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1 PETER CIBOROWSKI JANUARY 13, 2012 EGU Rules Database

2 Summary of Data Held in ‘EGU Database.xlsx’ Emissions Emission rates  Input-based  Output-based Energy input to generation Net generation Generating capacity Heat rates EGU population Sector-level comparative emission and energy input to generation data Sector-level energy balance Import emission rates

3 Emissions Data In-State Emissions Facility-level tonsCO 2 (fossil, biogenic), emissions GHGs, SO 2, NO x, Hg Facility-level emission rates  Input-basedlb/MMBtufossil CO 2, GHGs, SO 2, NO x  Output-basedlb/MWHfossil CO 2, GHGs, SO 2, NO x Sector-level tons CO 2 (fossil, biogenic), emissions GHGs, SO 2, NO x, Hg Out-of-State Emissions Sector-level lb/MWH CO 2, SO 2, NO x emission rates

4 EGU Rules Database Uses Ground-truthing of IPM 2015 and 2020 base case output (emissions, emission rates, capacities, dispatch, import dependence) Evaluation of different data sources for purposes of standard setting and compliance Evaluation of the implications for stringency of control of different baseline years and different types of standards, e.g, input-based, output-based, cap and trade with rate equivalency

5 EGU Rules Database Uses (cont.) Assessment of different constructions of CO 2 - equivalency Understanding the emissions benefits of early actions under the Minnesota Renewable Energy Standard and EE law Understanding the emissions benefits of other early actions Calculating the impacts of imported power on total system emissions








13 Change in Minnesota EGU Emissions 2003-2010 2003 emissionsEnd point emissions End point year Percent change CO243,052,363 tons32,873,310 tons2010-24% GHGs43,321,676 tons38,684,520 tons2008-11% NOx90,013 tons31,153 tons2010-65% SO2111,501 tons41,574 tons2010-63% Hg1,185 lbs1,085 lbs2009-42% Peak input-based emission rate (lb/MMBtu) End point input- based emission rate End point year Percent change CO2202.39 (2001)196.082010-3% NOx0.44 (2000)0.192010-58% SO20.52 (2004)0.252010-53%


15 Minnesota Electric Sector: Energy Balance 20032009% change Retail electric sales (MWH)63,087,33964,004,463+1.5% T&D losses (MWH)4,662,0005,805,000+24.5% In-state net generation (MWH)53,627,05350,221,443-6.4% Residual (out-of-state generation) (MWH)14,122,28419,588,020+38.7% Residual as % of net retail sales plus losses21%28%+35%

16 Emissions (cont.) In-State Emissions Fossil CO2, SO 2, NO x  EPA CAMD unit-level1995-2010  MPCAunit-level1990-2008  EPA E-Gridunit-level1996-2000, 2004-5, 2007 Biomass CO 2  MPCAunit-level1990-2008 GHGs, Hg  MPCAfacility-level1990-2008 (GHGs), 1998-2009 (Hg) Out-of-State Emission Rates CO 2, SO 2, NO x  EIA Electric Power Annualregional-level1990-2008 database

17 Generation, Capacity, and Energy-input Data Heat input to Generation  EPA CAMD unit-level 1995-2010  MPCAunit-level1990-2008  EIA-906/920/923facility-level2002-2009 Net Generation  EIA-906/920/923facility-level1990-2009 Generation capacity  EIA capacity statistics facility-level1990-2009 Facility heat rates  EIA-906/920/923facility-level2002-2009  EPA E-Gridunit-level1998-2000, 2004-5, 2007 Sector population  EIA-906/920/923facility-level2002-2009

18 In-state Emission Rates Data Input-based emission rates CO2, SO2, NOx  EPA CAMD (unit-level)emissions, MMBtu input  MPCA (unit level)emissions, MMBtu input  EPA E-Grid (unit level)emissions, MMBtu input GHGs  MPCA (facility-level)emissions, MMBtu input Output-based emission rates CO2, GHGs, SO2, NOx (facility-level)  EPA CAMD/EIA-906/920/923emissions, MWH net gen  MPCA/EIA-906/920/923emissions, MWH net gen  EPA E-Grid/EIA-906/920/923emissions, MWH net gen

19 Sector Energy Balance State electric retail sales  EIA Electric Power Annual1990-2009 database  EIA State Energy Data System1990-2009 T&D losses (in-state and out-of-state)  EIA MN Electricity Profile 1990-2009 In-state net generation  MPCA (EIA-906/920/923, FERC 1990-2009 form 1, MDOC Annual Electric Report) Residual (imports plus losses)  calculated1990-2009

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