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The 21st Century PA - Moving Up the Career Ladder.

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1 The 21st Century PA - Moving Up the Career Ladder

2 Presented by: Rosemary Paur, founder of The Global PA Network Angela Mortimer, founder of Britain 's leading PA recruitment agency, Angela Mortimer plc. Faith Wheller, BT Conferencing EMEA Channel Marketing Manager

3 The Global 21c PA Rosemary Paur, Founder of the Global PA Network

4 Predictions for the Future PAs will be Technology & Communication Experts Your will be Knowledge Masters of: Communication tools World time zones and connecting colleagues Local facilities in your country and other destinations The best airline for your Managers destination The best hotel in the location they are flying to Global business connections through the network

5 PAs – communication facilitator and the remote travel companion for your boss Voice command pocket pcs Portable media centres Smartphones PDA Blackberry Mobile phone I-pod Laptops Audio conferencing

6 The 21c PA Toolbox Technology expert Knowledge library Flexible, adaptable, cheerful Ongoing personal development Training will: improve performance productivity enthusiasm creates positive relationships

7 International Feedback Australia Switzerland UAE USA Ireland Global PA Network supports understanding of individual cultures and customs of countries Global PA Networking on line will offer you the opportunity to connect with your colleagues. Your connections will increase business opportunities for your organisation

8 Benefits of Membership Uniting Executive & Personal Assistants, secretaries and administrative staff from around the world Promoting career development and best practice Our Corporate Membership scheme will work with global organisations and create business to business opportunities GPN will champion health & wellbeing of employees through events and fund raising

9 Global PA Network championing global recognition for the 21c PA Our Events Exceptional 21 st Century PA Masterclass – Friday 25 th April & Friday 30 th May The Lawyer EA/PA Conference, 22 nd & 23 rd April 2008 IIR EA PA Conference – Melbourne, 30 April & 1 st May 2008 Times Crème, London, 13-15 th May 2008, Stand 730 with BT Conferencing Next Webinar – 4 th June 2008 Masterclass II July 2008 – Runnymede Hotel, Egham – Progress your Personal Development, Explore & Fulfil your Potential Health & Wellbeing Masterclass – Runnymede Hotel, Egham, July 2008 Corporate Membership now available Summer events – details to follow

10 Thank you Next Webinar: 4 th June 2008

11 OK v Great A guide for 21st Century PAs

12 Perception vReality



15 21st Century PA Researcher Negotiator Communicator Key decision maker Project manager Recruiter Staff welfare – pastoral carer


17 Adding ValueTeamworkTechnology CommunicationNumerate Business Awareness Autonomy 21 st Century PA


19 Build on strengths Learn from struggles Humility & gratitude Strive for excellence Never compromise values Never give up Have faith in your ideas Fear is an opportunity How to be great?

20 1. Cover for me 2. Oh, good idea boss 3. It was like that when I got here Homer Simpson

21 A lot of fellows have a B.A., an M.A. or a PhD. but unfortunately do not have a J.O.B. Fats Domino

22 OK v Great

23 Faith Wheller EMEA Channel Marketing Team Manager

24 PA Challenges How do you… Overcome geographical constraints in an immediate and flexible manner? Find an easier way to schedule and change at short notice multiple meetings in a day? Enable your manager to get their team to focus on the issues together in real-time?

25 Audio – flexible to PAs needs Your own personal meeting room Weekly team meetings Impromptu meetings Project & status meetings Management updates Larger scale more formal meetings Communicating and interacting with large numbers of people Organisation change Financial announcements Training sessions

26 Web Conferencing – Engage with your audience Used to complement Audio and Video Conferencing Share, amend or present anything from your desktop Scalable from 2 to 2,500 people Real-time Instant feedback All you need is a PC with internet connection – launch from Outlook

27 Face-to-face without physically being there Video Conferencing When only a face-to-face meeting will do Meeting new colleagues or customers or suppliers More personalised meetings around the globe Large events or conferences where you can have video streaming to allow people to watch the event when they cant physically attend

28 Key benefits of Conferencing for PAs Easy to get colleagues together around the world and country or company Easier to change and arrange multiple meetings in a day than if you were physically constrained by amending flights / trains / hotels bookings Enables your manager to have their virtual team focus on the same issue at the same time Dedicated event and account managers to take the organisational pressure away from you More cost efficient as no venue and travel costs – budget focus Green focus – reducing carbon emissions

29 Future Events Times Crème Exhibition @ The Olympia, London, 12-15 May 08 Exclusive social evening at BT Tower, London, 22 nd May 08 2 nd PA Webinar, 04 th Jun 08 More events to be announced

30 Winner Maya Matthews QVC

31 Thank you

32 Questions

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