services Required meeting positions ensure required staff attend meeting Option to email meeting notices to team members

14 Plan Documents IEP – Individualized Education Plan IIIP – Individual Interagency Intervention Plan IFSP - Individual Family Service Plan ISP – Individual Service Plan

15 Evaluation Documents Evaluation Plan – agreement with parents to proceed with an evaluation Evaluation Report – findings by evaluators

16 504 Educational Plans

17 Prior Written Notice Documentation of why a student will receive or why a student will be denied special education services

18 Other Documents

19 Reports Availability dependent on role Ability to easily sort and search with various criteria Billing and audit reports for compliancy

20 MARSS Reports MARSS IEP Service Hours report will calculate hours of service for every enrollment period (entry/withdrawal). These hours can then be manually entered into the MARSS “B” file report and used for state tuition billing.

21 MARSS Reports  A MARSS B file from the SIS system is imported into Student Plans  an updated MARSS B file can be created with automatically calculated hours.  An Excel file may be created  A PDF report printout will be generated

22 MARSS Reports  The Compare to SIS Report compares Special Education Plans and Evaluations to settings from your Student Information System (SIS).  The MARSS audit report provides details and/or summaries of new evaluations, New IEP's, and Terminated IEP's.

23 Tuition Billing Includes: Tuition Agreements Tuition Billing

24 Add On Modules These modules can easily be added onto the core Student Plans database

25 MA Billing Module Includes the following features –Billing Management Reports –Personal Care Plan Supervision –Management of Para Training –Activity Log Input –Time Studies –Electronic submission of data to state

26 Transportation Module Tracks transportation requests for student

27 Nursing Library Module Partnership with Sunrise River Press – 58 nursing areas Updated periodically View and Create Health Plans and Emergency Care Plans for all students Select from library or create from scratch

28 Academic Improvement Plans Module

29 Advantages  Student demographics can be updated daily from SIS system  Information is accessible when cumulative folders are not  Data can be backed up nightly. Easy restore/no need to start again  Data is archived  Drop down menus – Goal/objectives library  Information follows the student when their enrollment changes  Updated State forms - direct contact with State personnel  Progress Reports are continuous throughout the year  Application ease of use for those with various computer literacy skill levels  Home access using internet  Student Conference Log – any Service Provider or Evaluator can enter data and view the content

30 Technology Requirements Hardware Requirements Mac PC ( 0S X or higher) PC (Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista) Dedicated high-speed connection End User Web Server DB Server Software Requirements Web Browser: IE 7 or higher (PCs) Firefox 3.0 or higher (Mac OSX or PCs) Web browser must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0+ or an application that can display PDF documents. Hardware Requirements* (non-hosted) 1 GB RAM 800+ MHz Single or Dual Processor CPU Software Requirements (non-hosted) Secure (SSL) web server capable of processing ASP Pages, such as IIS. Software Requirements (non-hosted) Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Backup software Hardware Requirements* (non-hosted) 40 GB useable disk in a RAID 5 Configuration 1 GB RAM 800+ MHz Dual Processor CPU Backup Hardware (tape system) *Typical Configuration for a district with 10,000-20,000 students NOTE: Both DB & Web Server can be on one server

31 Thank You! Interested In Having Student Plans At Your School? –Contact Beth Nordheim-Baker at –Or (651) 286-8947 –Or (888) 568-9176 ext 8947

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