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WWI Warfare Techniques

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1 WWI Warfare Techniques

2 World War I Warfare Techniques
Goals: To understand the methods of fighting in World War I. To analyze the impact fighting methods had on the war.

3 Trench warfare

4 Poison Gas (outlawed after WWI)

5 Rapid Firing Machine Guns

6 Submarine Warfare (led to convoys)
German U-9 - destroyed three ships in 75 minutes, including the Cressy

7 Mines and underwater explosives
Mines from Ottoman Empire

8 Air fighting and Spying (planes and zeppelins)
Zeppelin bombing raid “Dog Fight” above the trenches in WWI

9 Tanks (broke the Western front)
Introduced at battle of Somme, 1916, but could only go 3 mph. By 1918 able to cross trenches

10 Taxonomy and Diamond Poem
Choose a reading based on your interest. Complete the taxonomy with descriptive words from the reading and from your head. Use words from your taxonomy and from your head to create a diamond poem. Follow the format! Create a final copy on a blank sheet of paper with markers. If you finish early, choose another reading and add to your taxonomy.

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