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ISO 9001:2015 Status of the Revision Work Anni KoubekISO 9001 Revision1.

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1 ISO 9001:2015 Status of the Revision Work Anni KoubekISO 9001 Revision1

2 Innovations and Developments - Overview Anni Koubek ISO 9001 Revision 2 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 ISO 17021 ISO 19011 ISO 31000 et seqq. ISO 26000 ONR 192 500 ISO 26000 ONR 192 500 ISO 50001 ISO Directives Annex SL EN 15224 ISO 17024 ISO 17065 ISO 17020 ISO 17024 ISO 17065 ISO 17020 ISO 29990 EFQM Excellence Model ISO 22301

3 Big revision in process Start in Bilbao in June 2012 First committee draft created Titel and purpose stay unchanged Simultaneous revision of ISO 9000 Anni KoubekISO 9001 Revision3 ISO 9001

4 1987 First editionContractual standard 1994Small revisionState of the art 2000Big revisionProcesses & Improvements 2008 Small revisionSupply chain included Looking back: The Development of ISO 9001 Anni KoubekISO 9001 Revision4 ISO 9001

5 Preliminary studies on possible concepts have been completed at the end of 2010 A public survey of users has been carried out Systematic Review of ISO-full members; 15 th of March, 2012: the majority has voted for revision of ISO 9001 The harmonized concept is mandatory (cf. “Annex SL” ISO Directives – about 40 % of the text will be affected) Preliminary Work on the Current Revision Anni KoubekISO 9001 Revision5 ISO 9001

6 Timetable of the Revision ISO 9001 ISO 9001 First consolidated draft (CD) published in June 2013 First public draft (DIS) around the beginning of 2014 Planned date of issue: 2015 Anni KoubekISO 9001 Revision6

7 The New Structure of Chapters 4. Context of the Organization 5. Leadership 6. Planning 7. Support 8. Operation 9. Performance Evaluation 10. Improvement Anni KoubekISO 9001 Revision7 ISO 9001

8 4.1 Understanding the Organization and its Context/Determining the Relevant Context of the Organization Only implicitly contained in 9001:2008 (0.1, 4.1, 5.3a) In future: clear requirements Context regarded as external environment, drivers and trends, and internal framework conditions Anni KoubekISO 9001 Revision8 ISO 9001

9 4.2 Understanding the Needs and Requirements of Interested Parties/Requirements of the Interested Parties Determining relevant interested parties and identifying their requirements Interested parties restricted to the objectives of the standard A chance for integrative quality management Anni KoubekISO 9001 Revision9 ISO 9001

10 Key Elements Process oriented approach A general overview presented (requirements of section 4) Risks and Opportunities System & processes planned according to risks of the specific organisations The term preventive actions has been dropped Anni KoubekISO 9001 Revision10 ISO 9001

11 7.5 Documented Information Familiar terms like “document”, “record”, “procedure” are not used in the common text. More self-responsibility, which information has to be present in documented form; No required documented procedures for control of documents or control of records Anni KoubekISO 9001 Revision11 ISO 9001

12 Further Approaches and Elements More focus on change management Development – broader interpreted with focus on development transfer alignment with the strategic focus of the organization as a requirement „internal and external sourcing“ replace the terms „purchasing“ and „outsourcing“ Knowledge management elements included Anni KoubekISO 9001 Revision12 ISO 9001

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